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Fans as consumers: psychographics and tribalism in Doctor Who fandom
Lawson, A. and Lawson, D. 2024. Fans as consumers: psychographics and tribalism in Doctor Who fandom. in: Booth, P., Hills, M., Rayner-Roberts, T. and Piedmont, J. (ed.) Adventures Across Space and Time: A Doctor Who Reader London Bloomsbury Academic. pp. 117-123

Book chapter

Narcissism and antisocial behaviour in sport: The moderating role of self-compassion
Zhang, S., Roberts, R., Akehurst, S. and Woodman, T. 2024. Narcissism and antisocial behaviour in sport: The moderating role of self-compassion. Psychology of Sport and Exercise. 70, pp. 1-9.

Journal article

Tutti – We Can Complete It Together
Jones, R. 2024. Tutti – We Can Complete It Together. in: Pinchbeck, M. and Smith, O. (ed.) Following the Score: The Ravel Trilogy Bristol Intellect. pp. 186-198

Book chapter

End of Three Year Evaluation of the Access and Inclusion Model: Research and Technical Report
Robinson, D., Gowers, S., Codina, G., Delgado-Fuentes, M., Mycock, K., Qureshi, S. and Shepherd, R. 2024. End of Three Year Evaluation of the Access and Inclusion Model: Research and Technical Report. Dublin Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth .


Molecular subtypes classification of breast cancer in DCE-MRI using deep features
Hasan, A.M., Al-Waely, N.K.N., Aljobouri, H.K., Jalab, H.A., Ibrahim, R.W. and Meziane, F. 2024. Molecular subtypes classification of breast cancer in DCE-MRI using deep features. Expert Systems with Applications. 236, pp. 1-8.

Journal article

Emily Brontë’s Shelleyan Poetics of Sexual Ambivalence
Davis, A. 2024. Emily Brontë’s Shelleyan Poetics of Sexual Ambivalence. in: Ready, K. and Sigler, D. (ed.) Romantic Women's Writing and Sexual Transgression Edinburgh Edinburgh University Press. pp. 158-173

Book chapter

Climate Change and Multinationals in Nigeria: A Case for Climate Justice
Ekhator, E. and Okumagba, E.O. 2024. Climate Change and Multinationals in Nigeria: A Case for Climate Justice. in: Bouwer, K., Etemire, U., Field, T. and Jegede, A. O. (ed.) Climate Litigation and Justice in Africa Bristol University of Bristol University Press. pp. 1-28

Book chapter

The Routledge Companion to Freedom of Expression and Censorship
Steel, J. and Petley, J. (ed.) 2023. The Routledge Companion to Freedom of Expression and Censorship. Abingdon, Oxfordshire Routledge - Taylor and Francis.


Metamorphic (2022)
Howard, R. Metamorphic (2022) .


Terra Nova Ice
Locke, C. Terra Nova Ice.


Family Relationships in the Early Years
Owen, K. and Barnes, C. (ed.) 2023. Family Relationships in the Early Years. London Sage.


A Curriculum for Social Justice: Promoting Success for Low attaining Youth
Atkins, L., Misselke, L., Hart, J, Lambeth, S. and Barker, L. 2023. A Curriculum for Social Justice: Promoting Success for Low attaining Youth . London Palgrave.


We Are Nothing Without Stories: Visual Research in the School of Arts, University of Derby
Harris, P. We Are Nothing Without Stories: Visual Research in the School of Arts, University of Derby.


Chinese and Global Financial Integration through Stock Connect A Legal Analysis
Huang, F. 2023. Chinese and Global Financial Integration through Stock Connect A Legal Analysis. Oxford Bloomsbury Publishing.


Lean Six Sigma 4.0 for Operational Excellence Under the Industry 4.0 Transformation
Rathi, R., Garza-Reyes, J., Kaswan, M. S. and Singh, M. (ed.) 2023. Lean Six Sigma 4.0 for Operational Excellence Under the Industry 4.0 Transformation. Oxfordshire CRC Press/ Routledge.


Inhabitants - online exhibition
Bartram, A. Inhabitants - online exhibition .


Long Sump Life Effects of a Naturally Aged Bio-Ester Oil Emulsion on Tool Wear in Finish Turning a Ni-Based Superalloy
Paul Wood, Andrew Mantle, Fathi Boud, Carter, W., Gunputh, U., Pawlik, M., Lu, Y., José Díaz-Álvarez and María Henar Miguélez Garrido Long Sump Life Effects of a Naturally Aged Bio-Ester Oil Emulsion on Tool Wear in Finish Turning a Ni-Based Superalloy. Metals.

