Field collections and environmental DNA surveys reveal topographic complexity of coral reefs as a predictor of cryptobenthic biodiversity across small spatial scales

Martial Arts Interventions for Inclusion and Wellness: A Case of Children with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

Promoting Teachers’ Wellbeing Using a Compassionate Mind Training Intervention: Exploring Mechanisms of Change

Numerical Investigation of the Influence of Vegetation on the Aero-Thermal Performance of Buildings with Courtyards in Hot Climates

Overshadowing and salience attribution in relation to cannabis use

A Transformative Learning Experience: An Undergraduate Research Conference as Authentic Assessment

The influence of news and investor sentiment on exchange rate determination: new evidence using panel data in the banking sector

Integration of very Small Modular Reactors and Renewable Energy Resources in Microgrid

Examining and Extending the ‘Robert and Susan Problem’: Exploring the Associations of Deep Approaches to Learning, Level of Student Activity and Use of Formative Feedback within HE Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education

Halokinetically overprinted tectonic inversion of the Penobscot 3D volume offshore Nova Scotia, Canada

The use of the term Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic in The Voice and Eastern Eye newspapers, a discourse analysis of Covid news stories in the UK press

Two-Level Dynamic Programming-Enabled Non-Metric Data Aggregation Technique for the Internet of Things

Parental perspectives on the management of online learning and school readjustment for children with SEN during the COVID-19 pandemic: lessons and applications for possible school closures

Unpacking the triple Nexus: Environmental performance, economic performance and servitization – A systematic review and theoretical reflections

‘Making you Aware of your Own Breathing’: Human Data Interaction, Disadvantage and Skills in the Community

Parental Responses to Online Sexual Grooming Events Experienced by Their Teenage Children

Comparing Bio-Ester and Mineral-Oil Emulsions on Tool Wear and Surface Integrity in Finish Turning a Ni-Based Superalloy

Effect of crustal stress state on magmatic stalling and ascent: case study from Puyehue-Cordón Caulle, Chile

The impact of predation by domestic cats (Felis catus) on British wildlife populations

Performance evaluation of the global airline industry under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic: A dynamic network data envelopment analysis approach

‘It was a whole other world’: the impact of residential outdoor trips on nature connectedness and wellbeing in young people

Threat, safety, safeness and social safeness 30 years on: Fundamental dimensions and distinctions for mental health and well-being

Life With and Without Animals: Humanimalia Special Issue

Older Humans and Their Dogs: Interspecies Companionship and Anticipating Loss

Spatio-temporal variation in progression rates of black band disease between Pramuka Island and Pari Island of the Seribu Islands, Indonesia

A systematic review of research into career guidance policy in the Nordic countries (2008-2022)

An Evolution and Compassion Informed Biopsychosocial Approach to the Challenge of Building an Integrated Science for Psychotherapy

Can Induced Awe Reduce Anti-Gay Prejudice in Heterosexual Adults and Does the Need for Closure Moderate this Effect?

An Exploration of People Living with Parkinson’s Experience of Cardio-Drumming; Parkinson’s Beats: A Qualitative Phenomenological Study

Artistic sports activities effectiveness for enhancing students’ academic performance among left-behind children: mediating effects of loneliness

Effective leadership practice among senior leaders working from home and in the hybrid workplace across COVID-19

Exploring the Experience of Healthcare-Related Epistemic Injustice among People with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

An investigation into the effect of surfactants on iron oxide powder suspension formulations for fingermark development

The interplay effects of digital technologies, green integration, and green innovation on food sup-ply chain sustainable performance: an organizational information processing theory perspective

Hybrid Non-Technical-Loss Detection in Fog-enabled Smart Grids

Evaluation of shale oil and gas plays - Part I: Shale reservoir property modelling of the North Sea Kimmeridge Clay Formation

Exploring cultural dynamics of Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) women in addiction recovery: a comparison of three women from different ethnic backgrounds

Psychometric testing of the Chinese version of the Perceived Maternal Parenting Self-Efficacy Scale among postpartum women

From bloodthirsty parasites to surgical superstars: The humble leech, a suck-cess story in surgical history

“Squinting through Gunsmoke”: William Burrough’s Errant, Worlded West

The Power, Capacity, and Resiliency of Women in Substance Use Disorder Recovery to Overcome Multiple and Complex Housing Transitions

Attenuating post-exertional malaise in Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome and long-COVID: Is blood lactate monitoring the answer?

