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Student generated and tutor generated web based resuscitation education resources – Mind the gap?

Changes to identity following a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis: A narrative analysis

Structural and binding studies of SAP-1 protein with heparin.

Technological culture and the active ageing: A lifetime of technological advances

Anatomical and physiological changes with age: Implications for apparel design

The adoption and nonadoption of new technologies by the active ageing

The Rising of Asian Values and the Financial Crisis: The Cases of Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore

The role of intracellular redox imbalance in nanomaterial induced cellular damage and genotoxicity: A review

Synergistic effects of zinc oxide nanoparticles and fatty acids on toxicity to caco-2 cells

The role of p53 in lung macrophages following exposure to a panel of manufactured nanomaterials

Role of oxidative stress in carbon nanotube-generated health effects

Measurement of oxidative damage to DNA in nanomaterial exposed cells and animals

Applications of the comet assay in particle toxicology: Air pollution and engineered nanomaterials exposure

Hepatic toxicology following single and multiple exposure of engineered nanomaterials utilising a novel primary human 3D liver microtissue model

cAMP-induced actin cytoskeleton remodelling inhibits MKL1-dependent expression of the chemotactic and pro-proliferative factor, CCN1.

Inhibition of Egr1 expression underlies the anti-mitogenic effects of cAMP in vascular smooth muscle cells.

Differences in smoking associated DNA methylation patterns in South Asians and Europeans.

Performances of Bartram O'Neill [textual documentation]

Licking dogs [video artwork]


Angry words

Translating rage

Dynamic Capabilities for CSR Management: Towards Identifying Common Processes

Regression analysis for energy and lifetime prediction in large wireless sensor networks

The effect of a different environment on providing personal information when engaging in E-commerce : the case of Saudis in the UK

The Effect of recommendations from family members and friends and third party endorsement in B2C E-Commerce: The case of Saudi Arabia

Ill-Fated? Exploring bioarchaeological links between childhood non-specific indicators of stress and leprosy immunity in Medieval England.

System training and assessment in simultaneous proportional myoelectric prosthesis control

Visuomotor behaviours when using a myoelectric prosthesis

Bridging the gap between robotic technology and health care

Fingermark detection on thermal papers: Proposition of an updated processing sequence

Nanoparticles for fingermark detection: An insight into the reaction mechanism

Social climate in Learning Disability services

Making Sense of Denial in Sexual Offenders: A Qualitative Phenomenological and Repertory Grid Analysis

Accumulating meaning, purpose and opportunities to change 'drip by drip': the impact of being a listener in prison

Physiological and perceptual demands of high intensity sprinting between the wickets in cricket

Understanding service users' and therapists' experiences of pharmacological treatment for sexual preoccupation and/or hypersexuality in incarcerated sex offenders

Preliminary evaluation of the use of pharmacological treatment with convicted sexual offenders experiencing high levels of sexual preoccupation, hypersexuality and/or sexual compulsivity

Workplace learning, VET and vocational pedagogy: the transformation of practice

Seasonal differences in soil CO2 efflux and carbon storage in Ntwetwe Pan, Makgadikgadi Basin, Botswana

Communicating for survival in the mining and construction industries: Northern conversations and Southern contextualisations

Collaboration and contestation in further and higher education partnerships in England: A Bourdieusian field analysis

The ‘state of exception’ and disaster education: A multilevel conceptual framework with implications for social justice

Refugees and access to vocational education and training across Europe: a case of protection of white privilege?

Racialised norms in apprenticeship systems in England and Germany

Enhancing School-based Careers Work for Years 7-9

A review of “Education in Parapsychology: Student and Instructor Perspectives” by H. J. Irwin

Where to Nest? Ecological Determinants of Chimpanzee Nest Abundance and Distribution at the Habitat and Tree Species Scale

Get online to learn and be part of a huge global nursing group

"Why do nurses feel unable to challenge doctors' decisions"?

Investigating the damage mechanisms and their effects on the notch sensitivities of crossply cfrp laminates under uniaxial loading

A Hierarchical Geographically Based Routing Model for Improved Localised Routing

Aggregation Loss Bandwidth in the Last Mile Residential Internet

Social identity in people with multiple sclerosis: A meta-synthesis of qualitative research

Linguistic extension for group multicriteria project manager selection

Dis(en)abled: the lived experiences of inclusion policies amongst disabled young people

‘There must be things I can do, there must be doors it can open’: The reality of undertaking Foundation Level programs post-16

Characterisation of the biological activity of xenin-25 degradation fragment peptides

Disruptive Conclusions: The Future of Australian Educational Publishing

Paperless Mark-Up: Editing Educational Texts in a Digital Environment

Educational Publishing: An Industry in Transition in the Digital Age

Introduction: Digital newspaper archive research

Niche partitioning of bacterial communities in biological crusts and soils under grasses, shrubs and trees in the Kalahari

Comfort radicalism and NEETs: a conservative praxis

Using social media to promote the radiography subject area

Craft Emergency 2014

The evidence base on lifelong guidance (Extended Summary)

Professional accountants’ perceptions of servant-leadership: contexts, roles and cultures

Understanding the Authorial Writer: a mixed methods approach to the psychology of authorial identity in relation to plagiarism.

