High Voltage Optical Fibre Sensor for Use in Wire Relay Electrical Protection Systems

PhD Thesis

Bashour, Rami 2016. High Voltage Optical Fibre Sensor for Use in Wire Relay Electrical Protection Systems. PhD Thesis https://doi.org/10.48773/9335y
AuthorsBashour, Rami
TypePhD Thesis

The last few decades have a wide spread use of optical fibre sensors in many applications. Optical fibre sensors have significant benefits over existing conventional sensors such as; high immunity to electromagnetic interference, the ability to transmit signal over long distance at high bandwidth, high resolution, usage in hazardous environments and no need for isolation when working at high voltages. The measurement of high voltages is essential for electrical power systems as it is used as a source of electrical information for Relay Protection Systems (RPS) and load management systems. Electrical Power Systems need to be protected from faults. Faults can range from short circuits, voltage dips, surges, transients etc. The Optical High Voltage sensor developed is based on the principle that the Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT) electrostriction displacement changes when a voltage is applied to it. The displacement causes the fibre (FBG) which is bonded to the PZT material to have a resultant change in the wavelength. An optical fibre sensor prototype has been developed and evaluated that measures up to 250 V DC. Simulation using ANSYS software has been used to demonstrate the operational capability of the sensor up to 300kV AC. This sensor overcomes some of the challenges of conventional sensors issues like electromagnetic interference, signal transmission, resolution etc. R BASHOUR 2 A novel optical fibre high voltage based on the Kerr effect has been demonstrated. The The Kerr effect was determined using Optsim (R-Soft) software and Maxwell software was used to model an optical Kerr Cell. Maxwell software is an electromagnetic/electric field software used for simulating, analysing, designing 2D and 3D electromagnetic materials and devices. It uses highly accurate Finite Element techniques to solve time varying, static, frequency domain electric and electromagnetic fields. A Relay Protection System on electrical networks was discussed in detail. Keywords: Fibre Bragg Grating, Fibre Optics Sensors, Piezoelectricity, Kerr effect, Relay Protection Systems.

KeywordsFIbre Optics Application
PublisherUniversity of Derby
Digital Object Identifier (DOI)https://doi.org/10.48773/9335y
Web address (URL)hdl:10545/621343
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Deposited06 Feb 2017, 10:18
Publication dates2016
ContributorsUniversity Of Derby
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