Changes in nitrogen functional genes and microbial populations in soil profiles of a peatland under different burning regimes

Spatial organisation of fungi in soil biocrusts of the Kalahari is related to bacterial community structure and may indicate ecological functions of fungi in drylands

Physiological and Perceptual Demands During a Simulated “The Hundred” Batting Work-Bout in Female Cricketers

Adopting Quality Management Practices in the Industry 4.0 Era: An Investigation into the Challenges

Parallel representations: Career development in media and academic literature

Molecular dynamics study on interfacial diffusion characterization of nanoparticle TiO2 and metal Fe in high-temperature molten salt thermal energy storage system

Transforming assessment principles and practices through collaboration: A case study from a primary school and university

Developing a Measurement Framework for Ethiopian Dry Port Sustainability: An Empirical Study

Enhancing vessel arrival time prediction: A fusion-based deep learning approach

Explainable DCNN Decision Framework for Breast Lesion Classification from Ultrasound Images Based on Cancer Characteristics

Patient safety climate research in primary care dentistry: a systematic scoping review

Combining environmental DNA and visual surveys can inform conservation planning for coral reefs

A Pilot on the use of Stride Cadence for the Charac-terization of Walking Ability in Lower Limb Ampu-tees

Person Centred Care

Heartfelt conversations: the art of compassionate communication.

A graph based named entity disambiguation using clique partitioning and semantic relatedness

“There's a Six-Foot Monkey That’s Not Being Talked About” Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT): Cognitive Behavioural supervisors’ and supervisees’ experiences of interpersonal processes in the supervisory relationship. An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

The power of partnership: National Tutors Conference, National Saturday Club

Barriers to healthcare access and experiences of stigma: Findings from a coproduced Long Covid case-finding study

Consequence of habitat specificity: a rising risk of habitat loss for endemic and sub-endemic woody species under climate change in the Hyrcanian ecoregion

Dispositional greed and life satisfaction: the role of social comparison for well-being

Pressure Gain Combustion: Fuel Spray and Shockwave Interaction

Career guidance reform in Norway: A critical account of the last twenty years

Karriereveiledning for sosial rettferdighet - Hva kan det bety for norske karriereveiledere

On the Dynamic Geometry of Kasner Polygons with Complex Parameter

Inertial Krasnosel’skiĭ-Mann iterative algorithm with step-size parameters involving nonexpansive mappings with applications to solve image restoration problems

A legacy of solidaric critique and hope for a better world: A meditation on the scholarly contribution of Ronald Sultana

Using community interaction theory to understand the effects of group mentoring on adolescents

I married a Traveller: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of the lived experiences of women marrying into the Travelling community and its impact to their identity’

A comparative analysis of public educational needs in the rehabilitative care of individuals who have committed serious criminal offences: A cross cultural study.

Romeo & Juliet Laws: Investigating UK Public Perceptions of Young Consensual Sex and the Effects of Age Gaps and Perpetrator and Respondent Gender.

Integrating Lean Six Sigma and Industry 4.0: developing a design science research-based LSS4.0 framework for operational excellence

Numerical Simulation of the Interaction between a Planar Shock Wave and a Cylindrical Bubble

The Future of Wellbeing through Contemporary Art Practice and Research Cumulus Contemporary Art Practice Working Group roundtable: Shedding Light on Long Covid

Placemaking and social equity: Going up, or coming down?

Women in Leadership in Higher Education

Towards Connected Places: Insights into Actions St George’s House,Windsor Castle

Place-based problems facing local government: the academics' point of view.