Advancing ambitions: the role of career guidance in supporting social mobility

Dissociative tendencies, sensory processing sensitivity and aberrant salience as predictors of anomalous experiences and paranormal attributions.

Characterisation of Large Changes in Wind Power for the Day-Ahead Market Using a Fuzzy Logic Approach

Assessment innovation and student experience: a new assessment challenge and call for a multi-perspective approach to assessment research

A critical review of the routing protocols in opportunistic networks

Competencies and frameworks in interprofessional education: A comparative analysis

Determination of Fe3+/ΣFe ratios in chrome spinels using a combined Mössbauer and single-crystal X-ray approach: application to chromitites from the mantle section of the Oman ophiolite

The mediating effect of environmental and ethical behaviour on supply chain partnership decisions and management appreciation of supplier partnership risks

Knowledge that counts: an examination of the theory practice gap between business and marketing academics and business practitioners examined in respect of their respective epistemic stances

Preloaded Time Trial to Assess Load Carriage Performance

Reclaiming professional identity through postgraduate professional development: Career practitioners reclaiming their professional selves

Understanding the recruitment and selection of postgraduate researchers by English higher education institutions

Constructing professional identity: the role of postgraduate professional development in asserting the identity of the career practitioner

Assessing sustainability support to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)

Thermodynamics of architecture and urban fabric: designing and re-shaping cityscapes by laws of Nature

The psychology of dynamic balance and peak performance in sport: correction theory

On optimization of surface roughness of selective laser melted stainless steel parts: A statistical study

Attributes of effective interprofessional placement facilitation

Lusitania: Beneath the surface.

Strategic consultation on the FE workforce and Initial Teacher Education workforce for the Education & Training Foundation

Thoracic load carriage-induced respiratory muscle fatigue

Does corporate social responsibility pay?

Teaching in the VET Sector in Australia

'They got to go': SKA versus America

Evaluating an interprofessional disease state and medication management review model

A case study to evaluate the introduction of Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) within a School of Pharmacy

A data dependency recovery system for a heterogeneous multicore processor

iMIG: Toward an adaptive live migration method for KVM virtual machines

Reflective Practice for VET Teachers

Building motivation, achievement and progression online: evaluating Brightside's approach to online mentoring. Executive Summary.

Subverting the romance: The fiction of Sarah Waters

Leadership development for interprofessional education and collaborative practice

The Gypsy and Traveller communities’ housing dispute against the Localism Tenet – Social and Cultural definition of Gypsy and Traveller status and gender issues

Inquiring Teachers, Inquiring learners

Volunteers: their role in the management of the visitor and pilgrimage experience

Professional Identity : what I call myself defines who I am

The effects of anxiety on visual attention for emotive stimuli in primary school children

The Nowhere Bible: the Biblical passage Numbers 13 as a case study of Utopian and Dystopian readings by diachronic audiences

Achieving dynamic load balancing through mobile agents in small world P2P networks

‘We wanted to change that particular part of the world': the role of academics in the career development field, learning from the career of Tony Watts

Facial expressions depicting compassionate and critical emotions: the development and validation of a new emotional face stimulus set

Radio 2.0: How Facebook is enhancing audience participation for Irish radio audiences.

Curriculum renewal for interprofessional education in health

The intersection between Descriptivism and Meliorism in reasoning research: further proposals in support of ‘soft normativism’

The neural correlates of belief-bias inhibition: The impact of logic training

Going further and higher together

Influence of variable resistance loading on subsequent free weight maximal back squat performance.

E-government iImplementation and adoption: the case study of Botswana Government

Learning on the margins: experiencing low level VET programmes in a UK context


Children and the doctrine of substituted judgement.

Understanding a ‘career in careers’: learning from an analysis of current job and person specifications

The SMART personalised self-management system for congestive heart failure: results of a realist evaluation

‘Hidden agenda in the last decade: localism and Housing Acts in UK.

A critical evaluation of student radiographers' experience of the transition from the classroom to their first clinical placement.

Easing the transition from classroom to clinical placement

Is UK Financial Reporting Becoming Less Prudent?

A smoother ride: facilitating the transition between classroom and clinical placement

Evaluating the Legacy Careers Project.

Communities that care: an insight into male career patterns in a small neighbourhood

Project JUST/2011/Frac/AG/2716-"WE: Wor(l)ds which exclude-National Report UK"

A novel investigation of a blister-like syndrome in aquarium Echinopora lamellosa

The evidence base on lifelong guidance (Brief Summary)

Interprofessional health education in Australia: Three research projects informing curriculum renewal and development

How and when peers' positive mood influence employees' voice

‘If you look the part you’ll get the job’: should career professionals help clients to enhance their career image?

Managing knowledge transfer partnership for a rural community: the outcomes at Wirksworth, UK.

