Low-speed impact damage in hybrid 2D-braided composite plates

An automated approach to Semantic Web Services Mediation

Having a word with yourself: Neural correlates of self-criticism and self-reassurance

Different criteria by Using Engineering Economy techniques For Best Project Selection in one of the sector of telecommunication in Iran

Using Topsis Method with Goal Programming for Best Selection of Strategic Plans in BSC Model

Ranking of strategic plans in balanced scorecard by using Electre method

Singing for children and adults with cystic fibrosis

Singing for young people

Singing for children and adults with bronchiectasis

Educational technology in learning and teaching: The perceptions and experiences of teaching staff

The emperor's new clothes: Globalisation and e-learning in higher education

From "we" to "me": The changing construction of popular tabloid journalism

Teaching for Inclusion: pedagogies for the 'sector of the second chance'

Being informed: the complexities of knowledge, deception and consent when transmitting HIV

Transgressing boundaries: Gender, identity, culture, and 'other' in postcolonial women's narratives in Africa

Careers work in the blogosphere: can careers blogging widen access to career support?

Enhancing choice? The role of technology in the career support market

The use of Web 2.0 technologies in developing and enhancing students' critical thinking skills in higher education

Mitigating the risk of buffer overflow attacks against forked daemon servers using network intrusion detection systems

From Modernism and under the Fascist flag of Italian Nation to Post-modernist urban sprawl

Introduction: Hard times? Building and sustaining research capacity in UK universities

Cultural influence on the behaviour, attitude, and perception of mainland Chinese tourists in China: An e-commerce perspective

An online intelligent system for teaching engineering design technologies

Female perception of the annulment of marriage in the Catholic Church

Presentation: From Modernism and under the Fascist flag of Italian Nation to Post-modernist urban sprawl: the emergence and the power of the architectural Schools in Italy

Recruiting researchers: Survey of employer practice 2009

a place of their own

Online research methods for mental health

Presumed consent in organ donation: is the duty finally upon us?

Rational rejection? the ethical complications of assessing organ transplant candidates in the UK and the USA

A mixed methods investigation of parental and grandparental perceptions relating to causality, treatment and support for families of a child with a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD); with a focus upon birthmother and maternal grandmother dyads

Presentation:Reformation places and the use of senses in their design: seclusion spaces and heightened sensory awareness

Smoke and Mirrors: Opportunity and Aspiration in 14-19 Education

Opportunity and Aspiration, or the Great Deception? The Case of 14-19 Vocational Education

Image synthesis of virtual environment construction for real time internet based e-learning

A lonely place to be: Children's experiences of living with a parent who is dying

Researchers, fixed-term contracts and universities: Understanding the law in context

Then there were three - 'The show must go on'.

Peer interactions and their benefits during occupational therapy practice placement education.

A workforce development strategy for the Adult Career Information, Advice and Guidance workforce in England

‘Don’t Talk into my Talk’:oral narratives, cultural identity & popular performance in Colonial Uganda

Evaluation of an intervention to help students avoid unintentional plagiarism by improving their authorial identity

Arts university student mentors and gallery peer leaders: partnerships for learning

How might inclusive approaches to assessment enhance student learning in HE?

Dynamic authentication for cross-realm SOA-based business processes

Dynamic service integration for reliable and sustainable capability provision

Educating digital forensic investigators at Newport

Modelling of a self-led critical friend topology in inter-cooperative grid communities

The Eag potassium channel as a new prognostic marker in ovarian cancer.

The psychosocial impact of food allergy and food hypersensitivity in children, adolescents and their families: a review

‘Can I play with madness?'.The psychopathy of Evil, leadership, and political mis-management.

A hybrid virtual bass system for optimized steady-state and transient performance

Conflict, identity and the role of the internet: the use of the internet by the Serbian intelligentsia in the 1999 conflict over Kosovo

The media, ethnicity and religion as determinants of failed republics in Nigeria

Microcell-mediated chromosome transfer identifies EPB41L3 as a functional suppressor of epithelial ovarian cancers.

Is there an information literacy skills gap to be bridged? An examination of faculty perceptions and activities relating to information literacy in the United States and England.

The Observatory’ Issue Two ‘VERMILION’

Flirting with space: journeys and creativity

Creativity, space and performance

Thanatourism and the commodification of space in post-war Croatia and Bosnia

Sound Fountain

Chaturman Rai: fotografo contadino dell'Himalaya

Nomadi dell’invisibile: l’autosacrificio rituale del chöd nel Bön tibetano

Amongst Barbarian: Ovid, the Classics and creative writing

Challenging the PhD: managing the alignment of an EdD programme alongside a traditional PhD pathway.

Influence of hydration volume and ambient temperature on physiological responses while wearing CBRN protective clothing.

Loading of trained inspiratory muscles speeds lactate recovery kinetics.

