STEM Careers Awareness Timelines

NEET Speaks: Influences Shaping Young People’s Choices of Education, Training and Employment

Cross-government Review of Information, Advice & Guidance (IAG) Services for Adults in England

Cross-government Review of Information, Advice & Guidance (IAG) Services for Adults in England

NEET Speaks: Influences Shaping Young People’s Choices of Education, Training and Employment

The Learning Agreement Pilot in Lancashire, England: supporting young people in jobs without training

Measuring the Impact of Nextstep Career Advice in the North East of England

Difference and Belonging, Hopes and Fears: Parenting ‘mixed’ children and the implications for career development

Community Health Evaluation in Normanton

Priority of strategic plans in BSC model by using Borda method

Priority of strategic plans in BSC model by using of Group Decision Making Model

Group Analytic Hierachy Process Method and Best Selection of the Strategic Plans in Balanced Scorecard Model

The Status of the World's Land and Marine Mammals: Diversity, Threat, and Knowledge

Kennedy and unlawful act manslaughter: an unorthodox application of the doctrine of causation

Reengineering Corporation Street : an empirical study of business process

Collective identity and action of the Gulen movement: implications for social movement theory

A systematic approach to the development of automotive electrical power system architectures

Drama in coalfields and paddyfields

The Guru-Disciple Relationship in Diaspora

A country-specific economic structural adjustment programme model for the acgricultural sector: a case study of Zimbabwe

Registered trade mark protection in Jordan: Compatability with International standards, comparison with UK law, and proposals for the future

Travelling hopefully: an exploration of the limited possibilities for Level 1 students in the English further education system

Across a great divide: Views of landscape and nature in the American West, before and after the cultural watershed 1960s and 1970s: Wallace Stegner and Cormac McCarthy

Kissing women: The fiction of Sarah Waters

Has Ambisonics come of age?

Olfactory stimuli associated with the different stages of vertebrate decomposition and their role in the attraction of the blowfly calliphora vomitoria (Diptera: Calliphoridae) to carcasses

Delivering drama: drama in education practitioner Ava Hunt on what it's like to work in a war-torn region

Design codes and design language

Identification of angry faces in the attentional blink

Tourism, indigenous peoples and endogeneity in the Chatham Islands.

What distinguishes the evil of genocide and how should we respond to it?

Level 1 Vocational Learning: Predestination disguised as opportunity?

Tears of the phoenix: how nurturing and support became the 'cure' for further education

It's not just black and white: an exploration of children's multicultural awareness, attitudes and influences

Systems of leisure travel information provision and use: the 'Grey' market' and the internet

A brief haemophilia pain coping questionnaire

“Towards professional multilingualism?” Reconceptualising the school coordinator role in Initial Teacher Training.

Off-campus learning and employability in undergraduate design: the Sorrell Young Design project as an innovative partnership

‘We will take them from anywhere’: schools working within multiple initial teacher training partnerships

Efficient resource discovery in self-organized unstructured peer-to-peer networks

Druids Hill

Enter the zone: how to think and play like a champion.

A 'History of the Present': reflections on the representation of History in peace and conflict research in Hudson, Robert, C. and Heintze, Hans - Joachim (eds), Different approaches to peace and conflict research

Predicting European badger Meles meles sett distribution in urban environments

Comparison of two sampling protocols and four home-range estimators using radio-tracking data from urban badgers Meles meles

Low genetic variability, female-biased dispersal and high movement rates in an urban population of Eurasian badgers Meles meles

Ronald Pope: modern sculpture in the public eye

‘The competition for a monument to the Unknown political prisoner’

‘Domestic sculpture’

The 'Sculpture in the Home' exhibitions: reconstructing the home and family in post-war Britain

‘Sculpture in the Home': selling modernism to post-war British homemakers’

The rhizomatic West: representing the American West in a transnational, global Media Age

‘Empowerment at the higher level: the perspectives of learners and their tutors on critical professional reflection at Masters’ level’

The ecstatic body: notes on Shamanism and corporeity in Nepal

Characterisation of the environmental impact of the Rodalquilar Mine, Spain by ground-based reflectance spectroscopy

The Path of Light: ritual music of the Tibetan Bon

Species effects on ecosystem processes are modified by faunal responses to habitat composition.