Journeys, pathways and track plans

A novel approach to the control of quad-rotor helicopters using fuzzy-neural networks

Preceptorship Research Project Report: Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS foundation trust

Issues, applications and outcomes in interprofessional education

Which aspects of university life are most and least helpful in the transition to HE? A qualitative snapshot of student perceptions

The student practitioner as future leader

Behind the confession: Relating false confession, interrogative compliance, personality traits, and psychopathy

The evidence base on lifelong guidance

Emotion based attentional priority for storage in visual short-term memory

Tissue-conducted spatial sound fields

Experimental antibiotic treatment identifies potential pathogens of white band disease in the endangered Caribbean coral Acropora cervicornis

Hearing Without Ears

‘Performing in Corso Palladio’ in DAS 2013-VICENCE

The emerging practitioner

Human exposure assessment of fluoride from tea (Camellia Sinensis L.) with specific reference to human bioaccessibility studies

Great Expectations: youth transitions in troubled times

Leadership in early childhood: Leader's views on their role

Decadal environmental ‘memory’ in a reef coral?

Evaluating the impact of career management skills module and internship programme within a university business school

Modelling institutional values transmission through a comparative case study of three schools

Exploring real world learning through Company Aside

Singing as an adjunct therapy for children and adults with cystic fibrosis

Jonathan Vickers and Kerri Pratt

Hidden agenda in the last decade Localism and Housing Acts in the UK. Where is the good practice in East and West Midlands case studies?

A career postcode lottery? Local authority provision of youth and career support following the 2011 Education Act

Understanding the cultural dimension of intractable conflict: What are the implications for peace education practice?

Building motivation, achievement and progression online: evaluating Brightside's approach to online mentoring

Managing knowledge transfer partnership for a rural community: the outcomes at Wirksworth, UK

A decision support system for evaluating local authority housing maintenance strategies in the United Kingdom

Nottingham Castle Open 2014

Career guidance in communities

Understanding how people choose to pursue taught postgraduate study

The global graduate: developing the global careers service

William Melville: The Queen's detective.

An investigation into the seasonality of the Pliocene southern North Sea basin: a sclerochronological approach

Phoenix Project

Recent developments on the roles of employers and of careers professionals: a pivotal phase in determining future careers provision for young people.

BartramONeill Actions 2009 - 2014 [iBook]

Engaging Leaders: The challenge of inspiring collective commitment in universities

Canoodling with careers: cross-team working in information literacy

No Lectures From Western Works

Drama education and dramatherapy: Exploring the space between disciplines

Establishing Croatia’s lifelong career guidance service

The international symposia on career development and public policy: retrospect and prospect

A beacon for guidance : how the International Centre for Guidance Studies has been influencing policy and practice for 16 years

Think global, collaborate local: cross-team working to develop students' employability skills

Revised guidance for colleges: Careers England policy commentary 28

Understanding the Journeys of High-Risk Male Sex Offenders Voluntarily Receiving Medication to Reduce Their Sexual Preoccupation and/or Hypersexuality

The Ukrainian crisis, the Crimean referendum and security implications for the European Union

The emerging professional: exploring student teachers’ developing conceptions of the relationship between theory and practice in learning to teach.

Words which exclude

British invasion: The crosscurrents of musical influence

Mechanisms of interpersonal sway synchrony and stability

Subjective evaluation of an emerging theory of low-frequency sound source localization in closed acoustic spaces

Even extremists have a right to freedom of speech on campus

The Transformation of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) into the UK Legal Order: Two Legislative Models

Why important education research often gets ignored

Creating an evidence base to support the development of a holistic approach to working with children and young people in Derbyshire: a local authority case study on the integration of social pedagogy in children and young people’s services

NHBC Foundation: improving recruitment of young people into home building : a literature review

NHBC Foundation: improving recruitment of young people into home building : a compendium of resources

Identification of novel candidate biomarkers of epithelial ovarian cancer by profiling the Secretomes of three-dimensional genetic models of ovarian carcinogenesis.

Interventions in exclusive breastfeeding: a systematic review

Evaluation criterias for trust management in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs)

Higher Education Academy Fellowship

Work-based learning and lifelong guidance policies

Employers and schools: how Mansfield is building a world of work approach

'Girls into STEM and Komm mach MINT’: English and German approaches to support girls’ STEM career-related learning

The developing professional

Conflict of interest and privilege in clinical and medicolegal photography: a short summary.

Younger women’s experiences of deciding against delayed breast reconstruction post-mastectomy following breast cancer: An interpretative phenomenological analysis

The accordian and the deep bowl of spaghetti: Eight researchers' experiences of using IPA as a methodology

Changing conceptions of students' career development needs

Children's construction task performance and spatial ability: Controlling task complexity and predicting mathematics performance

"I'm 100% for it! I'm a convert!" Women's experiences of a yoga programme during treatment for gynaecological cancer; an interpretative phenomenological analysis

A snapshot of the lives of women with polycystic ovary syndrome: A photovoice investigation.