Journal article

Long Covid Diaries
Marshall, A. 2023. Long Covid Diaries . Museum of Making 08 Sep - 08 Oct 2023


Person Centred Care in Radiography: Skills for providing effective patient care
Strudwick, R. M., Harvey-Lloyd, J. M., Bleiker, J., Gooch, J., Hancock, A., Hyde, E. and Newton-Hughes, A. 2023. Person Centred Care in Radiography: Skills for providing effective patient care . London Wiley Blackwell.


The Party's Over: The Rise and Fall of the Conservatives from Thatcher to Sunak
Burton-Cartledge, P. 2023. The Party's Over: The Rise and Fall of the Conservatives from Thatcher to Sunak. London Verso.


Offering from the River
Sharples, V. 2023. Offering from the River .


Freedom S.H.E.D
Jones, R. 2023. Freedom S.H.E.D .


The Applied Sport and Exercise Practitioner
Borrie, A., Hooton, A., Chandler, C., Miles, A. and Watson,P. (ed.) 2023. The Applied Sport and Exercise Practitioner. London Routledge - Taylor and Francis.


An Elastic Continuum
Howard, R. and Sharples, V. 2023. An Elastic Continuum .


How to Make (2023)
Howard, R. 2023. How to Make (2023) .


Natural Language Processing and Information Systems
Métais, E., Meziane, F., Sugumaran, V., Manning, W. and Reiff-Marganiec, S. (ed.) 2023. Natural Language Processing and Information Systems. Switzerland Springer.


Back To The Streets
Basi, P. 2023. Back To The Streets. Vimeo

Digital or visual media

Pride and Progress: Making Schools LGBT+ Inclusive Spaces
Brett, A. and Brassington, J. 2023. Pride and Progress: Making Schools LGBT+ Inclusive Spaces. London SAGE Publishing.


Applied Psychology Readings: Selected Papers from the Singapore Conference on Applied Psychology 2022
Macaulay, P. and Lee-Ming, T. (ed.) 2023. Applied Psychology Readings: Selected Papers from the Singapore Conference on Applied Psychology 2022. Singapore Springer Singapore.


Lakharo of Light
Davies, H. 2023. Lakharo of Light.

Digital or visual media

Miles Richardson 2023. Reconnection. Pelargic Publishing.


Overcoming the Exploitation of Passion in Videogame Labor: Playing with Passion
Jackson, J. 2023. Overcoming the Exploitation of Passion in Videogame Labor: Playing with Passion. United States Rowman and Littlefield.


If It Thunders on All Fool's Day
Sharples, V., Burke, S., Gritted, T. L. and Squires, R. H. 2023. If It Thunders on All Fool's Day.


SeeSaw: A series of poems on art
Buckner, A. 2023. SeeSaw: A series of poems on art. Nottingham Leafe Press.


Avoidance Learning in the planaria
Prados, J., Jordan, L., Alcala, J. A. and Urcelay, G. P. Avoidance Learning in the planaria.


Metamorphic (2023)
Howard, R. 2023. Metamorphic (2023) .


How love lives in two places
Marmalade, G. 2023. How love lives in two places.


Jingo Jango
Marmalade, G. 2023. Jingo Jango.

Digital or visual media

Jingo Jango (II)
Marmalade, G. 2023. Jingo Jango (II).


Ukraine Lives (FORMAT23 exhibition)
Harris, P. 2023. Ukraine Lives (FORMAT23 exhibition).


