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Athletes and Experimental Pain: A systematic review and meta-analysis

The role of Kupffer cells in the hepatic response to silver nanoparticles.

Diversity of Planktonic and Attached Bacterial Communities in a Phenol-Contaminated Sandstone Aquifer

Population Status of Pan troglodytes verus in Lagoas de Cufada Natural Park, Guinea-Bissau

Socio-semantic Integration of Educational Resources - the Case of the mEducator Project

Qualitative studies of obesity: A review of methodology

Interlinking educational resources and the web of data

Measuring supply chain integration from a technology perspective using Multi-Attribute Decision Making Model

A Moderated Practice for Strategy Implementation Analysis

BSC cause and impact modelling, based on interrelationship concept

Modeling on performance drivers of project management

Development of a decision model for selecting action plans in EFQM

Assessment Approaches in Business Excellence Models: A Review and Evaluation

Case Study on Logistics Performance

Out in the Woods: the integration of writing into an environmental movement practice

Moving and Writing: a body story

In Other Words

Policy Echoes: Vocational Education and Special Educational Needs

Correction: A Novel Retro-Inverso Peptide Inhibitor Reduces Amyloid Deposition, Oxidation and Inflammation and Stimulates Neurogenesis in the APPswe/PS1ΔE9 Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease

A novel retro-inverso peptide inhibitor reduces amyloid deposition, oxidation and inflammation and stimulates neurogenesis in the APPswe/PS1ΔE9 mouse model of Alzheimer's disease

Chronic treatment with the GLP1 analogue liraglutide increases cell proliferation and differentiation into neurons in an AD mouse model

Exploring the Health Benefits of Singing for Young People with Cystic Fibrosis, Using the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health for Children and Youth (ICF-CY)

Researching 'with', not 'on': engaging marginalised learners in the research process

Higher Education outreach to widen participation: toolkits for practitioners. Partnership.

Disabled voices from the margins : experiencing inclusion as forms of exclusion

In search of critical thinking in psychology: an exploration of student and lecturer understandings in higher education

Reconfiguring the role of local cultural intermediaries in the tourist encounter

Fairy tales, landscapes and metaphor in supervision: An exploratory study.

Higher Education outreach to widen participation: toolkits for practitioners. Overview

HR strategies for researchers: a review of the HR Excellence in Research Award implementation activities across Europe

Higher Education outreach to widen participation: toolkits for practitioners. Evaluation.

The ‘Blueprint’ framework for career management skills: a critical exploration

“We all had an experience in there together”: a discursive psychological analysis of collaborative paranormal accounts by paranormal investigation Team members

Harmonious architecture and kinetic linear energy

The Inter-cloud meta-scheduling

Early evaluation of Unistats: user experiences

You anorak: the Doctor Who experience and experiencing Doctor Who

An Absence of Policy: Vocational education and special educational needs

The Fractal Urban Coherence in Biourbanism: The Factual Elements of Urban Fabric

Computational and theoretical aspects of iterated generating functions

The type 2 diabetes drug liraglutide reduces chronic inflammation induced by irradiation in the mouse brain

The kites are flying

The nature of practitioner research: critical distance, power and ethics

Building a relational capability in business service relationships: the exploration of learning needs in stages of relationship development

An investigation into formal and informal learning in outdoor adventure: a case study of a local authority adventure team

Supporting newly qualified nurses in the UK: a systematic literature review

AIA CPD Workshop to Edra44 Providence: 'Neuroergonomics and Urban Design'

From reading minds to social interaction: respecifying Theory of Mind

Exploring the turning points in researchers’ lives: using the three-scene storyboarding technique

A new paradigm for deep sustainability: biourbanism

From Marginal Learning to Marginal Employment? The Real Impact of Learning Employability Skills

Career development in Canada

Building online employability: a guide for academic departments

Worship & sightseeing: building a partnership approach to a ministry of welcome

Diseases in coral aquaculture: causes, implications and preventions

Treatment beyond treatment: exploring the effects of two complementary interventions on patient reported outcomes of gynaecological cancer

Worship & sightseeing: building a partnership approach to a ministry of welcome

An evaluation of practitioners’ views of consultancy and applied research at the University of Derby

'Identity Work’ in the context of organisational change: a Gestalt perspective

Higher Education outreach to widen participation: toolkits for practitioners. Programmes.