Online research methods: An interview with Dr Neil Coulson

The GASP Project

Community Engagement for Counterterrorism in Britain: An Exploration of the Role of “Connectors” in Countering Takfiri Jihadist Terrorism

Creative dynamics: artistic production as a model of creative interaction

Unpacking gender in art therapy: The elephant at the art therapy easel

The introductory guide to art therapy

Habitat quality affects sound production and likely distance of detection on coral reefs

Designing Big Data Analytics Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes for Employability

Planning in the Cloud: Massively Parallel Planning

Matching Services with Users in Opportunistic Network Environments

Policing as a Service in the Cloud (Extended)

On some functions involving the lcm and gcd of integer tuples

Efficient computation of hashes

Introduction to special issue on risk and trust in embedded critical systems

Scent-marking investment and motor patterns are affected by the age and sex of wild brown bears

Defining Landscape Resistance Values in Least-Cost Connectivity Models for the Invasive Grey Squirrel: A Comparison of Approaches Using Expert-Opinion and Habitat Suitability Modelling

Emerging issues in the evolution of animal nuptial gifts

Stable isotope (δ18O and δ13C) sclerochronology of Callovian (Middle Jurassic) bivalves (Gryphaea (Bilobissa) dilobotes) and belemnites (Cylindroteuthis puzosiana) from the Peterborough Member of the Oxford Clay Formation (Cambridgeshire, England): Evidence of palaeoclimate, water depth and belemnite behaviour

Functional equivalence of grasping cerci and nuptial food gifts in promoting ejaculate transfer in katydids.

Preceptorship pays off.

Personal qualities of effective sport psychologists: a sports physician perspective

A review of evidence about behavioural and psychological aspects of chronic joint pain among people with haemophilia

Manipulating cardiovascular indices of challenge and threat using resource appraisals.

Correlates of genetic monogamy in socially monogamous mammals: insights from Azara's owl monkeys

Double effort: parental behavior of wild Azara's owl monkeys in the face of twins

Usability requirements for accessible tourism systems

An Investigation of European Destination Management Organisations’ Attitudes towards Accessible Tourism

Codes of Commitment to Crime and Resistance: Determining Social and Cultural Factors over the Behaviors of Italian Mafia Women

Renewing Criminalized and Hegemonic Cultural Landscapes

Educating Britain? Political Literacy and the Construction of National History


Taught postgraduate employability and employer engagement: Masters with a purpose, Higher Education Careers Services Unit, Universities UK

Masters with a purpose: summary report

Integrated flight/thrust vectoring control for jet-powered unmanned aerial vehicles with ACHEON propulsion

The student practitioner in Early Childhood studies: an essential guide to working with children

Increasing aeronautic electric propulsion performances by cogeneration and heat recovery

Math anxiety, intrusive thoughts and performance: Exploring the relationship between mathematics anxiety and performance: The role of intrusive thoughts

Exploring the Relationship Between Mathematics Anxiety and Performance: An Eye-Tracking Approach

Aircraft taxi time prediction: Comparisons and insights

Collaborative cognition: Co-creating children's artwork in an educational context


From pillar to post

Sigma7 – Rosetta

BFMAF – Border Crossing



Luddite Drawings: a series of drawings (3) that explore process, performance and gesture, selected for the group exhibition ‘From Here & There: drawings from Colorado and Wales.

Rebirth: a light and sound show. Animation projection mapped onto the windows of Strutt’s North Mill

From Pillar to Post (and back again): animation projection mapped onto the basement pillars of Strutt’s North Mill, Belper for a Museums at Night Event.

Place Setting: an art installation (comprising 22 China cups, 22 Tesco Toilet Tissue cardboard cores, some IKEA cardboard packaging) for the group exhibition ‘The Most Beautiful Things Cannot Be Seen’

Printing Animation: a conference paper delivered for the Creative Animation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE), Edge Hill University

My loss is my loss

Orpheus Suite

The big picture

Current understanding in climbing psychophysiology research

Jane Eyre's Arrival at Thornfield Hall: Illustration of Jane Eyre’ arrival at Thornfield Hall

A collection of ten illustrations covering a variety of themes

Adapting Buildings to meet the Energy Challenge

Narratives of family transition during the first year post-head injury: perspectives of the non-injured members

Radio frequency identification (RFID) adoption strategy for strategic supply chain

3D FEA modelling of laminated composites in bending and their failure mechanisms

Individual thermal control in the workplace and changes in thermal preferences in a day: Norwegian cellular vs. British open plan layouts

Geometries of hope and fear: the iconography of atomic science and nuclear anxiety in the modern sculpture of World War and Cold War Britain

Numerical study of effusion cooling flow and heat transfer

Assessment of unsteady-RANS approach against steady-RANS approach for predicting twin impinging jets in a cross-flow

Numerical simulation of spray combustion of conventional fuels and biofuels

Transient performance investigation of different flow-field designs of automotive polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell using computational fluid dynamics

Large-eddy simulation: a glance at the past, a gaze at the present, a glimpse at the future

An Ecology of Values: critically interpreting John Newling's art

Becoming a performance analyst: autoethnographic reflections on agency, and facilitated transformational growth

The cause of late Cenozoic mass extinction in the western Atlantic: insights from sclerochronology

Bioavailability of iodine in the UK-Peak District environment and its human bioaccessibility: an assessment of the causes of historical goitre in this area

Implications of traditional commercial practices on the current environmental status of River Yamuna in the Delhi-Mathura-Agra region, India

The leader ship is sinking: A temporal investigation of narcissistic leadership

Cryopreservation of quince (Cydonia oblonga mill.)

A nurse-led sleep service for children and young people with disability

Exploring the UK high street retail experience: is the service encounter still valued?

