Community clinicians’ views about patient adherence to osteoporosis medication

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Cook, Marie 2018. Community clinicians’ views about patient adherence to osteoporosis medication. Nursing Older People.
AuthorsCook, Marie

Anecdotal and research evidence suggests that poor adherence and persistence with oral bisphosphonates can result in patients being at increased risk of osteoporotic fractures. Several interventions have been researched for their effectiveness with adherence and persistence, but the most effective method of supporting patients with oral bisphosphonate medications is clinician reviews, generally identified as doctors and nurses. This service evaluation aimed to explore the knowledge and views of multidisciplinary community-based clinicians about adherence and persistence with oral bisphosphonates. The results indicated a positive attitude to a multidisciplinary approach supporting patients to take their medication as prescribed, with recommendations for future research.

Keywordscommunity; oral bisphosphonates; osteoporotic
JournalNursing Older People
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Publication dates23 Jul 2018
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Deposited07 Mar 2019, 11:43
Accepted09 Apr 2018
ContributorsUniversity of Derby
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