Evaluating the Benefits of careers Guidance

Assessing the Benefits of Career Guidance

Skills, Work and Work and Lifelong Learning Lifelong Learning: The Role of Guidance

Evaluation of 'Front End' of the learning Gateway in the East Midlands

Delivering the 'front end' of the Learning Gateway

A policy analysis of the pharmacy in a New Age initiative

The relationship between alcohol consumption and tobacco smoking : an examination of the role played by social context , social interaction and individual differences.

Healing perception: the application of the philosophy of Maurice Merleau-Ponty to the theoretical structures of Gestalt Psychotherapy

The impact of Investors in people: a case study of a hospital trust

A theology of survival: the faith narratives of women who have survived domestic violence

Sustainable manufacturing organisations beyond environmental management systems: a holistic approach

Colour and spatiochromatic processing in the human visual system

Computational and psychophysical investigations of perceptual transparency.

Reading philosophy through literature: a study of Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz's novels "Farewell to Autumn" and "Insatiability": A study of Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz's novels "Farewell to autumn" and "Insatiability" and his metaphysical categories from a perspective of the philosophical work of Søren Kierkegaard

Undergraduate learning in therapeutic radiography: A curriculum model for clinical education

Risk, morality and pleasure in practice :the constitution of narratives of risk in public and in private.

Evaluation of colour appearance models and daylight illuminant simulators to provide predictable cross-media colour representation

The effects of hypnosis on flow states and three-point shooting performance in basketball players.

The effect of hypnosis upon flow states and short serve badminton performance.

Reading sentences with a late closure ambiguity: does semantic information help?

'From yellow to red to black': Tantric reading of 'Blanco' by Octavio Paz

Report on a medium-scale three dimensional artificial soundscape rendition: research and development system

Coercive copulation in the alpine bushcricket anonconotus alpinus yersin (Tettigoniidae: Tettigoniinae: Platycleidini)

Remote facilitation of attention focusing with psi-supportive versus psi-unsupportive experimenter suggestions.

A summary of parapsychological research into apparitional experiences

Managing diversity and equal opportunities - some practical implications

Practice as research: Knowledge how and knowledge whether

Tailoring force-displacement characteristics in medium-stroke linear variable reluctance actuators

Public and Private Investments in Greece: Complementary or Substitute ‘Goods’?

Asymmetric Cross‐market Volatility Spillovers: Evidence from Daily Data on Equity and Foreign Exchange Markets

Interest rates, inflation, and stock prices: the case of the Athens Stock Exchange

An application of judgment analysis to examination marking in psychology