Regulation of proteolysis in bovine cumulus cells with possible inclusion of proton pump activators

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Coruhlu, I. and Tepekoy, F. 2023. Regulation of proteolysis in bovine cumulus cells with possible inclusion of proton pump activators. Reproduction in Domestic Animals. pp. 1-8.
AuthorsCoruhlu, I. and Tepekoy, F.

The aim of this study was to reveal the effects of V-ATPase proton pump activation on lysosomal acidity and protein degradation in cultured cumulus cells. Cumulus cells from bovine ovaries were cultured in the presence of 10 and 50 μM doses of V-ATPase proton pump activators PIP2, PMA and DOG for 12 and 24 h. At the end of the culture period, the level of protein degradation was evaluated through DQ-Red-BSA analysis and the lysosomes were detected through a fluorescent probe. In addition, total and phosphorylated MAPK1/3 and AKT protein levels of cumulus cells were determined through Western blotting. PIP2 and PMA were shown to increase protein degradation and lysosomal acidity in cultured bovine cumulus cells, whereas DOG did not have any significant effects on these cells. Total and phosphorylated MAPK and AKT protein levels were higher in PIP2 and PMA groups compared with the control and DOG. It was concluded that particular proton pump activators can enhance protein degradation and lysosomal acidification in cultured bovine cumulus cells without having detrimental effects on cell signalling members required for cell viability and proper functioning. Due to the cellular interactions, increasing the lysosomal activity in cumulus cells in the culture environment could also affect the removal of protein aggregates in the oocytes. This strategy could be effective for improving in vitro maturation of the oocytes by providing proteostasis.

Keywordscumulus; PIP2; PMA; DOG; lysosome
JournalReproduction in Domestic Animals
Journal citationpp. 1-8
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