Travel agency marketing :a study of Changsha, China.

PhD Thesis

Chen, Wei 2003. Travel agency marketing :a study of Changsha, China. PhD Thesis
AuthorsChen, Wei
TypePhD Thesis
Qualification namePhD

This thesis constitutes an explication of tourism marketing in P.R. China. It identified the predominant factors at influence the marketing operations of Chinese travel agencies and explored the marketing mix approaches adopted by them. By studying Changsha, the research revealed that tourism marketing in China is a complex phenomenon. The great geographical and cultural distances mean the marketing theories, which are widely utilized in western countries, could have different effects on the oriental developing country. An even more important distinction is that China is a socialist country but the reforms have begun to introduce the capitalistic market economy from the end of 1970' s. Central government protected the travel agency market and significantly influenced the business for 20 years. The marketing concept is a new idea for Chinese entrepreneurs in tourism industry, therefore they are learning to utilize the tool to achieve their goals. With China's entry into the WTO (World Trade Organisation) at Nov. 2001, it meant that every travel agency in China would face the new challenges and opportunities in a free market environment. Based on a combination of research methods with semi-structured interviews, observations and the review of secondary data, the research provides a picture of the current market situation of the Changsha travel agency industry. It reveals that the role of Chinese travel agencies is larger than that of those in western countries. Travel agencies in Changsha work as the organiser, retailer, educator and advocator in the industry. They have begun to use the integrated marketing mix tools to maintain their marketing share and keep on improving their management and technical skills.

Keywords tourism marketing ; China; Chinese travel agencies
PublisherUniversity of Derby
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Publication dates2003
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