Split identity implications: perception of identity and future orientation of Maronite Christian adolescents in Israel

PhD Thesis

EID, Jawdat 2016. Split identity implications: perception of identity and future orientation of Maronite Christian adolescents in Israel. PhD Thesis https://doi.org/10.48773/949zv
AuthorsEID, Jawdat
TypePhD Thesis

This research examines the identity perception of Maronite adolescents in Israel as part of the Israeli Palestinian Arab Christian community. The research was carried out between the years 2009-2011, involving 25 Maronite adolescents ranging from ages 16 – 18 years. Views on identity were also sought from the parents of this group. The research looks at the implications of their identity perception on their future orientation, career, place of residence, culture and heritage amidst the ongoing unstable social and political situation in the region. The research is inductive in nature and follows a non-positivist, qualitative, ethnographic approach, seeking depth in capturing and presenting the elusive nature of the “soft data” of the self-identity construct. The data were gathered and triangulated by a variety of methods: adolescents’ in-depth interview, parents’ semi–structured ethnographic interview, narrative text tools and a focus group. Findings revealed that the two leading components in the identity perception of the participants were the “Israeli Arab” national component, and the “Christian” religious component. Findings also indicated that the identity perception influences the choice of the participants’ careers; choosing from what was offered to them, rather than pursuing what they liked, and their place of residence having to deal with the limitations imposed on minorities regarding where they can, or cannot live. The participants expressed their need for leadership, religious or secular, to strengthen their involvement in the social and political agendas, educate the younger generation about their identity and heritage, offer a supportive and empowering framework for their ambitions and future plans and improve their socio-political presence among the other communities. The outcomes of this research contribute to a better understanding of the identity perception among Maronite adolescents and constitute a basis for understanding how they can be better supported as a minority group within a multi-cultural society in an unstable region. Further research is required to gain a deeper understanding of how the unstable periods influence belonging and identity issues among Christians in Israel and the Arab world, and to consider gender, socioeconomic and place of living variables.

KeywordsSplit identity; Minority; Maronites; Cristians in Israel; Adolecents identity; Israeli Christian Maronites
PublisherUniversity of Derby
Digital Object Identifier (DOI)https://doi.org/10.48773/949zv
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