Velocity production in elite BMX riders: a field based study using a SRM power meter

Research on digital image watermark encryption based on hyperchaos

Presentation in Renewbuild Conference 2013 in Gazi University Ankara

Biourbanism as neuroergonomics in design

Muslim women and the hijab in Britain: contexts and choices.

Exploring determinants of entrepreneurial performance

Can aspiration kill local community? Challenges for young people and career practitioners in Sri Lanka

Solaris - Lem/Tarkovsky/Soderbergh: adaptations in space

National Careers Council, an aspirational nation: creating a culture change in careers provision; Careers England Policy Commentary 21

Predictors of painkiller dependence among people with pain in the general population

Ventilatory muscle strength, diaphragm thickness and pulmonary function in world-class powerlifters

Assessment of the microbial communities associated with white syndrome and brown jelly syndrome in aquarium corals

The effects of hypnosis on an elite senior European Golfer: a single-subject design.

Adventure tourism, meaning, experience & learning

Creating a Coaching Culture for Managers in Your Organisation

A cyclin-binding motif in human papillomavirus type 18 (HPV18) E1^E4 is necessary for association with CDK–cyclin complexes and G2/M cell cycle arrest of keratinocytes, but is not required for differentiation-dependent viral genome amplification or L1 capsid protein expression

Identification of an arginine-rich motif in human papillomavirus type 1 E1^E4 protein necessary for E4-mediated inhibition of cellular DNA Synthesis In Vitro and in Cells

'Robert Burstow talks to Clement Greenberg'

Chesterfield Art Trail

Flirting with space: thinking landscape relationally

The Who of the I: Exhibition, Public Art Work

Solo exhibition: a silence that never was. Gallery North, Newcastle, UK. February 2012.

Exhibition. Sob outro nome: Under another name.Centro De Arte de S. João Da Madeira, Portugal. July 2008

Elevage de Poussière. Oliva Arts Centre, S. João Da Madeira, Portugal 2012-13

‘A new stereophonic sound spectacular’: Shibuya-kei as transnational soundscape

Photocinema:the creative edges of photography and film

Singing Pools

‘Personal reflections on the governing of private schools: a case study’

The Nomadic sacrifice: the Chöd pilgrimage among the Bönpo of Dolpo (western Nepal)

Oxygen and carbon isotopic composition of Quaternary meteoric carbonates from western and southern Europe: their role in palaoenvironmental reconstruction

Clarifying stages of alluvial fan evolution along the Sfakian

Holy cards & bubble gum.

Exploring the psychological rewards of a familiar semirural landscape: connecting to local nature through a mindful approach

Impact of external sources of infection on the dynamics of bovine tuberculosis in modelled badger populations

Variation in the length of an undergraduate degree: participation and outcomes

Turning assault into a “harmless prank”— teenage perspectives on happy slapping

Trust-based security for the OLSR routing protocol

Dirichlet neighbours: revisiting Dirichlet tessellation for neighbourhood analysis

Quantifying individual feeding variability: implications for mollusc feeding experiments

Influence of macrofaunal assemblages and environmental heterogeneity on microphytobenthic production in experimental systems

Marine biodiversity-ecosystem functions under uncertain environmental futures

Predictable waves of sequential forest degradation and biodiversity loss spreading from an African city

Indirect effects of non-lethal predation on bivalve activity and sediment reworking

Modelling the impact of vaccination on tuberculosis in badgers.

