Internet based intelligent supplier selection and evaluation system

PhD Thesis

Chen, Jian 2007. Internet based intelligent supplier selection and evaluation system. PhD Thesis
AuthorsChen, Jian
TypePhD Thesis

Supplier selection and evaluation is an important research area which can adopt technologies of information retrieval, artificial intelligence, etc. The current supplier selection processes from the Internet still requires heavy manual activities. To overcome these shortcomings, a new internet based intelligent supplier selection system for supply chain management is going to be investigated in the research project. The project is going to develop such a kind of system for the PC manufacturer. The project firstly is going to develop an automatic web information searching system, and secondly, develop the table identification model to convert the different format tables obtained from the Internet into the standard table format. Then, it is going to investigate an intelligent system to analyze the obtained information from the web page automatically and put the useful information for further processing. And finally, this project will investigate an artificial intelligent method to evaluate the possible suppliers according to the information obtained from the internet search. The experimental works for the table identification model and a modified artificial intelligent model has been demonstrated that both models are powerful methodologies for web based supplier selection and evaluation.

KeywordsSupplier selection; information retrieval; supply chain management
PublisherUniversity of Derby
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Output statusUnpublished
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Deposited03 Feb 2012, 15:21
Publication dates2007
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