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Internationalising the curriculum in higher education

A study of the stability of ascorbic acid in parenteral nutrition mixtures.

Developing the school curriculum : the case for involving elementary school teachers in Jordan

Physical and chemical interactions between coexisting acid and basic magmas at Elizabeth Castle, Jersey, Channel Islands

English occupation of the Pailon, Ecuador, 1860-1896: A case study of British settlement failure in nineteenth-century Latin America

Construction and management of large-scale and complex virtual manufacturing environments.

First line management in small and medium sized enterprises in the UK and China

Imam Ali in Twelver-Shi'ite & Barelwi (Ahl i Sunnat wa jama'at) traditions of Islam: an investigation into perceptions of Sainthood,Martyrdom & Prophethood within Shi'ite & an investigation into perceptions of Sainthood, Martyrdom and Prophethood within Shi'ite and Barelwi Islam, and the way in which these concepts are used and understood by religious leaders of these traditions in the UK.

Distance spiritual healing: professionalism, legitimacy and the concept of a gifted spiritual healer: a sociological and anthropological study of the professionalisation of distance spiritual healing

Verification of colour appearance models using magnitude estimation data

The learning of small business owner-managers through networking

Optimum design of reinforced concrete skeletal systems using non-linear programming techniques.

Social rank and attachment in relationship to depression

The effect of productivity on profitability: a case study at firm level

A framework for interpretivist information systems: identifying the key elements.

The social construction of care pathways: a nursing management initiative towards operationalising continuous quality improvement in a Children's hospital

Pax: variations

The Dyers' craft: resist patterned textiles

Fabric dyeing and printing

The relationships between communication, trust and innovation: an experience from manufacturing. :

A computer-based, interactive genetic algorithm optimisation design tool (GENOD) for reinforced concrete structures

Sensitivity analysis and optimum design curves for the minimum cost design of singly and doubly reinforced concrete beams

A confirmatory factor analysis of two models of sensation seeking.

Population, resources and development / 2nd. Ed.

Managing staff diversity in the retailing sector.

Smoking in teenage girls: an assessment of attitudes and the influence of family and peer smoking.

Smoking behaviour and smoking motivations: the effects of alcohol

Methodology for rapid identification and collection of input data in the simulation of manufacturing systems

Measuring Price Elasticity of Aggregate Demand in Greece: 1961-1995

Employment news and exchange rates: policy implications for the European Union

Money supply, consumption and deregulation: the case of Greece