Permeability of intertidal sandflats: impact of temporal variability on sediment metabolism

Habitat structure mediates biodiversity effects on ecosystem properties

Conservation and the botanist effect

Funding begets biodiversity

Information-enabled tourism destination marketing: addressing the accessibility market

Performance measures of net-enabled hypercompetitive industries: the case of tourism

Role of functionally dominant species in varying environmental regimes: evidence for the performance-enhancing effect of biodiversity

Bacterial biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relations are modified by environmental complexity

Impact of biodiversity-climate futures on primary production and metabolism in a model benthic estuarine system


"Visual media primitivism: toward a Poetic Ethnography’"

Shamans of the East: ritual songs of the Himalayan Kulung Shamanic Tradition

Chala Ra Dhatu: Newari percussions of the Kathmandu Valley

Gandharva: the magic sound of the Nepali Sarangi

Charya: the tantric musical tradition of the Kathmandu Valley

Ricoeur and the negation of happiness

Graphic imagery is not sufficient for increased attention to cigarette warnings: the role of text captions

Urban badger setts: characteristics, patterns of use and management implications

Till death (or an intruder) do us part: intrasexual-competition in a monogamous Primate

Global patterns of bioturbation intensity and mixed depth of marine soft sediments

How biodiversity affects ecosystem processes: implications for ecological revolutions and benthic ecosystem function

Using model systems to address the biodiversity-ecosystem functioning process

Wavelet transform applications in active filters

Impact of chronic somatoform and osteoarthritis pain on conscious and preconscious cognitive processing

The effect of cognitive load on faking interrogative suggestibility on the Gudjonsson Suggestibility Scale

Implicit alcohol-aggression scripts and alcohol-related aggression on a laboratory task in 11- to 14-year-old adolescents

Synchronized brain activity during rehearsal and short-term memory disruption by irrelevant speech is affected by recall mode

A qualitative assessment of providing quality electronically mediated feedback for students in higher education

Social pedagogy: a scoping project for Derbyshire County Council; summary report

Coffee Shop Culture - Tour

Statutory guidance for Further Education and Sixth Form Colleges : Careers England Policy Commentary 22.

Government response to Education Select Committee Report : Careers England Policy Commentary 20

Government response to Heseltine Review: Careers England Policy Commentary 19

Education Select Committee report on careers guidance for young people: Careers England policy commentary 18.

Kathmandu: eclissi delle due lune

Older people's experiences of their kitchens: 2000 to 2010

Collection of anthropometry from older and physically impaired persons: traditional methods versus TC2 3-D body scanner

Assessing the short-term outcomes of a community-based intervention for overweight and obese children: The MEND 5-7 programme

Is BMI alone a sufficient outcome to evaluate interventions for child obesity?

Kathmandu: disiecta membra

Validation of a quad-rotor helicopter matlab/simulink and solidworks models

Privacy, stigma and public protection: a socio-legal analysis of criminalty information practices in the UK

Old convictions never die, they just fade away: the permanency of convictions and cautions for criminal offences in the UK

A broad discretion to share patient information for public protection purposes: statutory powers of the NHS Commissiong Board

The Information Governance Review and the new legal framework for informatics

Disclosure of confidential patient information and the duty to consult: the role of the Health and Social Care Information Centre

'Too well-travelled', not well-formed? the reform of 'criminality information sharing' in the UK

More than Nature's colours

More than Nature's colours

Colour, health and wellbeing: the hidden qualities and properties of natural dyes

Anthropology of gastronomies

Do haemodynamic responses to mental stress tests predict future blood pressure one year later? Prospective studies in the United Kingdom and Thailand

A multigenerational analysis of Derby's post-war Polish community visiting their ancestral homeland

Metal-based nanoparticles; size, function and areas for advancement

Characterisation of the bacterial and fungal communities associated with different lesion sizes of Dark Spot Syndrome occurring in the Coral Stephanocoenia intersepta

Evidence of melanoma in wild marine fish populations

Development of bacterial biofilms on artificial corals in comparison to surface-associated microbes of hard corals

Coral diseases in aquaria and in nature

An exploration of healthcare professionals' attitudes and perceptions towards a local hospital drug formulary and their impact on prescribing practice

Who thrives under pressure? predicting the performance of elite academy cricketers using the cardiovascular indicators of challenge and threat states