Drivers and technology-related obstacles in moving to multichannel retailing

Marketing women in Iceland: challenges of establishing a company

An exploratory investigation of aberrant consumer behaviour in Libya: a sociocultural approach

An exploration of Icelandic marketing entrepreneurs

New options for placement provision

Multi-sensor data fusion in wireless sensor networks for planetary exploration

Space Wireless Sensor Networks for planetary exploration: Node and network architectures

Detecting compromised programs for embedded system applications

Big data analytics: a threat or an opportunity for Knowledge Management?

Scheduling air traffic controllers

Governance strategies for the cloud, Big Data, and other technologies in education

The Asymptotic Form of the Sum $\sum_{i=0}^{n} i^{p} { n+i \choose i }$: Two Proofs

Generalised Catalan polynomials and their properties

Some factorisation and divisibility properties of Catalan polynomials

On cyclicity and density of some Catalan polynomial sequences

A non-linear identity for a particular class of polynomial families

An adaptive multilevel indexing method for disaster service discovery

Closed form evaluations of some series involving Catalan numbers

Cloud BI: Future of business intelligence in the Cloud

Virtual vignettes: the acquisition, analysis, and presentation of social network data

A horadam-based pseudo-random number generator

An integrated approach to developing self-adaptive software in open environments

Enhanced timeline analysis for digital forensic investigations

A critical comparative evaluation on DHT-based peer-to-peer search algorithms

Local maximum points of explicitly quasiconvex functions

On the characterization of periodic generalized Horadam sequences

Influence discovery in semantic networks: An initial approach

On a result of Bunder involving horadam sequences: A new proof

Innovation in micro actuators and Big Data technology transform visually impaired daily life activities and Improve their access to information technology resources

Piezoelectric ultrasonic servo control feed drive renovate electro-discharge machining system industrial applications and transfer the technology into a new era

Micro-hydro generator using eco-wheel system for domestic and industrial building applications

Computer simulation and modelling of passive humidification device cavity for intensive care patient medical applications

Editorial note: why we fail to ignite and sustain innovation in the majority of our business organisations?

Editorial note: Innovation is the only pathway for manufacturer, visionary and scholars, to improve the quality of human beings daily life

Analysis of HEp-2 images using MD-LBP and MAD-bagging

Reframing petrol heads – encouraging motorsport students to think about sustainability

Traffic monitoring using video analytics in clouds

On certain series expansions of the sine function: Catalan numbers and convergence

Conditions governing cross-family member equality in a particular class of polynomial families

Concurrent processing in cloud-based AppInventor development environment

The effect of creative psychological interventions on psychological outcomes for adult cancer patients: a systematic review of randomised controlled trials

From concept to laboratory testing: the development cycle of a novel wave energy converter

Reinforcement of sol-gel processed calcium phosphate cement using functionalised CNTs

Tailoring the interfacial adhesion of anodised TiO2 nanotubes on Ti-6Al-4V alloy for medical implants

A cross-country comparison on the use of blended learning in property education

Competency expectations for property professionals in Australia

Do real estate courses sufficiently develop their graduates’ employability skills? Perspectives from multiple stakeholders

Commercial awareness in real estate courses

The relevance of taxation in middle income economies

Students’ views on the incorporation of commercial awareness in real estate education

Does a physiological concentration of taurine increase acute muscle power output, time to fatigue, and recovery in isolated mouse soleus (slow) muscle with or without the presence of caffeine?

Emmanuel Cooper OBE 1938-2012

Derbyshire and pottery

The thoughtful potter and the politics of pots

Governing the souls of young women: exploring the perspectives of mothers on parenting in the age of sexualisation

An exploration of children's experiences of art in the classroom

Teaching in higher education: An interpretive phenomenological analysis

A stakeholder centric approach

From Beijing to Rio: Funding UK elite sport through the ‘No Compromise’ Policy

Volunteers in social enterprise events: Triple bottom line benefits

Characteristics of the peanut chain in Europe – Implications for peanut allergy

The effects of anxiety on temporal attention for emotive and neutral faces in children

Effects of time pressure and maths anxiety on solving mental arithmetic problems

Differential effects of short-term β agonist and growth hormone treatments on expression of myosin heavy chain IIB and associated metabolic genes in sheep muscle

Learning in friendship groups: developing students’ conceptual understanding through social interaction

Women in the marketing profession: an exploration

Career transitions in marketing: from corporate life to self-employment

Marketing career transitions: women marketers embedded in the profession?

Disintermediation in the apparel supply chain

Studying the effect of “cool” coatings in street urban canyons and its potential as a heat island mitigation technique

Evaluation of the application of cool materials in urban spaces: A case study in the center of Florina

Use of cool materials and other bioclimatic interventions in outdoor places in order to mitigate the urban heat island in a medium size city in Greece

Evaluation of the clinical and cost effectiveness of intermediate care clinics for diabetes (ICCD): A multicentre cluster randomised controlled trial

The impact of patient participation direct enhanced service on patient reference groups in primary care: a qualitative study.

An interpretative phenomenological analysis of men’s and women’s coping strategy selection during early IVF treatment

P37 identifying cirrhotics at risk of paracentesis-induced circulatory dysfunction (PICD): The significance of an early fall in stroke volume

Sedimentology of the Late Cretaceous in the Western Aude Valley, Southern France

Relationship between starting and finishing position in World Cup BMX racing

Development of a 3D finite element acoustic model to predict the sound reduction index of stud based double-leaf walls

Dimpling process in cold roll metal forming by finite element modelling and experimental validation

Dementia and stigma: a review of the literature on the reality of living with dementia.

