Decisions about weight management: a synthesis of qualitative studies of obesity

Assessment System Based on Fuzzy Scoring In European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM): Business Excellence Model

A decision model for selecting of Areas for Improvement in EFQM model

The best selection of strategic plans in balanced scorecard using multi-objective decision making model

Nomadic Narratives, Visual Forces: Gwen John’s Letters and Paintings (review)

Writing Practice, Practising Writing

The diabetes drug liraglutide prevents degenerative processes in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease

Careers work with young people: collapse or transition? An analysis of current developments in careers education and guidance for young people in England

Practical Matters: What young people think about vocational education in England

Entrepreneurship and UK doctoral graduates

Disciplinary understandings of anorexia nervosa: art therapy and psychiatric research from a feminist perspective

Reformation places and the use of senses in their design: Seclusion spaces and heightened sensory awareness/responsiveness

Maintaining purity: death, dying and disposal with reference to the Muslim 'community' in Derby

An exploration of Islamic studies curriculum models in Muslim secondary schools in England

Does the US do it better? A comparative analysis of liver allocation protocols in the United Kingdom and the United States

Temporal processing of emotional stimuli: The capture and release of attention by angry faces

A Guide to Instrumentalism: Initial teacher education in the lifelong learning sector

A cluster based incentive mechanism for P2P systems

‘All the burden on all the carers’: exploring quality of life with family caregivers of Huntington’s disease patients

A careers adviser? so what do you do exactly?

Religion and belief in Higher Education: the experiences of staff and students

Imaging the city: modernity, capitalism and the making of modern Athens

Building a future or rehearsing impossible dreams? The reality of undertaking Level 1 vocational programmes post-16

Reading comprehension skills amongst undergraduate EFL students in Libya: the development and evaluation of an innovative critical reading programme

Legal skills

Teaching 14-19 Learners in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Fostering college and career readiness: how career development activities in schools impact on graduation rates and students' life success

Social media: a guide for researchers

Linking different types of crime using geographical and temporal proximity

Alternative schooling

The sunshine soundtrack as aural attraction

Gathering career wisdom from Facebook and other social media

What can careers workers learn from the study of narrative?

Study Bugs do a poster presentation

Consultancy project for NACRO Osmaston Family Project: Final report

An exploration of tourism development theory and potential educational responses in Eastern Libya

The articulation of cultural tourism in Sardinia: A comparative study of La Cavalcata Sarda and Tiscali

Market entry mode of higher education internationalization: a case study of a post-1992 university

More questions than answers: the role of practitioner research in professional practice.

An exploration of students entrepreneurial experiences pursuing start-up intentions at university

When logic and belief collide: Individual differences in reasoning times support a selective processing model

Television dramas as memory screens

The secret world of liver transplant candidate assessment

A fair trial? The assessment of liver transplant candidates with psychiatric illnesses

3Fold - Tour

Building a progression culture: exploring learning organisations’ use of the Progression Matrix

The compass of possibilities: re-mapping the suburbs of Los Angeles in the writings of D.J. Waldie

Journalism and free speech

Randomized trial of a DVD intervention to improve readiness to self-manage joint pain

Dyslexia, authorial identity, and approaches to learning and writing: a mixed methods study

New lecturers' beliefs about learning, teaching and assessment in higher education: the role of the PGCLTHE programme

Development and evaluation of an intervention to improve further education students' understanding of higher education assessment criteria: three studies

Addressing religious discrimination and Islamophobia: Muslims and liberal democracies, the case of the United Kingdom

The impact of a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education on university lecturers appointed for their professional expertise at a teaching-led university: 'It's made me braver'.

Enhancing design learning through partnerships: the case of Joinedupdesign for Academies

STEM subjects and jobs: a longitudinal perspective of attitudes among Key Stage 3 students, 2008 - 2010

All things being equal?: equality and diversity in Careers education, information, advice and guidance

Partnership, capital formation and equality and diversity: learning from five case studies

Careering through the Web: the potential of Web 2.0 and 3.0 technologies for career development and career support services

Privacy as personal resistance: exploring legal narratology and the need for a legal architecture for personal privacy rights

HiTrust: building cross-organizational trust relationship based on a hybrid negotiation tree

CyberLiveApp: a secure sharing and migration approach for live virtual desktop applications in a cloud environment

Distributed service integration for disaster monitoring sensor systems

Digital continuity: record classification and retention on shared drives and email vaults

An exploratory social network analysis of academic research networks

The role of Eag and HERG channels in cell proliferation and apoptotic cell death in SK-OV-3 ovarian cancer cell line.

