An investigation into the effects of hypnosis on basketball performance

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Pates, John, Maynard, Ian and Westbury, Tony 2007. An investigation into the effects of hypnosis on basketball performance. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology.
AuthorsPates, John, Maynard, Ian and Westbury, Tony

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of hypnosis on set- and jump-shooting performance among male collegiate basketball players. A single-subject ABA research design combined with a procedure that monitors the internal experience of the participants (Wollman, 1986) was implemented. The results indicated that all three participants increased their mean jump- and set- shooting performance from baseline to intervention, with all three participants returning to baseline levels of performance postintervention phase. Finally, each participant reported they had felt the intervention had increased sensations they associated with peak performance. These results support the hypothesis that a hypnosis intervention can improve jump- and set-shooting performance and increase feelings and cognitions that are associated with peak performance.

JournalJournal of Applied Sport Psychology
PublisherAssociation for Applied Sport Psychology
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Publication dates24 Oct 2007
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