Lakharo of Light

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Davies, H. and Basi, P. 2023. Lakharo of Light.
CreatorsDavies, H. and Basi, P.

‘Lakharo of Light’ is a 16-minute film by Huw Davies and Philip Ranjit Basi. It is a documentary portrait of the renown Indian artist and photographer, Jyoti Bhatt. Since the mid 1950’s Bhatt has documented the rural communities of Chota Udepur in the State of Gujarat, Northwest India. This work has provided the inspiration for his painting and printmaking, as well as creating a unique record of the changing traditions and indigenous lifestyles which are rapidly giving way to the urban mainstream. Now in his late 80’s and with his eyesight failing, Bhatt reflects through his sketch books and contact prints to comment on his eclectic practice and how that fits into the shifting nature of the photographic medium. Set against the background of the Holi Festival celebrations, the film explores the value of the archive, ownership in terms of access and representation, and the nature of legacy. The film coincided with a major retrospective of Jyoti Bhatt’s work at the Museum of Art & Photography (MAP) in Bengaluru, India and the publishing of a monograph ‘Time & Time Again’.

‘Lakharo of Light’ was produced as part of an international arts residency and research project which took place in Gujarat over two weeks in March 2023, coinciding with the Indian Festival of Holi (‘Festival of Colours’). The residency was facilitated by Derby-based arts organisation, Artcore in collaboration with the FORMAT International Photography Festival and the University of Derby and hosted by the Gujarati based, Bhasha Research and Publication Centre.

First screened as part of the FORMAT23 exhibition, Holi Hai! at Artcore Gallery, Albert St, Derby, between 16th May-6th June 2023. Subsequently selected and screened in competition at: Pune Short Film Festival (May 2023); Calcutta International Film Festival (Winner Best Documentary – August 2023); Indian Independent Film Festival, Kolkata (Hon Mention – August 2023); Durgapur International Film Festival (October 2023); Repton Festival, Derbyshire (October 2023); Global Indian Film Festival, Mumbai (Nov 2023); Goa Short Film Festival (Nov 2023). Goa Short Film Festival (Nov 2023). West Bengal Short Film Festival, Kolkata (Nov 2023). Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival (Dec 2023). Alibag Short Film Festival (Dec 2023). Himachal Short Film Festival, Pradesh (Dec 2023). Lake City International Film Festival, Mumbai (Feb 2024).

KeywordsJyoti Bhatt; Indian artist ; photographic medium
Date16 May 2023
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Deposited12 Oct 2023

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