Women in Leadership: Working paper with Council for Higher Education in Art and Design (CHEAD)

The effects of internal representations on performance and fluidity in a motor task

Using cardiorespiratory fitness assessment to identify pathophysiology in long COVID – Best practice approaches

The physiologic benefits of optimizing cardiorespiratory fitness and physical activity – From the cell to systems level in a post-pandemic world

Developing effective strategies to optimize physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness in the long Covid population- The need for caution and objective assessment

Does Entrepreneurship Education Deliver? A Review of Entrepreneurship Education University Programmes in the UK

Global Health Commodities Supply Chain in the Era of COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges, Impacts, and Prospects: A Systematic Review

Children and Practitioners as Truth Seekers and Truth Tellers: Innovative, Counter-Hegemonic Approaches to Evaluating National Inclusion Policies

The feasability of inertial measurement units (IMU) in capturing basic upper body motion

Kinematic Profiles and Performance Insights of National-level Speed Climbers

Utilising 241Am as burnable poison in proliferation resistant PWR

Burnup-Dependent Neutron Spectrum Behaviour of a Pressurised Water Reactor Fuel Assembly

Destructive fishing: An expert-driven definition and exploration of this quasi-concept

Blockchain for Secure Payments: A Bibliometric Review

Effectiveness of dance movement therapy and dance movement interventions on cancer patients’ health-related outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Work-based learning: Expansive learning, désoeuvrement, social justice and VET

Charged-particle production as a function of the relative transverse activity classifier in pp, p–Pb, and Pb–Pb collisions at the LHC

Utilizing Artificial intelligence to identify an Optimal Machine learning model for predicting fuel consumption in Diesel engines

Mental health in athletes: Does authentic leadership matter?

The development of the Japanese version of the Forms of Self-Criticising/Attacking & Self-Reassuring Scale (J-FSCRS): implications for cross-cultural research on self-criticism and self-reassurance

Virtual, augmented reality and learning analytics impact on learners, and educators: A systematic review

Suicide Interventions in Spain and Japan: A Comparative Systematic Review

Microstructure Evolution in AM Produced Superalloy Thin Struts at Low Plastic Strain

Exploring the experiences of an autistic male convicted of stalking

Impact and Implementation of an Early Years Fundamental Motor Skills Intervention for Children 4–5 Years


Tobacco, e-cigarette and alcohol content in popular UK soap operas: a content analysis to explore changes in social norms and scene location over time

“I one-hundred thousand percent blame it on QAnon”: The impact of QAnon belief on interpersonal relationships

Burning out in silence: unmasking the impact of microaggression and racial bias in the workplace

Emotion Regulation and Psychological Dependence on Pain Medication among Hospital Outpatients with Chronic Spinal Pain: The Influence of Rumination about Pain and Alexithymia

Molecular analysis of multidrug-resistant E. coli in pediatric UTIs: findings from a Nigerian Hospital

Conservation volunteers’ experiences of connecting with nature during the COVID-19 pandemic: an interpretative phenomenological analysis

Unlocking the potential: a study on the role of operational excellence in Oman’s energy sector

THE GOLDEN THREAD OF INFORMATION AND FIRE SAFETY IN CONSTRUCTION: Making our buildings safer through the development of a Robust Design Specification Strategy and BIM Framework Integration.

An action research investigation into how school nursing evolved to improve the sexual and mental health of school children between 1999 and 2018 to meet the challenges of the modern world

The relationship between nature connectedness and eudaimonic wellbeing: the role of childhood nature experiences, perceptions of naturalness and biodiversity, and fascination and awe.

A systematic literature review with bibliometric analysis of Quality 4.0

A Heteroscedastic Bayesian Generalized Logistic Regression Model with Application to Scaling Problems

Pain Attitudes and Pain Outcomes among People with Bleeding Disorders: Results from Community Voices in Research

Disrupted Biographies and Gendered Identities: A Qualitative Study

Implementation of International Economic Law: Nigeria’

Entrepreneurialism in Digital Journalism Education: The Niche Model

Exploring Legal and Non-Legal Approaches to Eliminating Child Labour in the Cocoa Industry in Ghana

Implementation of additive manufacturing in the healthcare supply chain for circular economy goals: Paradoxical tensions and solutions from an Industry 5.0 perspective