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Hogsden, Juliet

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Hughes, Gareth

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Kang, Jazz

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Karkalas, Sokratis

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Kazim, Muhammad

Kazmi, Fahad

Kedge, Steve

Keenan, James

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Kerr, William

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Khan, Zafar

Kharaz, Ahmad

Khavari, Mohammad

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King, Laura

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King-Owen, Jackie

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Kirkman, Ann Jean

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Koomson, Daniel

Korpelainen, Nicholas

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Kotera, Yasuhiro

Kravvariti, Vasiliki

Kumar, Anil

Kurugollu, Fatih

Kyberd, Peter

Lafford, Erin

Lahav, Vered

Lai, Ka Tung

Lambert, Ben

Landou, Aimeric

Lane, Kit

Lansley, Peter

Larcombe, Peter

Larimore, Lauren

Larsen, Ruth

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Le Blond, Suzanne

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Le Mare, Mat

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Lee, Timothy

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Lees, Dave

Lees, Kirsten

Leggott, Jayne

Leighton, Adam

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Lennon, Henry

Lennox, Peter

Lepore, Marcello Antonio

Leslie, Sarah

Leslie-Allen, Clio

Lester, Sarah

Leverton, Jayne

Levesley, Richard

Levi, Giulia

Lewis, Jeanette

Lewis, Rachel

Lewis, Simon

Lewis Smith, Jen

Limbert, Holly

Liotta, Antonio

Lipka, Sigrid

Liravi, Pouria

Liu, Lu

Lively, Stephanie

Liyanage, Kapila

Lloyd, Christopher

Lloyd, Erica

Loach, Neil

Locke, Caroline

Lockett, Becky

Lockwood, Hannah

Lokier, Stephen

Long, Adam

Longbottom, David

Low, Jodie

Lowton-Smith, Sean

Loynes, Tony

Lozano-Leon, Jessica

Lu, Yao

Lu, Yiling

Luckcuck, Matt

Lumber, Ryan

Lunt, Jennifer

Lynch, Nicola

Lynch, Paul

Lyons, Melinda

Lyte, Geraldine

Ma, Xueer

Macaulay, Peter

Macias-Morales, Rene

MacMahon, Barbara

Maddox, Lisa

Madichie, Nnamdi

Mahmood, Rubi

Majhail, Harjinder

Makin-Smith, Kim

Makkar, Aaisha

Makropoulos, Alexios

Maligno, Angelo

Malik, Bilal

Mallik, Sabuj

Malute, Francis

Manahov, Viktor

Mandal, Luna

Manini, Barbara

Manning, Warren

Manship, Neil

Manton, Becky

Maratos, Frances

Marjani, Rahim

Markwell, Graham

Marmalade, Gemma

Marsden, Hope

Marsden, Stevie

Marsh, Elizabeth

Marshall, Alice

Marshall, Jennifer

Marshall, Jennifer

Marshall, Michael

Marson, Duncan

Marson, Duncan

Martin Cereceda, Mercedes

Martin, Helen

Marvin, Juliet

Masania, Jinit

Mason, Jade

Masters, Lesley

Mathuthu, Mthulisi

Mauvisseau, Quentin

Mawas, Abdulhakim

Maxwell-Jones, Robert

Mayes, JP

McCandless-Sugg, Fiona

McCloskey, Paula

McCrory, Moy

McDonald, Carlton

McEwan, Alistair

McEwan, Kirsten

McGivern, Paul

McGravie, David

Mcilvenna, Kathleen

Mcinerney, Kevin

McInnes, Rachael

McKee, Claire

McKenzie, Ian

McLay, Keith

McLennan, Laura

McMahon, Daithi

McMahon, Daithi

McNally, Mary

McTaggart, Kirsty

