Memory screens: The body and technology in time and space

PhD Thesis

Forde, Teresa 2018. Memory screens: The body and technology in time and space. PhD Thesis
AuthorsForde, Teresa
TypePhD Thesis

This critical review ascertains the development of the research into memory screens and the relationship between memory, history, the body and technology on film, television and related media experiences. The body of research develops from a consideration of the gendered body on screen. This theme is continued and refined throughout the research. I consider the conventional personification of technology as potentially threatening or recuperative in relation to concerns regarding bodily cohesion and individual identity in relation to history and memory formation. The main focus of the work becomes the negotiation of memory formation in relation to media at both a personal and social level and the relationship between viewers and film and television texts. I encompass and develop post-structural definitions of the body and the theoretical implications of engaging with contemporary media. The research also encompasses the experience of exhibition and fan activity in extending the process of memory screens and engagement with the media.

Keywordsfilm; television; memory; technology; screen
PublisherUniversity of Derby
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Deposited30 May 2019, 11:35
Publication dates01 Aug 2018
ContributorsHudson, Robert (Advisor) and Campbell, Neil (Advisor)
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