Situation-specific cognitive behavioural self-therapy for erroneously suspected allergy or intolerance to a food. A short self-assessment tool

‘In confidence: Thai economic virility, internal angst, and The Market: so, what’s next then?’

A micro investigation into electro discharge machining industrial applications processing parameters and product surface profile using Piezoelectric ultrasonic feed drive

Wide-area psychoacoustic correction for problematic room-modes using nonlinear bass synthesis

Individualized low-frequency response manipulation for multiple listeners using chameleon subwoofer arrays

Kick-Drum signal acquisition, isolation and reinforcement optimization in live sound

Visualization and analysis tools for low-frequency propagation in a generalized 3D acoustic space

Chameleon subwoofer arrays in live sound

A synthesis of the role of media reports and elections in Nigerian democracy

Executive coaching

An assessment into the effectiveness of banana tissue culture intervention schemes at improving the livelihoods of small-scale agriculturalists, particularly for women producing bananas in the Lake Victoria region of Uganda

The Observatory’ Issue Three ‘TANGERINE’

"An assemblage of habits": D. J. Waldie and Neil Campbell—a suburban conversation

Interactive sound fountains

Can we work together and still be friends?

Lo zoo delle donne giraffe: un viaggio tra i Kayan nella Tailandia del nord

L'uomo che dialogava con il coyote: una breve incursione sul tema «Joseph Beuys e sciamanesimo»

Identifying the task characteristics that predict children's construction task performance

'Marginalisation or an opportunity for dialogue: exploring the Hijab as a discursive symbol of the identity of young Muslim women

‘Unveiling Orientalism in reverse’

Measuring efficiency in opportunistic ad hoc networks

Multipath optimized link state routing for mobile ad hoc networks

Growth and development in wild Owl Monkeys (Aotus azarai) of Argentina

Health, fitness, and responses to military training of officer cadets in a Gulf Cooperation Council country.

Analyses of least cost paths for determining effects of habitat types on landscape permeability: wolves in Poland

The legalities and politics of health informatics

Psychological consumption of culinary artistry in the Peak District

Review of preventative behavioural interventions for dermal and respiratory hazards.

How can a war be holy? Weimar attitudes towards Eastern spirituality

SafeWeb: a Middleware for securing Ruby-based web applications

The effect of distressing imagery on attention to and persuasiveness of an anti-alcohol message: a gaze-tracking approach

Perceptual cartoonification in multi-spatial sound systems

Spatialization and computer music

Career learning journeys of Derby and Derbyshire NEETs

Writing up a case presentation.

The personal development planning cycle.

Ethical dimensions to reflection.

Operating theatre photography for orthopaedics and aesthetic surgery.

Body talk

The chronometrics of confirmation bias: Evidence for the inhibition of intuitive judgements

Normative benchmarks are useful for studying individual differences in reasoning

The development and part validation of a U.K. scale for mathematics anxiety

Increased copulation duration before ejaculate transfer is associated with larger spermatophores, and male genital titillators, across bushcricket taxa

The evolution of large testes: Sperm competition or male mating rate?

Are newly qualified nurses prepared for practice?

Visual processing speeds in children

User Acceptance of Social Media for Travel and Tourism

Probation in America: armed, private and unaffordable?

Operating theatre photography for orthopaedics and aesthetic surgery.

A controlled migration genetic algorithm operator for hardware-in-the-loop experimentation

Shaping children's artwork in English primary classes: insights from teacher–child interaction during art activities

'I Speak about Myself to You' – Renegotiating the Voice of Documentary through Animation Aesthetics

Manifest destiny, violence and transcendence

Large-eddy simulation of transition process in separated-reattached flows

A comparative study of separated boundary layer transition on a flat plate with a blunt/semi-circular leading edge

Does software piracy always represent consumer misbehaviour?

