Innovative curatorial strategies – a consideration of site


Fisher, Craig 2015. Innovative curatorial strategies – a consideration of site.
AuthorsFisher, Craig

In Miniature’ continues Fisher’s ongoing practice-based enquiry into exploring innovative curatorial devices and strategies. He was invited by curator Abi Spinks to respond to the particular context of the Small Collections Room, (four antique cabinets conceived as an innovative exhibition venue by artist, Pablo Bronstein) at Nottingham Contemporary in relation to his recent curatorial project, Mrs Rick’s Cupboard (2013-ongoing), which explores site and investigates the conventions of exhibition making and curating as a medium/methodology. Fisher responded to the Small Collections Room by curating, ‘In Miniature’ an exhibition within an exhibition in the smallest cabinet in the space (the other cabinets were used by Fisher and artist Debra Swann to present their own work in an exhibition entitled ‘Stand In’, which explored their shared interests in notions of representation). Under the curatorial umbrella of Mrs Rick’s Cupboard, ‘In Miniature’ brought together the work of nine artists to consider the particular confines of the chosen cabinet (the smallest) by asking each artist to make and present a work that was in some way a model, copy, or similar representation of their practice but on a smaller scale. Participating artists included Roy Brown, Louisa Chambers, Laura McCafferty, David Ersser, Lynn Fulton, Kit Poulson, Derek Sprawson, Emma Talbot and Paul Westcombe. Fisher currently invites 4 artists each year (artists such as Sean Edwards and Emily Speed, both 2014) who are at all stages of their career to respond to, make work and exhibit within an unconventional exhibition space, Mrs Rick’s Cupboard, a walk-in cupboard in the corner of his studio at Primary, Nottingham.

Keywordspractice-based enquiry, innovation, curation, exhibition making
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