Maximising the Value of Career Development for Sustainable Growth ‌and Social Equality: England Country Paper. Fourth International Symposium on Career Development and Public Policy

Youth Policy: Careers Summit

Pride and Prejudice: How do they matter to career development?

The spatial distribution and temporal dynamics of brain regions activated during the perception of object and non-object patterns

360 Degree personnel performance appraisal using the MADM models and presenting a model for overall ranking

Personnel Performance Appraisal Using the MADM Models in Group

Experiential learning and journalism education: Lessons learned in the practice of teaching journalism

Perceived maternal parenting self-efficacy (PMP S-E) tool: development and validation with mothers of hospitalized preterm neonates.

Internet based intelligent supplier selection and evaluation system

The origin and importance of A12Si0s - bearing quartz veins in metamorphic rocks with particular reference to the Amphibolite Facies

Evolved mechanisms in adolescent anxiety and depression symptoms: The role of the attachment and social rank systems

'Towards retreat': modernism, craftsmanship and spirituality in the work of Geoffrey Clarke

Inspection-time analysis of syllogistic reasoning processes

Stakeholder involvement in urban tourism development: A tale of two cities

Colour difference evaluation in different media

R v Hendy: intoxication and diminished responsibility

Invisible boundaries:a photographic archive

Visions, Dreams and Reality: The limited possibilities for level 1 post-16 students

Relevance and rationalisation in the Wason selection task

The metamorphosis of a place: Photographing the process of change : from hat factory to industrial museum, Empresa Industrial de Chapelaria - Museu da Indústria de Chapelaria, S. João da Madeira, Portugal

Public sector business collaborating: a social constructionist perspective.

Managing peer-to-peer networks with human tactics in social interactions

Fault-tolerant peer-to-peer search on small-world networks

An investigation into the effects of hypnosis on basketball performance

Developing students' information and research skills via Blackboard

An objective examination of consumer perception of nutrition information based on healthiness ratings and eye movements

Pragmatic aspects of communication and language comprehension in groups of children differentiated by teacher ratings of inattention and hyperactivity

The generation of panning laws for irregular speaker arrays using heuristic methods

Relationship between VO(2max) and repeated sprint ability using non-motorised treadmill ergometry.

Inspiratory muscle training improves cycling time-trial performance and anaerobic work capacity but not critical power.

Transitory literature or 'Brave New Text'? a comparative analysis of José Agustín's work

Concepts of perceptual significance for composition and reproduction of explorable sound fields

Composing and Capturing 3-D Soundscapes

Plato's Ambisonic Garden

Composing and capturing 3-D soundscapes

Effective transitions for Year 8 students

FengShui – a systematic research of vernacular sustainable development In Ancient China and its lessons for future

All that Glisters is not Gold: Sensory Bias, Sexual Conflict and Nuptial Feeding in Insects and Spiders

Comparative evidence for a cost to males of manipulating females in bushcrickets

Spatio-genetic population structure in mustached tamarins,Saguinus mystax

Long-term patterns of sleeping site use in wild saddleback (Saguinus fuscicollis) and moustached tamarins (S. mystax): effects of foraging, thermoregulation, predation, and resource defense constraints

Grooming relationships between breeding females and adult group members in cooperatively breeding moustached tamarins (Saguinus mystax)

Research note: Developing ethnographic research on probation

Maximising women's potential in the UK's retail sector

Talent management: the executive view

Female career progression in retailing

Talent: strategy, management, measurement

Attracting talent: the employer branding dimension

Employee loyalty: a study of staff commitment levels towards retailing, the retailer and the store

Job dissatisfaction among retail employees: a study of three leading UK retailers

Talent management: research on practice

Assessing the roles of the sender and experimenter in dream ESP research.

Competence-based training and assessment by portfolio: the health psychology model

An analysis of the presentation of art in the British primary school curriculum and its implications for teaching

Figural effects in a syllogistic evaluation paradigm

Supply chain risk management and performance: a guiding framework for future development

An emergent framework for supply chain risk management and performance measurement.

Women and new business creation-breaking down the risk barriers

Data Intensive and Network Aware (DIANA) grid scheduling

Dynamic model tracking design for low inertia, high speed permanent magnet ac motors

Acute renal failure in cirrhosis: Is it as bad as we think?

A perceptual approach to the composition of meaning in artificial spatial audio

Aimhigher: achieving social justice?

Development of a striving to avoid inferiority scale.

Paranoid beliefs and self-criticism in students.

Cultural differences in shame-focused attitudes towards mental health problems in Asian and Non-Asian student women.

Social rank and attachment in people with a bipolar disorder.

Financial Deepening and Economic Growth Linkages: A Panel Data Analysis

Total Factor Productivity and Monetary Policy: Evidence from Conditional Volatility

Cultural and historical geographies of the arboretum

Travails of truth: achieving justice for victims of impunity in Nigeria.

The judiciary and constitutionalism in transitions : a critique.

Assessing the roles of the sender and experimenter in dream ESP research.