Exploring Practitioners’ Pedagogic Stances in Relation to Integrated Guidance: A Q-Method Study

Helping School Students Deal with Peer Provocations and Avoid Hostile Attribution Bias with the CATZ Cross-Age Teaching Zone Intervention

Connecting Families with Nature: A Nature Connectedness Activity Handbook

Another way to do ethics: Uses of the landscape in the far-right cultural milieu and the ethics of researching them

Praxis in guidance and counselling: New frontiers

Contributions of environmental management systems (ISO 14001) towards the delivery of sustainable development goal 12

An exploration of mock juror experience during the deliberations of a defendant diagnosed with a personality disorder

Enhancing life cycle product design decision-making processes: insights from normal accident theory and satisficing framework

El juego y el juguete como actividades culturales y sus implicaciones para la descolonización: Una revisión histórica

Privacy-Preserving V2I Communication and Secure Authentication Using ECC With Physical Unclonable Function

2023 MASCC and ESMO guideline update for the prevention of chemotherapy- and radiotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting

Performance comparison of CSP system with different heat transfer and storage fluids at multi-time scales by means of system advisor model

Biodiversity–production feedback effects lead to intensification traps in agricultural landscapes

COVID-19 and Christian Faith-Based Organizations in Great Britain: A Research and Resource Review of Organizational, Financial and Human Contributions and Impacts in the Context of a Wider “Christian Ecology”

Connection for conservation: The impact of counting butterflies on nature connectedness and wellbeing in citizen scientists

Orientation effects on the fracture behaviour of additively manufactured stainless steel 316L subjected to high cyclic fatigue

Thin-walled LPBF-manufactured Inconel 718 honeycomb structures: Multiscale characterization

Investigation of Artifact Contamination Impact on EEG Oscillations Towards Enhanced Motor Function Characterization

Wisdom-Based Buddhist-Derived Meditation Practices for Prosocial Behaviour: A Systematic Review

Challenging Social Inequality Through Career Guidance: Insights from International Data and Practice

In memory of Ronald Sultana

Derby Book Festival: University of Derby CivicLAB: Alice Marshall (Vale): Entertainment in the Performing Arts

Building connections together: Society and Change

Regenerative leadership through creative practice balanced on the intersection of Sci-Art. 

Preserving Accuracy in Federated Learning via Equitable Model and Efficient Aggregation

Dramaturgical analysis of a coaching team’s interactional performances: an ethnography of video-based coaching in a paralympic sporting context

Deep Recognition of Chinese Herbal Medicines Based on a Caputo Fractional Order Convolutional Neural Network

Evaluation of Integrated XAI Frameworks for Explaining Disease Prediction Models in Healthcare

Exploring Imaging Biomarkers for Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease Using Deep Learning: A Comprehensive Analysis

Return to work, work productivity loss and activity impairment in Chinese breast cancer survivors 12-month post-surgery: a longitudinal study

‘This is my House Now!’ : Fighting with My Family, the Female Underdog and Constructing a Public History of WWE.

Exposure of African ape sites to climate change impacts

Pro-environmental enterprise support: Developing a framework to unlock the potential of SMEs in sustainability transitions.

Digging in the dark: Unveiling the unlikely protagonists in medical science advancements – The grave robbers!

An integrated path-tracking and control allocation method for autonomous racing electric vehicles

Humane interrogation strategies are associated with confessions, cooperation, and disclosure: Evidence from a field study of incarcerated individuals in the United States

A prospective clinical and biomechanical analysis of feet following first metatarsophalangeal joint arthrodesis for end stage hallux rigidus

Effects of carotenoids on mitochondrial dysfunction

Transformative capabilities of MedTech organizations in driving circularity in the healthcare industry: Insights from multiple cases

Identification and support of autistic individuals within the UK Criminal Justice System: a practical approach based upon professional consensus with input from lived experience.

