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Breastfeeding Experiences of Women Who have Survived Intimate Partner Violence

Hearing you loud and clear: student perspectives of audio feedback in higher education

Using Linked Data to Annotate and Search Educational Video Resources for Supporting Distance Learning

The Green Line: Greek Cypriot Women Artists’ Politicised Practices, Lia Lapithi and Marianna Christofides

A review on major business excellence frameworks

A decision model for selecting of strategic plans in Balanced Scorecard model: A case study for a manufacturing firm

Dancing Narratives: moving towards a dance-writing ecology

Singing Therapy for Young People With Cystic Fibrosis: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study

From ‘We’ to ‘Me’: The changing construction of popular tabloid journalism

The Orrery/The Orrery: between image and object

Investigating an intelligent concept design tool for automotive car body design

An exploration of compassion and eating disorders: a mixed methods approach

Degrees of virtue: inculcating a professional academic habitus in the field of post 1992 higher education

On the threshold of the audible and the visible: artists' time-based experiments to disclose discrete phenomena and traces of lived experience in resonant spaces

Progression in Kent: schools taking charge

Careers 2020: options for future careers work in English schools.

Developing a theory of psychopathological perfectionism within a cognitive behavioural framework .

Sexual harassment in higher education: a feminist poststructuralist approach

The impact of organizational learning and leadership style on managerial innovation; on the perspective of cultural diversity: a study of the Qatari Ministry of Interior

Lessons learned: knowledge management and tourism development

Dot-base62x: building a compact and user-friendly text representation scheme of ipv6 addresses for cloud computing

Tom, Ollie and Emily: Reflections on inclusion as an exclusive experience

Strange days: might as well face it you're addicted

Developing business. developing careers: how and why employers are supporting the career development of their employees.

Finding common ground through language and movement: examining the role of the writer in Rosemary Lee’s The Suchness of Heni and Eddie

Longing for the light: darkness, dislocation and spaces of exile

I am here to learn biology, not 'personal development': testing the blueprint for Careers

Supporting STEM students into STEM careers: A practical introduction for academics

Self build design and construction processes and the future of sustainable design education

Biourbanism for a healthy city: biophilia and sustainable urban theories and practices

Teaching in higher education: working without a map

Tackling unemployment, supporting business and developing careers

Tourism to religious sites, case studies from Hungary and England: exploring paradoxical views on tourism, commodification and cost–benefits

Assessment of higher level practice in nursing: an exploration of the support required by practice assessors

Social control in practice: the impact of learning employability skills

An experiment in blended career development: the University of Derby’s social media internship programme

‘Queering’ the speaking subject in Sarah Waters’s The Little Stranger

Nurse to educator? academic roles and the formation of personal academic identities

An investigation into the relationship between early maladaptive schemas and myalgic encephalomyalitis/ chronic fatigue syndrome

Analysis, modeling and wide-area spatiotemporal control of low-frequency sound reproduction

Doing it the best way that we can : men's and women's experiences during the early stages of IVF: an interpretative phenomenological analysis

Youth mentoring across professional settings: a pedagogic approach to social inclusion

Further evidence of reliability and validity of the Huntington’s disease quality of life battery for carers: Italian and French translations

No Change There Then: Perceptions of vocational education in a coalition era

Course notes: Criminal Law

Who Are We, Where Do We Come From, Where Are We Going To? Greek Cypriot Women Artists in Contemporary Cyprus

Microsatellites for microbiologists

Talking about career: the language used by and with young people to discuss life, learning and work

Qualitative Research in Education

Complexity and biourbanism: thermodynamical architectural and urban models integrated in modern geographic mapping

An assessment of excellence in formulating strategic plan: a case study of Dubai government's strategic plan United Arab Emirates

Innovative assessment practice - evaluating and managing the impact on student experience

The effect of a client-centered approach on flow states and the performance of three elite golfers

Early gamma-band activity as a function of threat processing in the extrastriate visual cortex

Spa tourism

An exploration of the processing of compassionate and critical faces

Tourist behaviour during and after times of crisis: an investigation into tourists' perceptions, attitudes, reactions and responses

Preceptorship programmes in the UK: A systematic literature review

How the internet changed career: framing the relationship between career development and online technologies

An evolutionary computation approach for optimizing connectivity in disaster response scenarios

Comparing apples with apples : segmenting sub-Saharan Africa by affluence, expressed as a measure of living standard; a market segmentation study

Contextualised approaches to widening participation: a comparative case study of two UK universities

Exploring the legal framework for ‘criminality information sharing’ in England and Wales: working Paper

CyberGuarder: a virtualization security assurance architecture for green cloud computing

Adaptive service discovery on service-oriented and spontaneous sensor systems

The Cochran–Weiss–Shanteau performance index as an indicator of upper limb risk assessment expertise