Geographical variation in the response to nitrogen deposition in Arabidopsis lyrata petraea.

The effect of warm-up on high-intensity, intermittent running using nonmotorized treadmill ergometry.

Inspiratory muscle training reduces blood lactate concentration during volitional hyperpnoea.

"In small things forgotten": finding women in the Archbishop of York's Visitation Returns of 1865

The functional and the dysfunctional in the comparative method of law: some critical remarks

Restricted ranging behaviour in a high-density population of urban badgers

Autonomic trust reasoning enables misbehavior detection in OLSR

The dangerous rise of therapeutic education

Exploring the determinants of dual goal facilitation in Wason's 2-4-6 task

Affect: knowledge, communication, creativity and emotion

Electro-thermal modelling of electrical power drive systems.

Belief–logic conflict resolution in syllogistic reasoning: Inspection-time evidence for a parallel-process model

Spatial layout planning in sub-surface rail station design for effective fire evacuation

A genetic algorithm approach to the minimum cost design of reinforced concrete flanged beams under multiple loading conditions

Modern interpretation of FengShui in contemporary sustainable residential design

Comparison of forced mating behaviour in four taxa of Anonconotus, the Alpine bushcricket

America: The great prison nation

Memories of working in Brixton

Key influences: Hilary Walker and Bill Beaumont

An exploration of primary school teachers’ understanding of art and the place of art in the primary school curriculum

Evaluation of a multi-disciplinary back pain rehabilitation programme—individual and group perspectives

An inquiry into spatial essence of architectural features through computer-aided abstraction

Global HR IT development teams as liminal teams

Variations in retail employment characteristics and travel-to-work and their implications for retail-led regeneration

Attracting talent - the employer branding dimension

Employee loyalty: an exploration of staff commitment levels towards retailing, the retailer and the store

Developing a project team brand: implications for practice

Skills and knowledge of HR IS project teams: a human capital analysis

Academic freedom means free speech and no "buts"

Simulation based approach to evaluate modular manufacturing system in the apparel industry

Risk assessment and relationship management: practical approach to supply chain risk management

Supply chain risk management and performance: issues and challenges

Torque maximisation of the Pmac motor for high performance, low inertia operation

Inclusive design for the mobility impaired

Multivariate design inclusion using HADRIAN.

Autonomic dysfunction measured by baroreflex sensitivity in markedly abnormal in stable cirrhosis despite minimal haemodynamic changes.

Autonomic dysfunction measured by baroreflex sensitivity in markedly abnormal in stable cirrhosis despite minimal haemodynamic changes.

Education and young people with sickle cell disorder: a knowledge review.

Local authorities and the education of young people with sickle cell disorders in England.

Communication media selection in buyer-supplier relationships

Feeling safe and content: A specific affect regulation system? Relationship to depression, anxiety, stress, and self-criticism.

A pilot exploration of heart rate variability and salivary cortisol responses to compassion-focused imagery.

The impact of a 24 hour library on the student experience at the University of Sheffield.

Night after night: costume and performance amongst Sheffield Students.

White t-shirt, black marker: mapping the undergraduate body.

Generator voltage stabilisation for series-hybrid electric vehicles.

Innovation, Technology Transfer and Labor Productivity Linkages: Evidence from a Panel of Manufacturing Industries

Oil on troubled waters: Multi-national corporations and realising human rights in the developing world, with specific reference to Nigeria.

Democratic transition, judicial accountability and judicialisation of politics in Africa: The Nigerian experience.

Calling the judiciary to account for the past : transitional justice and judicial accountability in Nigeria.

Robes on Tight Ropes: The Judicialisation of Politics in Nigeria

Deathbed apparitions.

Psi may look like luck: Perceived luckiness and beliefs about luck in relation to precognition.