Qualitative analysis of migrants’ network-data: using conceptual reflexivity to reveal the ‘magic trick’

A Mixed-Methods Study of Compassionate Mind Training for Pupils (CMT-Pupils) as a School-Based Wellbeing Intervention

Embedding the Sustainable Development Goals Into Higher Education Institutions’ Marketing Curriculum

A report highlighting the experiences of peer supporters who deliver, and parents who receive, one-to-one perinatal peer support through Connected CIC

Embracing Generative AI in the Classroom Whilst Being Mindful of Academic Integrity

Caught in the Web: A Meta-analysis of Internet Addiction, Excessive Daytime Sleepiness and Depressive Symptoms in Adolescents

Adaptation of Federated Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Efficient and Secure E-Healthcare Systems

La crisi dell'Europa dinanzi alle migrazioni


Validating and Identifying KPIs in ATP/WTA hard court tennis match play (2019-2023) using the PWOL method.

The Effect of Job Rotation on Employee Performance: The mediating role of HR strategy and training in the petrochemical industry

Unveiling the Neglected Wellbeing of Performing Artists: Through the Gaze of Artist Parents

Effects of colour-coded compartmentalised syringe trays on anaesthetic drug error detection under cognitive load

Does increasing biodiversity in an urban woodland setting promote positive emotional responses in humans? A stress recovery experiment using 360-degree videos of an urban woodland

Investigative Study of the Effect of Damping and Stiffness Nonlinearities on an Electromagnetic Energy Harvester at Low-Frequency Excitations

Social rank and compassion: How insecure striving, social safeness and fears of compassion mediate the relationship between masculinity, depression and anxiety

A pricing optimization modelling for assisted decision making in telecommunication product-service bundling

Challenges and barriers for first-year home and international students in Higher Education in the UK and Ireland: A scoping review

Design aspects of a CMC coating-like system for hot surfaces of aero engine components

Integration of Industry 4.0 to the CBM practices of the O&G upstream sector in Nigeria

Elements of person-centred diagnostic imaging care in low-and middle-income countries: A systematic review

Continuous Kalman Estimation Method for Finger Kinematics Tracking from Surface Electromyography

Suggesting self-compassion training in schools to stop cyberbullying: a narrative review

Industrial Revolution and Smart Farming: A Critical Analysis of Research Components in Industry 4.0

A cluster analysis of European life in recovery data: what are the typical patterns of recovery experience?

Sound Level Measurement, Monitoring and Management in Small Music Venues: Leq Averaging Time Interval

A case study on practical live event sound exposure monitoring

Signal decorrelation for sound reinforcement system crossovers

Global Perspectives on Operational Excellence: Unveiling Critical Failure Factors and Sustainable Pathways

Accounting Information Quality, Free Cash Flow, and Over-Investment: Evidence from an Emerging Market – a Study in Iran

UK Digital Diplomacy

‘—and so this tree— / O that such our death may be—’: Shelley’s Last Treescapes

COVID-19 and figures of blame: Discursive representations of blame for COVID-19 and its impacts in UK online news

Business strategy and innovative models in the fashion industry: clothing leasing as a driver of sustainability

A case study exploration of Parkinson's disease

Considering the impact of shift working on health

Intelligent Medical Care Solution for Elderly People Based on Wireless Sensor Network Technology

"It's not a career": Platform work among young people aged 16-19

The Improvement of Block Chain Technology Simulation in Supply Chain Management (Case Study: Pesticide Company)

What Do JNC Youth Workers Conceive of as ‘Professional Maturity’ in Youth Work Practice

A Robust Internet of Drones Security Surveillance Communication Network Based on IOTA

Compromising allocation for optimising agri-food supply chain distribution network: a fuzzy stochastic programming approach

Teachers’ Continuing Professional Development: Action Research for Inclusion and Special Educational Needs and Disability

Quick Read and Easy Read Summary - End of Three Year Evaluation of the Access and Inclusion Model

Executive Summary. End of Three Year Evaluation of the Access and Inclusion Model - Investigating implementation and Impact.

