Modern Corporations and Strategies at Work


Nayak, B. S. and Tabassum, N. (ed.) 2023. Modern Corporations and Strategies at Work. New York Springer.
EditorsNayak, B. S. and Tabassum, N.

Strategies are integral to growth, expansion and sustainability of modern corporations. The agile strategies are central to overcome challenges of the turbulent times accelerated by risks, pandemics, wars, political instabilities and environmental disasters. This book on ‘Modern Corporations and Strategies at Work’ focuses on different strategies followed by corporations. This book makes critical reading of corporate strategies and evaluates them. This book offers insights into the way corporations develop and implement strategies to face different challenges. This book explores wider world of corporate strategies and their limitations. The future of world economy and international business is shaped by large modern corporations and their rapidly changing business, management and marketing strategies. This book explores the way modern nation states are standing behind the corporations to ensure that their strategies are successful in a world of complex challenges. This book further examines how collaborations between the state and modern corporations are part of the corporate strategy at work today. Further how modern strategies are integral to the start, growth, expansion and sustainability of modern corporations. This book explores operational agilities and organisational abilities of modern corporations to engage with diverse challenges and overcome the crisis. The volatile business environment is creating conditions of instabilities for the market to function effectively and efficiently. Such conditions are weakening all agents and structures operating within international business and world economy. This book argues that there is an urgent need for a profound reshaping of the corporate strategies to deal with a post pandemic society. It is perhaps as far reaching as that the remaking of corporate strategies are in the crossroads today due to its intrinsic profit motives. The remaking of modern corporate strategy comes in the wake of pestilence of a global health crisis; its full impacts are yet to be felt, evaluated and understood. A comprehensive shift in corporate strategy from formulation, implementation and evaluation to remaking is at the heart of this transformations in the working of the corporations and their fundamental ideological apparatus.

Keywordsmodern corporations ; sustainability; corporate strategy
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