Ricoeur's translation model as a mutual labour of understanding

Habitat suitability, corridors and dispersal barriers for large carnivores in Poland

Analysis and simulation of automotive interleaved Buck Converter

Submerged landscapes: a pinhole photographic tale

Interregnum (Interreign)

Kathmandu: leçons des ténèbres (Kathmandu: lessons of darkness)

‘Hungarian writers in transition to democracy: Budapest diary December 1990’

Poland translated: post-Communist writing in Poland: a survey

Under my (editorial) thumb: hegemonic masculinity and text ownership in the works of the Mexican Onda

Multiscale modelling of fluid and solute transport in soft tissues and microvessels

Prostate cancer: how assessment of QoL can improve delivery of care

Pecking Order

Bonfire of the inanities

Adding variety to your learning activities.

Google scholar and e-journals.

Team based review and reflection.

Larger testes are associated with a higher level of polyandry, but a smaller ejaculate volume, across bushcricket species (Tettigoniidae)

Does the risk of reprisal prevent nurses blowing the whistle on bad practice?

Will graduate entry free nursing from the shackles of class and gender oppression?

Accessible Tourism Stakeholder Analysis

Technology Platforms and Challenges

Rejuvenating UDEL

On transition process in separated-reattached flows

It's marketing... but not as we know it: a qualitative study of marketing in SMEs

Marketing care: a healthy challenge? Case study

Marketing women: a sector experience

Exploring the relationship between corporate, internal and employer branding

Aligning teaching and practice: a qualitative study of marketing in SMEs

The role of visible diversity in retail service quality

Developing a framework for Libyan abherrant consumer behaviour

Can I help you? Exploring service quality in a health and beauty retailer

Talent management and the HRIS specialist: a narrative analysis

Aligning talent management with approaches to equality and diversity: challenges for UK public sector managers

Exploring the relationship between corporate branding, internal branding and employer branding: an empirical study

Complementary iInequalities involving the Stolarsky Mean

From dialectics to dancing: Reading, writing and the experience of the everyday life in the diaries of Frank P. Forster

Drawings as memory aids: optimising the drawing method to facilitate young children’s recall

Theoretical perspectives in purchasing and supply chain management: an analysis of the literature

The effect of bacterially-dense environments on the development and immune defences of the blowfly Lucilia sericata

An assessment of the antibacterial activity in larval excretion/secretion of four species of insects recorded in association with corpses, using Lucilia sericata Meigen as the marker species

The antibacterial potency of the medicinal maggot, Lucilia sericata (Meigen): Variation in laboratory evaluation

P16 Non-invasive detection of oesophageal varices: comparison of non-invasive assessment of systemic haemodynamics with laboratory parameters and predictive scores

International Review of Performance Management Systems in Public Employment Services

Early effects of the economic downturn on the Welfare to Work System in deprived areas (WP83)

Jobcentre Plus Jobseeker's Allowance off-flow rates: Key Management Indicator Post-Implementation Review

Real-time simulation and control systems design by the Response Surface Methodology and designed experiments

HADRIAN: a virtual approach to design for all.

Validation of the HADRIAN system using an ATM evaluation case study

Development and evaluation of task based digital human modeling for inclusive design

Internal combustion engine control for series hybrid electric vehicles by parallel and distributed genetic programming/multiobjective genetic algorithms

An investigation into the effects of clinical facilitator nurses on medical wards

Evaluating local implementation: An evidence based approach.

Methods of resistance estimation in permanent magnet synchronous motors for real-time thermal management.

Alcohol-use disorders: prevention.

Narcissism, social anxiety and self-presentation in exercise.

Self-confidence and performance: A little self-doubt helps.

Achieving "transparency, consistency and fairness" in English HE admissions: progress since Schwartz?

Reported school experiences of young people living with sickle cell disorder in England.

Disclosure and sickle cell disorder: a mixed methods study of the young person with sickle cell at school.

Self-harm in a mixed clinical population: The roles of self-criticism, shame, and social rank.

Disturbance affects spatial patterning and stand structure of a tropical rainforest tree.

Comparison of two novel MRAS based strategies for identifying parameters in permanent magnet synchronous motors.

An examination of Okun's law: evidence from regional areas in Greece

Old Wine in a New Bottle: Growth Convergence Dynamics in the EU

The relationship between corruption and income inequality in U.S. states: evidence from a panel cointegration and error correction model

Structural breaks and petroleum consumption in US states: Are shocks transitory or permanent?

Enlightenment, Modernity and Science: Geographies of Scientific Culture and Improvement in Georgian England

Coal consumption and economic growth: Evidence from a panel of OECD countries


On the causal dynamics between emissions, nuclear energy, renewable energy, and economic growth

Testing Purchasing Power Parity: results from a new foreign exchange market

Food price volatility and macroeconomic factor volatility: 'heat waves' or 'meteor showers'?

Renewable energy consumption and economic growth: Evidence from a panel of OECD countries

The emissions, energy consumption, and growth nexus: Evidence from the commonwealth of independent states

Are shocks to natural gas consumption temporary or permanent? Evidence from a panel of U.S. states

An investigation into some measures of manufacturing performance - Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Process Capability (PC), OEE+ and ORE

Evidence for extrasensory perception in dream content: A review of experimental studies.

Apparitions of Black Dogs.

The clash of civilisations thesis and religious responses

What changes in the transition to learning at university?