Ofsted thematic review and Government action plan: Careers England Policy Commentary 23

School organisation and STEM career-related learning

Extending realities: creativity, artistry and technology

Between possibilities and places: cognitive metaphor, creativity, art and education

Gendered horizons: boys' and girls' perceptions of job and career choices

Postural threat differentially affects the feedforward and feedback components of the vestibular-evoked balance response

Using GPS telemetry to validate least-cost modeling of gray squirrel ( Sciurus carolinensis) movement within a fragmented landscape

The function of strategic tree selectivity in the chemical signalling of brown bears

"Seeds of Sound in the Autumn of Power" : quattro cd dedicati alle musiche sacre dello Himalaya ("Seeds of Sound in the Autumn of Power": Four CDs devoted to the sacred musical heritage of the Himalayas)

"Kathmandu: lezioni di tenebre": un libro e della musica dedicata ad una metropoli dell’abisso ("Kathmandu: lessons of darkness": a book and a CD devoted to a metropolis of the abysses)

Exploring decentralized dynamic scheduling for grids and clouds using the community-aware scheduling algorithm

The impacts of commercial woodland management on butterfly biodiversity.

Higher Education outreach to widen participation: toolkits for practitioners. Resources and glossary.

Higher Education outreach to widen participation: toolkits for practitioners. Targeting.

Approaching the Internet of things (IoT): a modelling, analysis and abstraction framework

Energy conservation in mobile devices and applications: a case for context parsing, processing and distribution in clouds

Government inspiration vision statement and other recent developments: Policy Commentary 24

Music to our ears: the effect of background music in higher education learning environments

On the perceptual advantage of stereo subwoofer systems in live sound reinforcement

Live event performer tracking for digital console automation using industry-standard wireless microphone systems

Low-frequency sound source localization as a function of closed acoustic spaces

A scientific approach to microphone placement for cymbals in live sound

Making meaning and meaning making: memory, postmemory and narrative in Holocaust literature

Responses by the Secretary of State for Education to the Education Select Committee

The creative use of salt shrinking and de-gumming of silk as a patterning technique

The creative use of salt shrinking and de-gumming of silk as a patterning technique

‘Invent-re-invent Itajime: digital board clamping’

The Youth Guarantee and lifelong guidance

What constitutes a demonstration of effectiveness in the use of hands-on healing from the healers’ perspective?

The zoo of the giraffe women: a journey among the Kayan of Northern Thailand

Care at the end of life: how policy and the law support practice

Are my cognitive maps the same as yours? …or even, the same as mine?

Rethinking live electronic music: a DJ perspective

Cognitive maps and spatial sound

The identification of tattoo designs under cover-up tattoos using digital infrared photography.

Are you a researcher as well as a medical illustrator?

Referencing web pages and e-journals.

Current issues: consent for clinical photography.

Cognitive and affective components of challenge and threat states

Working out of the ‘toolbox’: an exploratory study with complementary therapists in acute cancer care

Matching bias in syllogistic reasoning: Evidence for a dual-process account from response times and confidence ratings

Cognitive control in belief-laden reasoning during conclusion processing: An ERP study

The business of invention: considering project management in the arts and industry

Women’s inequality: a global problem explored in participatory arts.

Peripheries and borders: Pushing the boundaries of visual research

Your body is a battleground: Art therapy with women

Quantitative analysis of qualitative information from interviews: a systematic literature review

Sustainable design analysis and BIM integration

Novel Approaches to Learning and Teaching SAS-based Analytics

Policing as a Service in the Cloud

Improved number plate localisation algorithm and its efficient field programmable gate arrays implementation

Field programmable gate arrays-based number plate binarization and adjustment for automatic number plate recognition systems

Real-time optical character recognition on field programmable gate array for automatic number plate recognition system

Getting the most out of your clinical placement.