Student life - First port of call at college

A mixed methods feasibility study to evaluate the use of a low-intensity, nurse-delivered cognitive behavioural therapy for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome

Feeling our way in ecopsychology

The contested and contingent outcomes of Thatcherism in the UK

57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy investigations of iron oxidation states in the Harmattan dust nutrient contribution to West African soils

Trevorite: Ni-rich spinel formed by metasomatism and desulfurization processes at Bon Accord, South Africa?

A collaborative approach

How trigger warnings shoot down free debate

Itajime gasuri: digital warps

The origins and nature of compassion focused therapy

Kitchen living in later life: Exploring ergonomic problems, coping strategies and design solutions

Fears of compassion in a depressed population: Implication for psychotherapy

Fears of negative emotions in relation to fears of happiness, compassion, alexithymia and psychopathology in a depressed population: A preliminary study

Forms of self-criticising/attacking & self-reassuring scale: Psychometric properties and normative study

Measurement of external shame: An inside view

Rank perception and self-evaluation in eating disorders

Compassion motivations: Distinguishing submissive compassion from genuine compassion and its association with shame, submissive behavior, depression, anxiety and stress

Embodying compassion: A virtual reality paradigm for overcoming excessive self-criticism

A new therapeutic community: Development of a compassion-focussed and contextual behavioural environment

Evolutionary models: Practical and conceptual utility for the treatment and study of social anxiety disorder

Negotiating in the world of mixed beliefs and value systems: A compassion-focused model

Compassionate mind coaching

Compassionate care: The theory and the reality.

Shyness, social anxiety, and social phobia

Challenges and solutions during analysis in a longitudinal narrative case study

Why do student nurses want to be nurses?

Learner identities in the context of undergraduates: a case study

Using SeaWiFS measurements to evaluate radiometric stability of pseudo-invariant calibration sites at top of atmosphere

Improved aerosol optical depth and ångstrom exponent retrieval over land From MODIS based on the non-lambertian forward model

Location independent working in academia: Enabling employees or supporting managerial control?

A qualitative study of the understanding and use of ‘compassion focused coping strategies’ in people who suffer from serious weight difficulties.

The design of compassionate care.

Lecturing, working with groups and providing individual support.

Gallstone disease: diagnosis and management.

Area and individual differences in personal crime victimization incidence.

Fabrica-tactilis, skilful production, structure - Fabric that may be touched, tangible

The role of event characteristics and actors’ behavior on the outcome of violent events.

Violence trends project: Homicide and other criminology research.

Dead or alive? The role of personal characteristics and immediate situational factors in the outcome of serious violence.

The external and internal context.

The Frequency Of Trees


Puff of smoke: Curator's symposium.

32 significant moments: An artist's practice as research.

Exploring the relationship between entheseal changes and physical activity: A multivariate study.

Neue Erkenntnisse zur frühmittelalterlichen Separatgrablege von Niederstotzingen, Kreis Heidenheim

The impact of lean methods and tools on the operational performance of manufacturing organisations.

A pilot study evaluating the effects of a 12 week exergaming programme on body mass, size and composition in postpartum females.

Timescales of mixing and mobilisation in the Bishop Tuff magma body: perspectives from diffusion chronometry.

Compassion-focused therapy: Preface and introduction for special section.

Relevance theory, syntax and literary narrative.

Multiplicity dependence of pion, kaon, proton and lambda production in p–Pb collisions at √sNN = 5.02 TeV.

A synergistic approach to process innovation.

Left behind.

Data classification using the Dempster–Shafer method.

La transición del preescolar a la primaria: El papel de las familias y el rol activo de los niños.

Using modeling to predict and prevent victimization.

Preventing crime and evoking altruism.

A situational approach to heritage crime prevention.

What have criminologists done for us lately?

J/ψ production and nuclear effects in p-Pb collisions at √sNN=5.02 TeV.

Printing morphology and rheological characteristics of lead-free Sn-3Ag-0.5Cu (SAC) solder pastes.

Effect of reflow profile parameters on surface mount chip resistor solder joint shear strength.

HD-Video Streaming over an Inexpensive In-Building Radio-over-MMF System

Online fusion of incremental learning for wireless sensor networks

Data Mining for Monitoring and Managing Systems and Networks

Smart Anomaly Detection for Sensor Systems: Computational Intelligence Techniques for Sensor Networks and Applications

Inexpensive user tracking using boltzmann machines

A Task-Oriented Framework for Networked Wearable Computing

Network performance assessment with quality of experience benchmarks

Node centrality awareness via swarming effects

A report on the First IFIP/IEEE Workshop on Quality of Experience Centric Management (QCMan 2013)

Optimizing route prior knowledge for map-aided fingerprint-based positioning systems

Deep learning for objective quality assessment of 3D images

A learning-based mac for energy efficient wireless sensor networks

When does lower bitrate give higher quality in modern video services?

