Career Guidance Policies: Global Dynamics, Local Resonances

STEM Careers Awareness Timelines Attitudes and ambitions towards science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM at Key Stage 3)

Characterization of impact induced damage modes in single lap joints of woven GFRP composites

Coarse threat images reveal theta oscillations in the amygdala: A magnetoencephalography study

Using Engineering Economy Techniques with Group Topsis Method for Best Project Selection

Best project selection by using of Group TOPSIS method

Best Selection of Strategic Plans in Balanced Scorecard Using Goal Programming Model

Social class

Singing for children and adults with cystic fibrosis

The Future of Newspapers: Historical Perspectives

The Idea of Journalism

Invisible Students, Impossible Dreams: Experiencing Vocational Education 14-19

Skin deep : the practitioner's management of touch, intimacy, boundaries and power in the bodywork relationship

Artist-led, artist-used: experiences at Coventry's Summer Dancing 2009

The meaning of "wrong" in the M'Naghten test

Engaging new Law lecturers and reflections on the engagement

Genocide: punishing a moral wrong

The perception and management of city open spaces in urban tourism: a case study of Shanghai

Investigating cultural relationships within the festival planning and construction process in a local community festival context

Losing IT: knowledge management in development projects

Roller coasters and uphill struggles: the impact of the medical management of childhood life-threatening and life-shortening conditions on family relationships, roles and emotional wellbeing

The Derby Philosophers: Science and Culture in British Urban Society, 1700-1850

Understanding the part-time researcher experience

Global mobility management with route optimization in cellular networks

What do researchers do? Career profiles of doctoral graduates

Understanding advancement

Mangement control systems and management accounting varieties: in search of prevalent practices and superior performance in Greek firms

Making a little difference for early childhood studies students

Student beliefs and attitudes about authorial identity in academic writing

Enhancing professional self-esteem: learners’ journeys on a distance-learning Doctorate in Education (EdD)

Efficient and scalable search on scale-free P2P networks

Modelling and simulation of network enabled capability on service-oriented architecture

Distance coding and performance of the mark 5 and st350 SoundField microphones and their suitability for Ambisonic reproduction.

Looking beyond the visible: contesting environmental agendas for Mumbai slums

A linear piezo-electric ultrasonic motor using a single flexural vibrating bar for electro-discharge system industrial applications

Academic freedom and the diminished subject

Internal representations, external representations and ergonomics: towards a theoretical integration

The Observatory’ Issue One ‘BEIGE’

Gardens and gardening

A cosmopolitan ethos within a global Law curriculum: comparative law as its promoter

The idea of legal convergence and international economic law

Investigations of the lactate minimum test.

Contexts, identities and consumption: Britain 1688-1815

Ricoeur and the hermeneutics of suspicion

NHS values of data management

Realtime execution of automated plans using evolutionary robotics

Trust-Based countermeasures for securing OLSR protocol

Changing the subject: the educational implications of developing emotional well‐being

'Me cae que no me entiendes': multi-language text in the Mexican Onda

The emotional contents of the ‘space’ in spatial music

How do young people (in the region) form their views on future learning and career options?

Personalising your learning.

Body image: instrument or ornament?

How to deliver an effective senior exercise class

Negations in syllogistic reasoning: Evidence for a heuristic–analytic conflict

The intensity of pre- and post-copulatory mate guarding in relation to spermatophore transfer in the cricket Gryllus bimaculatus

Free amino acids as phagostimulants in cricket nuptial gifts: support for the 'Candymaker' hypothesis

Barack Obama: changing American criminal justice?

Job dissatisfaction among retail employees: a study of three leading UK retailers

From equal opportunities to diversity management

Concept borrowing to facilitate a multi-disciplinary approach to the theoretical development of talent management - the case of employer branding

The role of gender in service quality: a study in health and beauty retail

HRIS project teams skills and knowledge: a human capital analysis

Designing embedded systems with PIC microcontrollers: Principles and applications (2nd Edition)

An assessment of the relative influence of pain coping, negative thoughts about pain, and pain acceptance on health-related quality of life among people with hemophilia

Modes of spectating

Altered states

Directors and designers

Effective management of supply chain risk and performance

Risk management in the digital economy

The influence of vibration time and sand type on the compressive strength of sandcrete hollow blocks

Automonic dysfunction measured by baroreflex sensitivity is markedly abnormal in stable cirrhosis despite minimal systemic haemodynamic changes

Validation of the HADRIAN system using an ATM evaluation case study

A design ergonomics approach to accessibility and user needs in transport

Virtual task simulation for inclusive design.

The HADRIAN approach to accessible transport.

Tissue advanced glycation endproducts in two populations associated with increased oxidative stress: Normal in cirrhosis but elevated in haemodialysis patients

Automonic dysfunction measured by baroreflex sensitivity is markedly abnormal in stable cirrhosis despite minimal systemic haemodynamic changes

Health and alcohol use: Educational innovations

Civil law consequences of corruption and bribery in France.

Striving and competing and its relationship to self-harm in young adults.

Development of an early memories of warmth and safeness scale and its relationship to psychopathology.

An exploration of different types of positive affect in students and patients with bipolar disorder.

The dark side of competition: How competitive behaviour and striving to avoid inferiority are linked to depression, anxiety, stress and self-harm.

"I am a certain person when I am here, it is not who I am": Refugee voices within communities of change.

A conceptual framework for predicting the effects of urban environments on floras.

A global synthesis of plant extinction rates in urban areas.

Improved decision support for engine-in-the-loop experimental design optimization.

Multi-objective evolutionary—fuzzy augmented flight control for an F16 aircraft

CO2 emissions, energy usage, and output in Central America

International technology spillovers, human capital and productivity linkages: evidence from the industrial sector

The judiciary and political change in Africa: Developing transitional jurisprudence in Nigeria.

Social class