Mead, Larry

Meakin, Lynsey

Meharry, John Buchanan

Meiselles, Michala

Melnyczuk, Stefan

Merritt, Patrick

Merritt, Patrick

Meziane, Farid

Miao, Dejun

Michaels, Eugene

Michopoulou, Eleni

Middlicott, Charlie

Mieschbuehler, Ruth

Mighten, Janice

Miller, Lee

Mina, Mina

Mina, Minas

Mindang, Martina

Minhas, Rashid Ali

Minou, Lina

Mistry, Reema

Mitchell, Cat

Mitchell, James

Mitchell, Kathryn

Moglo, Komlanvi

Mohidin, Melanie

Molasiotis, Alex

Mollison, Lyndsey

Monet, Alison

Montague, Jane

Monteiro, Aleksandra

Moon, Edith

Moon, Rob

Mooney, Robyn

Moore, Jonathan Bryan

Moore, Nicki

Moran, Garrett

Moret, Sebastien

Morgan, Helen

Mortimore, Gerri

Morton, Caroline

Mosey, Charlotte

Mosley, Rebecca

Moss, Kate

Moss, Marie

Motaman, Shahed

Mottram, Paul

Mourton, Stuart

Muhammad, Rukaiyya

Muir, Kim

Mukhaimar, Mohammed

Mustafa, Ghulam

Mycock, Katherine

Nadeem, Muhammad

Nadeem, Simon

Nadeem, Simon Peter

Nahouli, Zacharia

Naseer, Faizaan

Nashed, Nour

Naylor, Bill

Naylor, Sarah

Ndubuaku, Maryleen

Ndupu, Lawrence

Ndupu, Lawrence

Neal, Ian

Neary, Siobhan

Necchi, Holly

Neill, William

Nelson, Suzanne

Nesterova, Iana

Nesterova, Iana

Neuhaus, Tom

Neville, Angie

Newberry, Karen

Newman, Mark

Nguyen, Ngoc Son Tung

Nguyen, Van Bac

Nicholls, Scott

Nicklin, Annabel

Nisar, Sabha

Nisic, Mulka

Nobili, Anna

Noor Mohamed, Jayne

Norman, Claire

Norton, Briony

Nunn, Alex

Nutting, Ryan

Nyombi, Chrispas

O'Grady, Anne

O'Neill, Sam

O'Neill, Sam

Oates, Ruby

Odiyi, Daniel

Odofin, Sarah

Okeke, Rom

Okere, Uche

Okoli, Justin

Okunlola, Olalekan

Omale, Don John

Omisore, Temitope

Omoteso, Kamil

Onyeme, Chinedu

Oriola, Taiwo

Orton, David

Osbaldeston, Mark

Osler, Callum

Ottywill, Kate

Outram, Tom

Owen, Kay

Owen, Rebecca

Owusu, Andrews

Oyebode, Olubukola

Ozioko, Oliver

Ozuem, Wilson

Pabla, Annu

Padilla Canales, Talia

Page, Abigail

Page, Tom

Pajón Moreno, Laura

Palmer, Jade

Panneerselvam, John

Panneerselvam, John

Papadaki, Maria

Parapanos, Demos

Parapanos, Demos

Parente, Fabio

Park, Chongryol

Parker, Christine

Parker, Jack

Parry, Matthew

Parsons, Alan

Parthsarathy, Vadivel

Partner, Alex

Passmore, Holli-Anne

Patel, Veena

Paterson, Fred

Patrick-Wood, Vanessa

Patton, David

Pavlov, Eugene

Pawlik, Marzena

Payne, Angela

Peach, Adem

Pearson, Dan

Pearson, Stephen

Pease, Ken

Peers, Joss

Penford, Eve

Penna, Xristina

Penry Williams, Cara

Percy, Chris

Pereira, Angela

Perkinton, Louise

Petronzi, Dominic

Petronzi, Rebecca

Phethean, Jordan

Philo, Simon

Phipps, Helen

Photiou, Maria

Pigden, Louise

Pitrolino, Katherine

Pledger, Jon

Poole, Amy

Poole, Andrew

Poon, Joanna

Pope, Emma

Pope, Melanie

Pope, Richard

Pote, Lee

Poultney, Val

Powell, Tracy

Poynton, Stuart

Prados, Jose

Pridmore, Kulsoom

Pridmore, Lee

Pringle, Andy

Pritchard, Alison

Pritchard, John

Purnell, Kerry

Qadir, Sangar Jamal

Quartey, Stephen

Qureshi, Sarwat

Radford, Neil

Rafferty, Rachel

Raha, Deb

Rajan, Rohan Ananda

Rajpurohit, Jaideep Singh

Rambukwella, Shan

Ramkissoon, Haywantee

Ramsbottom, Olivia

Ramsbottom, Olivia

Ramsey, Andrew

Randall, Ian

Rawlinson, Sarah

Rawson, Becky

Ray, Jo

Rayment, Laura

Reddish, Stephen

Rees, Alice

Reiff-Marganiec, Stephan

Reynolds, Jennifer