A Report on the First IFIP/IEEE Workshop on Quality of Experience Centric Management (QCMan 2013)

Assessment of proactive transmission power control for wireless sensor networks

End-to-end performance evaluation in high-speed wireless networks

Relevance prevails: missing data treatment in intelligent lighting

Improving RSS fingerprint-based localization using directional antennas

An investigation into the effect of drag coefficient on overtaking of car.

A systematic review of neuromuscular electrical stimulation for pressure ulcer care in spinal cord injuries.

A systematic review of electrical stimulation for pressure ulcer prevention and treatment in people with spinal cord injuries.

The politics of health services research: health professionals as hired hands in a commissioned research project in England.

Developing green supply chain management taxonomy-based decision support system.

A conceptual framework for the implementation of quality management systems

Prioritisation of operations improvement projects in the European manufacturing industry.

Optimising mobility outcome measures in Huntington's disease.

A survey of cloud monitoring tools: Taxonomy, capabilities and objectives.

Maximising leadership capacity and school improvement through re-alignment of children's services.

No picnic: Explorations in art and research.

Popular music and the breast.

Roundtable: (Re)presenting the archive.

Planning for cooler cities: A framework to prioritise green infrastructure to mitigate high temperatures in urban landscapes.

In absence of the smoky god.

Swaying for the lens: the Haxey Hood.

Recto Verso: Redefining the Sketchbook

Alcohol health literacy in young adults with Type 1 diabetes and its impact on diabetes management.

High salinity tolerance of the Red Sea coral Fungia granulosa under desalination concentrate discharge conditions: an in situ photophysiology experiment.

Reinforcing users’ confidence in statutory audit during a post-crisis period: An empirical study.

Increased knowledge of the effects of smoking and second-hand smoke encourages smoke-free homes.

Mitigation processes – antecedents for building supply chain resilience.

Conflict management styles used by nurses in Jordan

Clientelism, community and collaboration: loyalism in nineteenth-century colonial India.

Family activist network performance

Photograph: Dr Paula McCloskey presenting her lecture art, maternal and matrixial encounters at the Mother Voices midsummer eve's potlach and the launch of the Mother Voices foundation.

Dynamics of U.S. state cigarette consumption: evidence from panel error correction modeling.

Dutch disease effect of oil rents on agriculture value added in Middle East and North African (MENA) countries

The long-term role of non-traditional banking in profitability and risk profiles: Evidence from a panel of U.S. banking institutions

The oil curse, institutional quality, and growth in MENA countries: Evidence from time-varying cointegration

Financial portfolio choice: Do business cycle regimes matter? Panel evidence from international household surveys.

Renewable energy, output, CO2 emissions, and fossil fuel prices in Central America: Evidence from a nonlinear panel smooth transition vector error correction model

Drawing-through maternal subjectivity

The bank lending channel and monetary policy rules for Eurozone banks: further extensions

Accounting standards convergence dynamics: International evidence from club convergence and clustering

The role of FOMC minutes for US asset prices before and after the 2008 crisis: Evidence from GARCH volatility modeling.

Banking development and energy consumption: Evidence from a panel of Middle Eastern countries

Does Happiness Converge?

Country and industry convergence of equity markets: International evidence from club convergence and clustering.

Can gold prices forecast the Australian dollar movements?

Internal lean practices and performance: The role of technological turbulence.

Criminal Careers in Transition: The Social Context of Desistance from Crime

Is the ‘shadow of sexual assault’ responsible for women’s higher fear of burglary?

Integrated flight/thrust vectoring control for jet-powered unmanned aerial vehicles with ACHEON propulsion.

Increasing the impact of mathematics support on aiding student transition in higher education.

The drawing board

100 years of Bollywood part 1 & 2: queens of melody.

Polymerase chain reaction detection of avipox and avian papillomavirus in naturally infected wild birds: comparisons of blood, swab and tissue samples

Clare's mutterings, murmurings, and ramblings: the sounds of health

Application of ultrasound in the assessment of plantar fascia in patients with plantar fasciitis: a systematic review

Modeling emergent patterns of dynamic desert ecosystems

Voles don't take taxis

Area and individual differences in personal crime victimisation incidence: The role of individual, lifestyle/routine activities and contextual predictors

Prevalence of heat and perspiration discomfort inside prostheses: literature review.

A DMAIRC approach to lead time reduction in an aerospace engine assembly process

Targeted transgene integration overcomes variability of position effects in zebrafish.

S.A.S v France : supporting 'living together' or forced assimilation?



Dead, dead, dead, dead, dead.

Getting Qualified in Woodwork: Young peoples reasons for choosing VET programmes in the UK

Using the income approach to calculate the voluntary sector's economic contribution to gross domestic product: a welsh case study

Colonial and post-colonial constitutionalism in the commonwealth: Peace, order and good government

Building bridges? South African foreign policy and trilateral development cooperation

Theological ethics and interreligious relations: A baptist christian perspective

Visitor satisfaction and place attachment in national parks

The relationship between environmental worldviews, emotions and personal efficacy in climate change

Evaluating the effectiveness of wipe for wildlife and its campaign elements

Authenticity as a value co-creator of tourism experiences.

Proenvironmental behavior: the link between place attachment and place satisfaction.

The relationship between latent inhibition and performance at a non-intentional precognition task.

