Studies in problem-based hospitality management education


Zwaal, Wichard 2021. Studies in problem-based hospitality management education. Thesis
AuthorsZwaal, Wichard
Qualification namePhD

This critical appraisal discusses and contextualizes the published works in order to demonstrate how the studies contribute to the knowledge about and development of problem-based learning (PBL) in the context of hospitality management education. Studies cover several aspects of problem-based learning illustrating strengths and challenges on both the conceptual and operational level related to the design and delivery of this educational concept in hospitality management education.
First an overview will be provided of the basic principles for learning and a rationale for choosing problem-based learning as a promising educational concept for hospitality management education (HME).
Next, research is reported on experiences and challenges with implementing and operationalising the key principles of PBL: constructive, collaborative, contextual, self-directed learning.
Problem-based learning is an approach to education reflecting a constructivist conception of knowledge, teaching, learning and assessment. Studies were conducted to investigate whether these conceptions are shared and supported by staff and students, as a crucial condition for successful implementation of PBL.
Regarding the operational level of PBL, results are reported of studies on some key drivers of the PBL process like the task, the seven-step procedure, teamwork, tutor interventions, and testing.
In the final section of this critical appraisal some implications of the studies for the new educational concept design-based education (DBE) and curriculum configuration are discussed, including suggestions for further design-based research. The guiding question for this critical appraisal will be: what did the studies contribute to the knowledge about and development of problem-based learning and innovation in hospitality management education?

Keywordsproblem-based learning, conceptions of education, seven-step procedure, concept mapping, tutor interventions, assessment, design-based education
PublisherUniversity of Derby
Stenden Hotel Management School Leeuwarden
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AdvisorRawlinson, Sarah
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Deposited19 Jan 2021, 11:32
Publication dates05 Jan 2021
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