Exploring the relationship between corporate, internal and employer branding - an empirical study

The role of gender in service quality

Using scenarios to explore employee attitudes in retailing

Aligning teaching and practice: a study of SME marketing

Women's careers in marketing: self-employment in Europe

Employers' policies for third age employment – the case for action and the rational for reaction

The role of age and gender in the retail service encounter

Women in marketing: a European exploration

Policy development and implementation in the Bretton Woods institutions: A consideration of the legality, human right impact and effectiveness of their programmes

In defence of teacher education

Good timing: Implementing STEM careers strategy in secondary schools

EG - Eugen Gomringer in the UK , 2011 - 2012

A retailer's perspective of customer loyalty

Self-employed Irish women's entrepreneurial risk behaviour

Enabling the SME is sustainable procurement: a case study

Eco-innovation in SMEs - drivers of a holistic process of change

Risk and women's entrepreneurship: the Irish context

P35 Long-term remission is achievable in autoimmune hepatitis using Tacrolimus or Mycophenolate mofetil and results in regression of fibrosis

Culture in sustainable infrastructure

P24 Presence of impaired baroreceptor sensitivity is a poor prognostic marker in cirrhosis

Do H63D homozygote patients have clinically significant iron overload?

Non-invasive assessment and prediction of clinically significant portal hypertension

The Role of Skills from Worklessness to Sustainable Employment with Progression: International Case Study Reports

The Role of Skills from Worklessness to Sustainable Employment with Progression

Innovative guidelines and tools for vulnerable road users safety in India and Brazil

Innovative guidelines and tools for vulnerable road users safety in India and Brazil

Innovative guidelines and tools for vulnerable road users safety in India and Brazil

Age friendly kitchens: a study based on social history and ergonomics

Supporting an inclusive, sustainable approach to design and manufacture.

Innovative guidelines and tools for vulnerable road users safety in India and Brazil

Innovative guidelines and tools for vulnerable road users safety in India and Brazil

Older people's experiences of their kitchens: dishes and wishes.

Innovative guidelines and tools for vulnerable road users safety in India and Brazil

A novel genetic programming approach to the design of engine control systems for the voltage stabilization of hybrid electric vehicle generator outputs

Extending time – Extended benefits

A preliminary exploration into the prevalence of early maladaptive schemas in a group of people with myalgic encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue syndrome.

Sickle cell, habitual dys-positions and fragile dispositions: young people with sickle cell at school.

The determinants of business start-ups in tertiary education: evidence for Greece through a panel data approach.

Fears of compassion and happiness in relation to alexithymia, mindfulness, and self-criticism.

An exploration of competitiveness and caring in relation to psychopathology.

Fears of compassion: development of three self-report measures.

Effects of intranasal oxytocin on compassion focused imagery.

We will not disrupt your education.

CMS workflow execution using intelligent job scheduling and data access strategies.

The determinants of business start-ups in tertiary education: evidence for Greece through a panel data approach

Herbicides increase the vulnerability of corals to rising sea surface temperature

Political and Institutional Factors in the Convergence of International Equity Markets: Evidence from the Club Convergence and Clustering Procedure

On the dynamics of poverty and income inequality in US states

The British Arboretum: Trees, Science and Culture in the Nineteenth Century

Accounting information and excess stock returns: the role of the cost of capital – new evidence from US firm-level data

On the causal dynamics between renewable and non-renewable energy consumption and economic growth in developed and developing countries

Integration properties of disaggregated solar, geothermal and biomass energy consumption in the U.S.

'An Asseblage of Habits' : D.J. Waldie and Neil Campbell - A Suburban Conversation

Rule of law and politics of anti-corruption campaigns in a post-authoritarian state: the case of Nigeria.

A two-gene balance regulates Salmonella typhimurium tolerance in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans.

Development and evaluation of student transition writing mentoring

Respect, trust, and the management of sickle cell disease pain in hospital: comparative analysis of concern-raising behaviors, preliminary model, and agenda for international collaborative research to inform practice

A More Refined Thermal Model for a Totally Enclosed Fan-cooled Induction Motor

A practical project approach for teaching experimental power electronics