Reynolds, Julie

Reynolds, Suzanne

Rhead, Jessica

Rhodes, Christine

Ribchester, Chris

Richards, Claire

Richards, Jenny

Richards, Louise

Richardson, Bethany

Richardson, Miles

Ridgley, Rebecca

Rimmer, Sally

Rippin, Wayne

Rising, Kara

Rizwan, Muhammad

Robbins, Chloe Jade

Roberts, Ben

Roberts, Frederika

Roberts, Gareth

Roberts, Helen

Roberts, Neil

Roberts, Nigel

Robertshaw, David

Robertshaw, David

Robertson-Begg, John

Robinson, Carl

Robinson, Carl

Robinson, Deborah

Robinson, Gary

Robinson, Louise

Robinson, Matthew

Robinson, Sacha

Robinson-Smith, David

Robson, Charlotte

Roe, Claire

Roebuck, Hettie

Roeschlaub, Sarah

Rogers, Andy

Rogers-Draycott, Matthew

Rollinson, Hugh

Rosamond, Victoria

Roscoe, Clare

Rose, Sally

Rosier, Tim

Rossi, Kerry

Rowan, Chris

Rowberry, Rowena

Rowe, Graham

Rowe, Julie

Rowell, Chrissie

Rubino, Felice

Ruddock, Ellie

Ruddy, Dominic

Rushton, Stephanie

Ruston, Annmarie

Ryan, Sean

Rylands, Lee

Safari, Reza

Said, Omimah

Saigal, Brinder

Sakellarios, Nikolaos

Sakr, Asmaa

Saleem, Rabia

Samkange, Faith

Samuel, Oluwarotimi

Sanders, Andrew

Sanguigno, Luigi

Sansom, Christopher

Saravi, Sara

Satchell, Liam

Satterfield, Dorothy

Saunders, Lynn

Scarrott, Nicola

Schofield, Malcolm

Schofield, Malcolm

Schofield, Nicola

Scott, Charlotte

Scott, Kathryn

Scott, Zoe

Searcey, Rachel

Sedgwick, Claire

Sekol, Ivana

Self, Richard

Serjouei, Ahmad

Shabir, Akbar

Shabir, Akbar

Shafik, Mahmoud

Shah, Zeeshan Ali

Shahzad, Mohammad

Shand, Melissa

Shang, Bowen

Shao, Fei

Sharif, Tahir

Sharma, Ashutosh

Sharpe, Emma

Sharples, Victoria

Shaw, Paula

Shawa, Isaac

Sheehan, Lisa

Sheffield, David

Sheikh-Waseem, Shabnam

Shelton, Fiona

Shelton, Fiona

Shelton, Ian

Shepherd, Rosemary

Sherratt, Lou

Sherwood, Simon

Shiner, Naomi

Shiner, Naomi

Shore, Tim

Siddiqui, Yusra

Simcock, Adam

Simmons, Helen

Simmons, Helen

Simoncelli-Allan, Virna

Simonovic, Bob

Simonovic, Boban

Sims, Robin

Sims, Ruth

Singh, Kiran

Sivasubramaniam, Shivadas

Skanta-Reading, Leanne

Skellern, Joanne

Slabbert, Barend

Slater, Jonathon

Smith, Andy

Smith, Debbie

Smith, Joanne

Smith, Kate

Smith, Keziah

Smith, Kim

Smith, Margaret

Smith, Mark

Smith, Mel

Smith, Rosemary

Smith, Ruth

Smith, Simon

Smith, Simon Richard

Smithson, Jennifer

Snowden, Vita

Snowden, Vita

Sole, Martin

Soleimani, Zohreh

Somers, Julie

Somers, Liam

Sotiriadis, Stelios

Souch, Graham

Souid, Adam

Sowter, Heidi

Spalek, Basia

Spalton, Derek

Speith, Nivien

Spencer, George

Spencer, Lewis

Spenser, Karin

Spink, Rachel

Spring, Charles

Squires, Barry

Sreedharan, Sreejesh

Stalker, Carol

Stalker, Carol

Stalmeisters, Dzintra

Stapleford, Richard

Staples, Paul

Staples, Vicki

Starr, Catherine

Staunton, Tom

Staynova, Petra

Steel, John

Steele-Davies, Justin

Stelfox, Martin

Stella, Leonardo

Stevens, Paul

Stevenson, Anthony

Stewart, Jill

Stewart, Paul

Stockdale, Isobel

Stocks, Susan

Stonard, Rachael-Louise

Stone, Julie

Stoneley, Helen

Stothard, Jack

Strickland-Hodge, Barry

Stuart, David

Stuart, Mary

Stupple, Edward

Sturt, Carrie-Anne

Suart, Rebecca

Subhani, Moeez Masroor

Sullivan, Donna

Sunday, Linda

Suthren, Roger

Sutton, Greg

Sutton, Jack

Swaby, Helen

Sweet, Michael

Sweetmore, Victoria

