New Relationships: Understanding & Supporting the Contemporary ‌: Understanding and Supporting the Contemporary Worker.

Free Speech, Democracy and Protest

Centred on learning

A risk management system for healthcare facilities service operators

Britain's and Germany's interests in EU enlargement and reform.

A reconfigurable virtual environment based on real time data.

Enhancement of images of stained glass windows

Gamut mapping and appearance models in graphic arts colour management

The treasure trail of text: spatial images and female identity in Susan Coolidge's What Katy did and some other nineteenth-century North American women's writings for girls.

Quantifying the colour appearance of displays.

Travel agency marketing :a study of Changsha, China.

Gender differences in management communication in secondary schools

Career progression and the first line manager

Pain management and symptoms of substance dependence among patients with sickle cell disease

Effects of asynchronous music on flow states and shooting performance among netball players

Increases in egg production in multiply mated female bushcrickets Leptophyes punctatissima are not due to substances in the nuptial gift

Structure of spermatodoses in shield-back bushcrickets (Tettigoniidae, Tettigoniinae)

Managing diversity in retailing: a layering approach to recognising individual differences

Understanding and implementing managing diversity in organisations: a study in the retail sector

Managing diversity and HR practice: challenges and constraints for the operational manager

Managing diversity in organisations: easy to talk about but difficult to do

Computer visualization for theatre: 3D modelling for designers

Commutation of permanent-magnet synchronous AC motors for military and traction applications

Constraint modelling in 'design for all'

HADRIAN: a human modelling CAD tool to promote "design for all"

In search of design synthesis by linking ergonomic evaluation and constraint modelling to attain design for all

Virtual fitting trails using SAMMIE and HADRIAN

'Design for all': methods and data to support designers

Virtual task analysis in 'design for all'.


Introduction to John Gibbons

Mean spillover effects in agricultural prices: Evidence from changes in policy regimes

The inflation–output volatility trade-off: a case where anti-inflation monetary policy turns out to be successful, a historical assessment

Mean spillover effects in agricultural prices: The case of Greece

The design and optimisation of surround sound decoders using heuristic methods