New Studies in the History of Education: Connecting the Past to the Present in an Evolving Discipline


Joseph, N. (ed.) 2023. New Studies in the History of Education: Connecting the Past to the Present in an Evolving Discipline. Abingdon Routledge/Taylor Francis Group.
EditorsJoseph, N.

Providing a wide-ranging, critical and up-to-date introduction to the history of education, this book explores its true meaning and value for education studies. With no assumption of prior knowledge, it considers key themes, individuals and situations in depth, highlighting the specific ways in which current educational practice is historically conditioned or, conversely, has been very different in other times and places and, by implication, might be different in the future. Chapters cover a diverse range of key topics, such as:

the history of ‘big ideas’, such as liberal education
the impact of state intervention on education
the effects of imperialism
the education of orators in ancient Rome
the impact of Covid policies on British education
the history of individual subjects, such as Geography
the development of educational sectors
Accessible and engaging chapters model a range of critical approaches to the past, while discussion questions challenge the reader to consider links with the present.

New Studies in the History of Education introduces the sub-discipline to students of Education Studies and will help students and tutors to develop a more in-depth and critical understanding of the history of education, supporting them to develop their own historical awareness.

Keywordshistory; history of education; education studies
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