ISBN-13 is better than ISBN-10: Fact or fiction?

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Parkes, Chris and Thomas, Harriet 2016. ISBN-13 is better than ISBN-10: Fact or fiction? Mathematics Today.
AuthorsParkes, Chris and Thomas, Harriet

This article outlines the calculations for the check digit and error detection for the ISBN-10 and the ISBN-13 codes. It lists the aims of replacing the ISBN-10 with ISBN-13 and shows that the ISBN-13 does not satisfy two of these aims. It later describes a new ISBN-13 code which does satisfy all four aims.

KeywordsISBN-13; Error dectection code; Information science; Book numbering
JournalMathematics Today
PublisherThe Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA)
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Publication dates03 Jun 2016
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Deposited21 Nov 2016, 11:49
ContributorsUniversity of Derby
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