The Benefits of Loneliness


Thompson, Luke Matthew 2021. The Benefits of Loneliness. Thesis
AuthorsThompson, Luke Matthew
Qualification namePhD

Homo sapiens are a social species. Loneliness, which derives from the perceived disconnection of oneself from a valued social collective, is a core facet of the social aspect of human existence. In research, loneliness is often oversimplified, represented as a purely negative emotion that is harmful to one's health and well-being. This thesis undoes this common perception by drawing attention to the multifaceted nature of loneliness, both its negatives and its positives. It demonstrates that loneliness, while harmful if unaddressed, can also be a source of artistic expression, that it can provide an increased awareness of natural beauty and an appreciation for the world, and can facilitate greater, more meaningful connection between individuals. To achieve this aim, the thesis consists of two parts: an academic investigation, and a creative investigation in the form of a novel.

KeywordsLoneliness; Social isolation; Ostracism; Responses to loneliness; Benefits of loneliness; Evolution of loneliness; Loneliness in adolescence; Loneliness and creativity; Loneliness and identity; Loneliness creative writing
PublisherUniversity of Derby
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AdvisorMcCrory, Moy
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Deposited08 Dec 2021, 15:36
Publication dates17 Nov 2021
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