The applicability of nature-based interventions to support mothers’ postnatal wellbeing: A conceptual review

Sustaining work ability amongst female professional workers with long COVID

Sustainability and Industry 4.0: The role of social, environmental and technological factors in the development of digital manufacturing

Building an empirically grounded conceptual frame for business networking as a mechanism for pro-environmental business growth

Impacts of cross-border equity portfolio flow and central bank transparency on financial development: the role of economic freedom and international bonds

The impact of political uncertainty on the cost of capital

Paradigm challenges to adopt the circular economy

Assessing a Pilot Scheme of Intensive Support and Assertive Linkage in Levels of Engagement, Retention, and Recovery Capital for People in Recovery Housing using Quasi-Experimental Methods

Bio-protection of cementitious materials below ground: The significance of natural soil environments

Space, surveillance, and stress: a Lefebvrian analysis of heteronormative spatial production in schools, using a photo elicitation method with LGBT+ teachers

Is Monetary Policy a Driver of Cryptocurrencies? Evidence from a Structural Break GARCH-MIDAS Approach

Sailing to my Nearest Neighbours for Lockdown Cocktails: Reflections on The Politics of Home and Homemaking During a Pandemic

Unlock the Potential: Unveiling the Untapped Possibilities of Blockchain Technology in Revolu-tionizing Internet of Medical Things-based Environments through Systematic Review and Future Research Propositions

Novel Adaptive DCOPA Using Dynamic Weighting for Vector of Performances Indicators Optimization of IoT Networks

Multi-stakeholder networks as learning settings towards pro-environmental entrepreneurship: learning through the diversity and policy-practice interface

Hyponatraemia post stroke: a case study and review

A Qualitative Comparison of Secular and Buddhist-Informed Mental Health Practitioners’ Perceptions of Non-Attachment

Investigating the Barriers to Quality 4.0 Adoption in the Indian Manufacturing Sector: Insights and Implications for Industry and Policymaking

Public expectations of police education in England and Wales

Design optimisation for cold rolled steel beam sections with web and flange stiffeners

How do advanced nurse practitioners enhance healthcare outcomes in frail older patients living in care homes?

Bystander intervention to cyberbullying on social media

Navigating life with a sexual conviction: ‘Anticipatory disclosure’ and the impact of living in a perpetual biopsychological state of fight or flight

Sexual Abuse, Safeguarding and Prevention in Sport

Lessons from Public Criminology for the Reintegration of Men with Sexual Convictions Post-Imprisonment

Development and testing of the Night Sky Connectedness Index (NSCI)

'Can you give it to someone who needs it more? Remunerating people who participate in research

Exploring UK sonographers’ views on the use of professional supervision in clinical practice – Stage one findings of a mixed method study

Sustainable Development and Enterprise: Do Foreign Investors Care

Methodological Issues in Real Earnings Management

University makes me angry: Investigating stimulus-response (S-R) and cognitive-mediation (C-M) emotion beliefs in undergraduate students

State Sovereignty and Dispute Settlement in the AfCFTA

Fans as consumers: psychographics and tribalism in Doctor Who fandom

An exploration of operational excellence methodologies implementation in the logistics sectors: a global study

Self-compassion and mental well-being among youth

Narcissism and antisocial behaviour in sport: The moderating role of self-compassion

Tutti – We Can Complete It Together

End of Three Year Evaluation of the Access and Inclusion Model: Research and Technical Report

Molecular subtypes classification of breast cancer in DCE-MRI using deep features

Emily Brontë’s Shelleyan Poetics of Sexual Ambivalence

Climate Change and Multinationals in Nigeria: A Case for Climate Justice

Resisting Legal Convergence

The continuing relevance of customary arbitration in Nigeria: Critical Evaluation of Contemporary Developments

Social Network Theory

Sustainability in practice: a case report of an interdisciplinary online student conference


Analytical Psychology and Sport Epistemology, Theory and Practice

Person Centred Care in Medical Imaging: International Perspectives on High Quality Care.

Corporate Criminal Liability and Sanctions: Current Trends and Policy Changes

Effective Teacher Education for Inclusion Critical Perspectives on the Role of Higher Education:

Introduction to Effective Teacher Education for Inclusion: Critical perspectives on the role of Higher Education in a Neoliberal Age.