Investigation of manual handling training practices in organisations and beliefs regarding effectiveness

Exploring the knowledge, skills, abilities and other factors of ergonomics advisors

Optimizing K2 trees: a case for validating the maturity of network of practices

Analysing men's written friendship narratives

Mapping the components of the telephone conference: an analysis of tutorial talk at a distance learning institution

An exploration of the experience of mental health service users when they decide they would like to change or withdraw from prescribed medications

The efficacy of psychologically based interventions to improve anxiety, depression and quality of life in COPD: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Energy performance assessment of virtualization technologies using small environmental monitoring sensors

Impact of peanut allergy on quality of life, stress and anxiety in the family

Enhancing online climate change education: distance and conventional university collaboration for a Master's curriculum

The lived experience of climate change: creating open educational resources and virtual mobility for an innovative, integrative and competence-based track at Masters level

Field geographies

Development management as reflective practice

Disrupting the 'whiteness' of fieldwork in geography

Special issue: from disciplinarity to interdisciplinarity and beyond in higher education on climate change

Sound, space, image and music: hybridity in creative process through technology, interactivity and collaboration

Practical applications of chameleon subwoofer arrays

New Media and the Arab Spring of 2011

Career-related learning and science education: the changing landscape

From story to film: <i>Brokeback Mountain</i>’s “in-between” Spaces

Who are you today? Profiling the ID theft fraudster

Enthusiasm Trust and Community Space Challenge: impact evaluation

The mental skills of golf champions

Children of divorce: effects of adult replacements on previous offspring in Argentinean owl monkeys

Education for innovation: exploring the place of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in Higher Education

Low-frequency temporal accuracy of small-room sound reproduction

Towards a generalized theory of low-frequency sound source localization

An investigation into the influence of cultural background on the mathematics achievement of international engineering students

Landscape, land and identity: a performative consideration

Interactive sound fountains, solo pool, sound inventory

Sound Fountains

Kathmandu: lezioni di tenebre

Demons of dust and Gods of boiled rice: Shamanism and ephemeral ritual art in the Himalayas

Quantitative mapping of alluvial fan evolution using ground-based reflectance spectroscopy

Post crisis tourism: attitudes and perceptions of the risk society traveller

This Time and Now: identity & belonging in the Irish Diaspora: the Irish in Britain and second generational silence

Outcomes of a research project to identify the enablers and barriers to effective preceptorship for newly qualified nurses

Muslim women in Britain: demystifying the Muslimah

Evaluation of a framework for measuring efficency in opportunistic ad-hoc networks

Young white British men and knife-carrying in public

Learning from experience leading to engagement: for a Europe of religion and belief diversity

Directing and requesting: two interactive uses of the mental state terms want and need

Arabic language and Islamic Studies: who studies Arabic and how can these skills be used at university and beyond?

How to build bridges between universities and Muslim colleges in Britain with partnerships and curricula

'The enigmatic but unique nature of the Israeli legal system'

Inspiratory muscle training abolishes the blood lactate increase associated with volitional hyperpnoea superimposed on exercise and accelerates lactate and oxygen uptake kinetics at the onset of exercise.

Respiratory-related limitations in physically demanding occupations.

Land matters

Modelling and simulation of a quad-rotor helicopter

Can flow state enhance learning on culinary arts programmes?

Nutritional benefits of local meat produce

Jan Kochanowski: Polish poet

Submerged landscapes: aesthetics of visual primitivism

Dynamic transformation of vestibular signals for orientation

Galvanic vestibular stimulation produces sensations of rotation consistent with activation of semicircular canal afferents

Postural reorientation does not cause the locomotor after-effect following rotary locomotion

Assessing grey squirrel dispersal patterns within the landscape using sequence variation

A hypothetico-deductive approach to assessing the social function of chemical signalling in a non-territorial solitary carnivore

Performance simulation of a context provisioning middleware based on empirical measurements

Changing place: palm oil and sense of place in Borneo

Glueing grids and clouds together: a service-oriented approach

Nothing but the Truth, take two: fighting for the reader in the Tlatelolco 1968 discourse

Inert gas clearance from tissue by co-currently and counter-currently arranged microvessels

Left atrial wall stress distribution and its relationship to electrophysiologic remodeling in persistent atrial fibrillation

What is online research?: using the Internet for Social Science research

Care and compassion at the end of life

Composing space: the ecology of artificial auditory environments

Career ambitions of teenage mothers: customer insight research

Using flashcards to support your learning.

Using research papers: citations, referencing and plagiarism.

Learning journal and portfolio tools

Developing and sharing your CPD portfolio.

From Lampitt to libraries: formulating state standards to embed information literacy across colleges

Application of shape grammar theory to underground rail station design and passenger evacuation

Feature Selection in the Corrected KDD-dataset

Improved number plate character segmentation algorithm and its efficient FPGA implementation

Competing realities, diverse needs : an inter-disciplinary approach to religious engagement with HIV prevention and care

Neoliberalism, prisons and probation in the USA and England and Wales

Privatising criminal justice: a step too far?