Using more healthcare areas for placements

Information provision for challenging markets: the case of the accessibility requiring market in the context of tourism

An investigation on the Acceptance of Facebook by Travellers for Travel Planning

Accessible Tourism Marketing Aspects

Rehabilitation, punishment and profit: The dismantling of public-sector probation

The dismantling of probation: Who will profit?

Public wrongs and the criminal law

Legal coercion, respect & reason-responsive agency

Adapting scientific workflow structures using multi-objective optimization strategies

A review of thrust-vectoring in support of a V/STOL non-moving mechanical propulsion system

The trade-off between taxi time and fuel consumption in airport ground movement

Energy harvesting and power network architectures for the multibody advanced airship for transport high altitude cruiser-feeder airship concept

Special Issue "Electrical Power and Energy Systems"

Designing a new documentary landscape: A renegotiation of documentary voice through animated collage

Illustrated worlds

Illustrated worlds, virtual environments and authorial voice

Editorial: methodologies of sustainable projects

Environmental control and sick building syndrome; a comparison between a low carbon open plan and a cellular plan workplace

Quantitative vs. qualitative methodologies to investigate environmental control in the workplace: neutral thermal sensation and thermal environmental intention

Economic interdependence in a globalised world - the effects of Greece's financial crises on Derbyshire businesses

Numerical study of the primary instability in a separated boundary layer transition under elevated free-stream turbulence

Large-eddy simulation of transitional flows using a co-located grid

Exploring Differences in Pain Beliefs Within and Between a Large Nonclinical (Workplace) Population and a Clinical (Chronic Low Back Pain) Population Using the Pain Beliefs Questionnaire

Federated broker system for pervasive context provisioning

Numerical study of instabilities in separated–reattached flows

Online social networks for patient involvement and recruitment in clinical research

Service worker appearance and the retail service encounter: the influence of gender and age

Attitudes towards shoplifting: a preliminary cross-cultural study of consumers

Identity ambiguity and the promises and practices of hybrid e-HRM project teams

Arabic social and cultural influences on aberrant consumer behaviour: an exploratory study of Libyan marketers

Unethical consumer behaviour in an Islamic society - evidence from Libya

Performance evaluation and simulation of peer-to-peer protocols for Massively Multiplayer Online Games

An investigation of security trends in personal wireless networks

Concise computer mathematics: tutorials on theory and problems

On a result of Bunder involving Horadam sequences: A proof and generalization

On the characterization of periodic complex Horadam sequences

On the number of complex horadam sequences with a fixed period

Playing and performance in Uganda: A conversation with Professor Justinian Ssalongo Tamusuza

Lonely heart columns: A novel and entertaining way of teaching students abstract writing skills

Capturing attention in the epoch of the media savvy

The stage is set – or is it? – production by Chris White, Derby Theatre, 20 March 2013

Linking languages: Realigning design vocabularies [Editorial]

Cost-effective manufacturing process for the development of automotive from energy efficient composite materials and sandwich structures

Rearing bacteria and maggots concurrently: a protocol using Lucilia sericata (Diptera: Calliphoridae) as a model species

Forensic entomology

The consequences of ‘no compromise’: Funding elite sport in the UK

Adoption of eco-advantage by SMEs: emerging opportunities and constraints

Strengthening socio-emotional competencies in a school setting: Data from the Pyramid project

Women's experiences of coping with pregnancy termination for fetal abnormality.

Factors associated with complementary and alternative medicine use in Irritable Bowel Syndrome: A literature review

Aligning the sustainable supply chain to green marketing needs: a case study

Evaluation of the efficacy and safety of single dose iron infusion in clinical practice

Intelligent grid enabled services for neuroimaging analysis

Optimum compressive strength of hardened sandcrete building blocks with steel chips

Enhancing the student experience through values based personal tutoring

Managing multiple goals during fertility treatment: An interpretative phenomenological analysis

Affective priming of perceived environmental restorativeness

The rationale behind a dance movement psychotherapy intervention used in a small research pilot in a further education context to develop awareness about young people's body image

Achieving green IT using VDI in cyber physical society

Design and evaluation: end users, user datasets and personas

The contribution that a co-design approach can make to idea generation for workplace travel plans

Practical compassions: repertoires of practice and compassion talk in acute mental healthcare

Exploring the disclosure of forensic evidence in police interviews with suspects

The effect of co-offender planning on verbal deception

Helping to sort the liars from the truth-tellers: The gradual revelation of information during investigative interviews

Making the link between critical appraisal, thinking and analysis

Supporting families in the context of adult traumatic brain injury

Body dysmorphic disorder: The functional and evolutionary context in phenomenology and a compassionate mind.

