The internal dialogue of a Black Dramatherapist: ‘Am I the only one who feels like this?’

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Linda Sunday 2022. The internal dialogue of a Black Dramatherapist: ‘Am I the only one who feels like this?’. Dramatherapy. 42 (1-3), pp. 1-10.
AuthorsLinda Sunday

This article shares and reflects personal experiences of being a Dramatherapist, the internal dialogue that goes on because you’re not able to voice what’s happening, the fear of rejection, being misunderstood or simply being labelled as disruptive to others. My intent in this article is to shed light on the experiences faced by ethnic minority Dramatherapists and the struggles of constantly trying to fit in, blend in and not stand out. Lawson draws on the difficulties that Black students face at predominantly White institutions, not only from underrepresentation, but the perception and experiences of racial environments which can trigger feelings of depression, anxiety, alienation and other problems with mental health.

KeywordsDramatherapist ; ethnic minority ; underrepresentation; mental health
Journal citation42 (1-3), pp. 1-10
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Publication dates23 Aug 2022
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Deposited24 Oct 2022
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