Numerical study of radiation and temperature phenomena for improved super-plastic sheet metal forming

Modelling hot (metal) sheet forming with cold tooling

The US incarceration machine

When Dads Help: Male Behavioral Care During Primate Infant Development

The behavior, ecology, and social evolution of New World monkey

Heating apparathus and method

'I'm not X, I just want Y': formulating 'wants' in interaction

Directing and requesting: two interactive uses of the mental state terms want and need

Real-time thermal management of permanent magnet synchronous motors by resistance estimation

Multiple interpretations of child art–the importance of context and perspective.

Manifest destiny, violence and transcendence – an artist’s statement

A numerical study of active flow control for low pressure turbine blades

A CFD study of twin Impinging jets in a cross-flow

CFD study of effusion cooling

Assessment of URANS approach for predicting twin impinging jets in a cross-flow

Numerical study of transition process in a separated boundary layer on a flat plate with two different leading edges

Understanding the key drivers of and technology related issues associated with going multi-channel

Marketing women: a sector experience

Promoting interactive learning: A classroom exercise to explore foraging strategies

Perceptions of the paranormal.

Tibet in the Western Imagination

A poetics of imagineering: scene to screen, designing for edutainment and entertainment

Entrepreneurship for the creative and media arts

Regional resilience in recessionary times: a case study of the East Midlands

Towards noninvasive detection of oesophageal varices

Case study — primary sclerosing cholangitis

Culture in sustainable infrastructure: the polycentric cultural framework model

Impact of vibration time on compressive strength of hardened sandcrete building blocks

Evaluation of the Performance Management Framework for Jobcentre Plus

Performance Management in Public Employment Services

The structural contradictions and constraints on corporate social responsibility: Challenges for corporate social irresponsibility

The political economy of competitiveness and social mobility

Blinded by spectacle: Disregard for human labour in a landscape of Joseph Wright of Derby, and a painter's response following modernism

Supporting older and disabled people’s needs in product, environment and service design

Transport planning guidelines for vulnerable road user safety in emerging economies.

Activities of daily life still cause problems for many older and physically impaired people.

An evaluation of the impact of introducing compassion focused therapy to a standard treatment programme for people with eating disorders

Behavior displayed by female victims during rapes committed by lone and multiple perpetrators.

Curriculum-based library assessment at De Montfort University

The effect of shame and shame memories on paranoid ideation and social anxiety.

The influence of criminal history on the likelihood of committing lethal versus nonlethal violence.


Corruption and firm performance: Evidence from Greek firms.

School ethos and variation in health experience of young people with sickle cell disorder at school.

An exploration of group-based compassion focused therapy for a heterogeneous range of clients presenting to a community mental health team.

The relationship between self-concealment and disclosure, early experiences, attachement, and social comparison.

In the dead of the night.

Context-aware service utilisation in the clouds and energy conservation.

Defining contributions: inspiration driving original research.

The potentiality of encounters: a response to Lisa Baraitser’s maternal encounters.

In conversation: Mary Kelly speaks to Paula McCloskey.

‘I don’t make out how important it is or anything’: identity and identity formation by part-time higher education students in an English further education college.

InDialogue 2012 Symposium. Panel: Performing Dialogue

The domestic Balassa–Samuelson effect of inflation for the Greek economy

Do market fundamentals determine the Dollar–Euro exchange rate?

Tax‐spend nexus in Greece: are there asymmetries?

Convergence in U.S. house prices by state: evidence from the club convergence and clustering procedure

Live free or bribe: On the causal dynamics between economic freedom and corruption in U.S. states

Avian influenza infections in non-migratant land birds in Andean Peru

Yaoundé-like virus in resident wild bird, Ghana

Kinetic modelling of synaptic functions in the alpha rhythm neural mass model

'High value' migration and complicity in underdevelopment and corruption in the global south : receiving from the attic.

Caenorhabditis elegans, a model organism for investigating immunity.

A poetics of graphic design?

A reexamination of nonintentional precognition with openness to experience, creativity, psi beliefs, and luck beliefs as predictors of success.

A web survey of the content, sensory modalities and interpretation of hypnagogic and hypnopompic experiences.

Controversies as a lens on change

Religion and belief, discrimination and equality in England and wales religion and belief, discrimination and equality in England and Wales: interim findings and emergent themes

Religion and belief, discrimination and equality in England and wales religion and belief, discrimination and equality in England and Wales: interim findings and emergent themes

Pain coping and acceptance as longitudinal predictors of health-related quality of life among people with haemophilia-related joint pain

Development of a novel 5kW/42V intelligent converter for automotive applications