From Lampitt to libraries: formulating state standards to embed information literacy across colleges

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DaCosta, Jacqui and Dubicki, Eleonora 2012. From Lampitt to libraries: formulating state standards to embed information literacy across colleges. Library Trends.
AuthorsDaCosta, Jacqui and Dubicki, Eleonora

In September 2007, the Lampitt Law was passed in the state of New Jersey, formalizing the requirements for students transferring between institutions. This led to a 2008 statewide articulation agreement to facilitate the seamless transfer of students’ courses and credits between county colleges and four-year public institutions of higher education. In response to this articulation agreement, three professional librarian groups combined to create information literacy standards utilizing progression as a core principle. The Information Literacy Progression Standards were launched in January 2010. They consist of a four-page document comprising an introduction; the standards defining competencies at a Novice/Introductory (Year 1) level and at a Gateway/Developing (Year 2) level; and some sample assignments demonstrating the Standards in Practice. This article outlines how the Standards were developed and successfully disseminated and implemented. As well as describing the creation of the Standards, the article highlights initiatives at several academic institutions where librarians have attempted to address information literacy at an organizational level, utilizing successful collaborations with faculty and administrators..

KeywordsInformation literacy; Progression Standards; New Jersey; Higher education
JournalLibrary Trends
PublisherJohns Hopkins University Press
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