Mechanical properties and microstructure of AZ31B magnesium alloy processed by I-ECAP.

Dialects of design education: Exploring an appropriate approach to contemporary interiors in historical buildings.

Urban environment thermal improvement by the bioclimatic simulation of a populated open urban space in Greece.



Categorization of occupation in documented skeletal collections: Its relevance for the interpretation of activity-related osseous changes.

Obsessive passion: a dependency associated with injury-related risky behaviour in dancers.

Development and initial validation of the impression motivation in sport questionnaire–team.

New perspectives on the Bishop Tuff from zircon textures, ages and trace elements.

Fears of happiness and compassion in relationship with depression, alexithymia, and attachment security in a depressed sample.

Concurrent processing in cloud-based AppInventor development environment.

Multi-strange baryon production at mid-rapidity in Pb–Pb collisions at √sNN = 2.76 TeV.

The effect of thermal constriction on heat management in a microelectronic application.

Fatigue life of lead-free solder thermal interface materials at varying bond line thickness in microelectronics.

International commercial agreements - An Edinburgh Law Guide.

Critical realism, agency and sickle cell: case studies of young people with sickle cell disorder at school

The architecture and development of multi-role course design of a web-based group training system.

Primo Levi as storyteller: The uses of fiction, creative non-fiction and the hard to classify in Levi’s narrative of the Holocaust.

The effect of urban ground covers on arthropods: An experiment.

Noise and dissonance.

Providing traceability for neuroimaging analyses.

Post-Partum Document and Affect

Causality between energy consumption and GDP in the U.S.: evidence from wavelet analysis.

Perinatal grief following a termination of pregnancy for foetal abnormality: the impact of coping strategies.

Art, Maternal and Matrixial Encounters

Convergence in public expenditures across EU countries: evidence from club convergence

Health expenses and economic growth: convergence dynamics across the Indian States

The role of fixed capital depreciations for TFP growth: evidence from firm level panel data estimates

Resurrecting the size effect: Evidence from a panel nonlinear cointegration model for the G7 stock markets

New Evidence on the Information and Predictive Content of the Baltic Dry Index

From Blood Simple to True Grit: A Conversation about the Coen Brothers’ Cinematic West

Price Concentration: New Evidence from Greek Industries and the Cournot Model

The relationship between international financial reporting standards, carbon emissions, and R&D expenditures: Evidence from European manufacturing firms

Theoretical investigation into balancing high-speed flexible shafts, by the use of a novel compensating balancing sleeve

Cascaded multimodal biometric recognition framework

Police overestimation of criminal career homogeneity

The role of protein kinase A regulation of the E6 PDZ-binding domain during the differentiation-dependent life cycle of human papillomavirus type 18.

Harvest of violence: the neglect of basic rights and the Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria.

Building quality management systems: selecting the right methods and tools.

Teaching Higher Education Courses in Further Education Colleges

Samadhi spa & wellness retreat

An updated review of dream ESP studies conducted since the Maimonides dream ESP programme.

A visit to Point Pleasant: Home of the Mothman

Haunted Northamptonshire

Listening to Los Beatles: being young in 1960s Cuba

Biomarkers of inflammatory arthritis and proteomics

Chinese companies and the Hong Kong stock market

Developing a personalised self-management system for post stroke rehabilitation; utilising a user-centred design methodology

The provision of feedback through computer-based technology to promote self-managed post-stroke rehabilitation in the home

The snowballing penalty effect: Multiple disadvantage and pay