Access to finance for innovative SMEs since the financial crisis

What really happens to small and medium-sized enterprises in a global economic recession? UK evidence on sales and job dynamics

Methyl donor deficiency due to low vitamin b12 impairs insulin signalling in human adipocytes by down regulating AKT pathway via PTEN and TRB3

Vitamin B12 deficiency induces adipocyte dysfunction via enhanced cholesterol biosynthesis, unfolded protein response and associated epigenetic marks

The identification of irisin in human cerebrospinal fluid: influence of adiposity, metabolic markers, and gestational diabetes

Vitamin B12 deficiency is associated with adverse lipid profile in Europeans and Indians with type 2 diabetes.

Enhanced thermic effect of food, postprandial NEFA suppression and raised adiponectin in obese women who eat slowly.

Maternal inheritance of circulating irisin in humans.

Identification of brown adipose tissue using MR imaging in a human adult with histological and immunohistochemical confirmation.

PWE-001 field cancerisation theory in colorectal cancer (crc): what role do fibroblast growth factors have?

Unfolded protein response in adipose tissue of obese diabetic women significantly improved 6 months post bariatric surgery, irrespective of malabsorptive or bypass operation type and correlates with plasma glucose concentration

A 3-month low fat diet leads to significant lipid profile improvement in obese T2DM Saudi subjects, without substantial weight loss, and the capacity to manage a damaging high-fat meal challenge more appropriately post intervention

Elevated cord leptin from low B12 mothers predicts birth weight

Meal size and frequency influences metabolic endotoxaemia and inflammatory risk but has no effect on diet induced thermogenesis in either lean or obese subjects

Freeze dried broccoli extract relieves ER stress and mitochondrial inefficiency in differentiated human pre-adipocyte cells

Systemic triglycerides as a key determinant of TLR regulated inflammatory risk in human adipose tissue post bariatric surgical intervention and weight loss

Tunicamycin-induced ER stress mediates mitochondrial dysfunction in human adipocytes

A culture of youth: young people, youth organisations and mass participation in Cuba 1959-62.

Cultural Connections: the role of the arts and humanities in Competitiveness and Local Development

Addressing the needs of the other 90% - the role of cycling in developing the sustainable agenda in Johannesburg

The impact of mergers and acquisitions on shareholders’ wealth: evidence from Nigeria

Investigating the link between CSR and Financial Performance – Evidence from Vietnamese Listed Companies

An Evaluation of Management Perspectives of Sustainability Reporting In The Nigerian Oil Industry.

The redescription of the world

How do we speak about art about animals?

From genre to zenre

Past and future of science fiction theatre

Uncovered – performing everyday clothes

Can accessible tourism be sustainable? A link between accessibility and sustainability

Discovery and confirmation of a protein biomarker panel with potential to predict response to biological therapy in psoriatic arthritis

The crafting of queer domestic space in Jaime Hernandez’s love and rockets

Not everything in textbooks is true: teaching discourse analysis to undergraduate business students

The implementation of decentralised biogas plants in Assam, NE India: The impact and effectiveness of the National Biogas and Manure Management Programme

The Europe of tomorrow: creative, digital, integrated

High spatial resolution laser cavity extinction measurements of soot in low soot producing flames

The arts of desistance: Evaluation of the Koestler trust arts mentoring programme for former prisoners

Absence of aggressive and violent defining characteristics in the descriptions of successful and ideal teachers

"It was only harmless banter!" The neutralising role of moral disengagement on males' justifications for sexual harassment

"It was only harmless banter!" The role of in-group identification and moral disengagement on males' justifications for sexual harassment.

Justifying sexual harassment through moral disengagement: the role of in-group identification

Two approaches to modelling the heating of evaporating droplet

Design, construction and simulation of a circuit breaker-based feeder pillar with over current and earth-fault protection cum digitalized voltmeter

Comparative performance evaluation of multimedia traffic over multi-protocol label switching using virtual private network (vpn) internet cloud and traditional internet protocol networks

Fiber to the home: considerations associated with a successful deployment

Effects of rain attenuation on satellite communication links

An adaptive semantic based mediation system for data interoperability among health information systems

Active and experiential learning: Examples from sport, outdoor and spa

Barcode I, II, III

Digital warp blue part of silken threads exhibition

Stroke patients’ utilisation of extrinsic feedback from computer-based technology in the home: a multiple case study realistic evaluation

Development of an evidence-based practice guideline for UK public health nurses (health visitors) to use with parents of infants at risk of obesity.

NICE public health guidance 54: Exercise referral schemes to promote physical activity

Effect of a health-improvement pilot programme for older adults delivered by a professional football club: the Burton Albion case study

Reducing CVD risk factors for men/hard-to-reach men using English premier league soccer clubs

Assessing the impact of football-based health improvement programmes: stay onside, avoid own goals and score with the evaluation!

Initial effects of a free swimming pilot programme on the physical activity levels of young people

Health improvement for men and hard-to-engage-men delivered in English Premier League football clubs

A model for predicting clinician satisfaction with clinical supervision

Social and transitional identity: exploring social networks and their significance in a therapeutic community setting

Muslims in the UK

Gülen on dialogue

TEN – Crossing Borders to Border Crossing

An old dog and new tricks: Genetic analysis of a Tudor dog recovered from the Mary Rose wreck.