Science of Psychology as a Tool for Islamic Revival

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Mushfequr Rahman, Mohammad 2022. Science of Psychology as a Tool for Islamic Revival. American Journal of Applied Psychology. 11 (1), p. 9.
AuthorsMushfequr Rahman, Mohammad

As psychology is the scientific study of mind and behavior then it follows that psychology should be able to understand, manipulate, predict and treat human thought and behavior. The purpose of this paper is to explain how first of these three could be used to revive Islam among Muslims in Muslim majority countries. The discussion has been analytical in nature while applying psychological principles and theories from a wide range of psychological studies to understand and design Islamic revival. The paper focuses on five core psychological and psychosocial areas: early childhood development, adulthood, social relationship, marriage and unity. These are crucial foundations for any people, society and it's worldview and even more so for Muslims and Islamic revival. The readers must not in anyway, get the idea that this paper proposes Islam vs West conflict, rather the paper establishes the uniqueness and independence of the Islamic society through the Islamic religion while revealing Islam as a broader system. The paper truly establishes human diversity on independent values and laws through Islam as an example. The paper reveals that psychology is a workable science and not just theory and as such Muslim psychologists should continue to study and use psychology to evolve and mature the Islamic self-concept, Islamic conscience and Islamic society.

KeywordsApplied Psychology; Early Childhood Development; Adulthood
JournalAmerican Journal of Applied Psychology
Journal citation11 (1), p. 9
PublisherScience Publishing Group
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Publication dates15 Jan 2022
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Deposited16 Feb 2022, 14:26
Accepted08 Jan 2022

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