Szenasi, Judith

Tabassum, Naznin

Takhar, Sukhraj

Tallent, Jamie

Tansley, Katrine

Tariq, Memoona

Tarpey, Christine

Tarrant, Susan

Taylor, Elaina

Taylor, Gemma

Taylor, James

Taylor, Nicola

Teague, Kirsty

Teague, Michael

Tepekoy, Filiz

Thandi, Manjit

Thatcher, Ashleigh

Thomas, Callum

Thomas, Callum

Thomas, Helen

Thomas, Natalie

Thompson, Cleveland

Thompson, David

Thompson, Lenore

Thorley, John

Thornton, Amy

Thrasivoulou, Maria Karolina

Thrippleton, Gail

Tian, Bo

Tichanow, Sylwia

Timsal, Ahmad

Tkazky, Sophia

Tomasella, Barbara

Tonkin, Toby

Toon, Nathan

Tooth, Owen

Toplisek, Alen

Townend, Michael

Towuru, Solomon

Tozer, Katy

Tracada, Eleni

Tremblay, Lindsay

Trickey, Julia

Tripathi, Gyan

Troth, Christopher Robert

Tucker, Nichola

Tucker, Richard

Tunnicliffe, Peter

Tupling, Claire

Turner, Ian

Turner, Jane

Turner, Royce

Turvill, Alistair

Turvill, Alistair

Turvill, Danielle

Tuuli, Cynthia

Twigg, Emma

Twigg, Emma

Twigg, Frankie

Tzavaras, Rebekah

Udokporo, Chinonso

Udokporo, Chinonso

Underhill, Ann

Urbina Montana, Maria

Vahed, Karim

Vahidi, Ghazal

Valenzuela, Hannah

Valvano, Stefano

van Beek, Martijn

Van Gordon, William

Vandemast-Bell, Paul

Varasteh, Hirbod

Vargas, Faith

Vaughan, Carol

Veasey, Christian

Venables, Heather

Venkataraman, Deepak

Veveris, Michael

Vigurs, Katy

Vilkaitis, Alexander

Vinter, Luke

Virk, Navjot

Voorhis, Dave

Waddington-Jones, Caroline

Waheed, Hassam

Wahl, Julia

Wakefield, Lisa

Waldhauser, Barbara

Walid Al Saad, Walid Khalid

Walker, Ben

Walker, Nicola

Walker, Thomas

Wallace, Amanda

Wallace, Louise

Walsh, Terri

Ward, Andrea

Ward, David

Waring, Carl

Warrier, Varsha

Watkins, Stephen

Watkinson, Debbie

Watson, Adrian

Watson, Sharan

Watson, Stephen

Watts, Lisa

Webster, Simon

Weller, Paul

Wells, Kate

Wells, Rachel

Werner, Denis

Werner, Duncan

Wesson, Wendy

Westwood, Stacey

Wheatley, Rachael

Whickman, Paul

Whiffin, Charlie

Whitbrook, Amanda

White, Jon

White, Paul

White, Rebecca

Whitehead, Bill

Whitehead, Ian

Whiteley, Martin

Whitmore, Tracey

Whitton, Aimee

Whitworth, Michelle

Whomsley, Matt

Wiafe, Yaw

Widiatmoko, Dono

Wiggins, Bruce

Wilkins, Anthony

Williams, Alan

Williams, Catherine

Williams, Claire

Williams, Dan

Williams, Gavin

Williams, James

Williams, Omari

Williams, Richard

Williams, Simon

Williams, Sophie

Wilmshurst, Tim

Wilson, Andrew

Wilson, Andrew Fergus

Wilson, Colin

Wilson, David

Wilson, Helen

Wilson, Jennifer

Wilson, Vanessa

Wiltshier, Peter

Windmill, Chris

Wond, Tracey

Wood, Beth

Wood, Hayley

Wood, Kirsty

Wood, Paul

Wood, Richard

Wood, Simon

Wood, Wendy

Wood, Wendy

Woodbridge, Sarah

Woodland, Julia

Woodward, Amelia

Woodward, Jon

Wordsworth, Stephen

Worrall, Jodie

Worth, Rhian

Wrigley, Paul Andrew

Wyder, Silvia

Wyke, Ben

Wylie, Anne

Xie, Jianfei

Xu, Alison

Xue, Yong

Yadav, Vikash

Yang, Weiwei

Yang, Zhiyin

Yaseen, Muhammad Usman

Yaseen, Muhammad Usman

Yasir, Sarah

Yates, Ellen

Yates, James

Yazdifar, Hassan

Ye, Jilin

Yekini, Liafisu Sina

Young, Alwyn

Yu, Harry

Yuan, Bo

Yusuf, Hakeem

Zadurian, Natalie

Zapitis, Charitos

Zha, Yiling

Zhai, Xiaojun

Zhang, Shuge

Zheng, Yongjun

Zhou, Yutao

Zhu, Shao Ying

Zoras, Stamatis

Zouganelis, Georgios