Social Network Analysis of Sicilian Mafia Interconnections

Staff reports of bullying and intervention strategies in Croatian care and correctional institutions for youth

East African theatres and performances

City Size and the spreading of COVID 19 in Brazil

Rural–urban scaling of age, mortality, crime and property reveals a loss of expected self‑similar behaviour

Researcher-practitioner reflections: the therapeutic utility of the visually adapted repertory grid technique (VARGT) with stalkers

Using a visually adapted repertory grid technique (VARGT) with people who stalk

What are the features of psychopathology for men who commit stalking offences? A systematic review

‘It’s so Hard to Get Out of that Bubble’. A Phenomenological Analysis with Men Who Have Stalked

Evaluating harm-reduction initiatives in a night-time economy and music festival context

Modal analysis of stiffened plates with advanced 2D finite element model

Analytical analysis of sound transmission in passive damped multilayered shells

Evaluating harm-reduction initiatives in a night-time economy and music festival context

Access and Participation: Building an evidence base of 'what works'

Next generation in vitro primary hepatic cell test systems - their suitability as an alternative to in vivo testing?

The combined network effect of sparse and interlocked connections in SMEs’ innovation

J/ψ elliptic and triangular flow in Pb-Pb collisions at √sNN = 5.02 TeV

Evaluating the performance of an EnerPHit building under different climates in Greece – A Digital Twin approach

Does greater use of language promote greater conceptual alignment?

Written evidence on Universal Credit for work and pensions committee

Systematic Discovery of Short Linear Motifs Decodes Calcineurin Phosphatase Signaling.

Reanalysis of the Atmospheric Radiocarbon Calibration Record from Lake Suigetsu, Japan

Joining the dots: Day to day challenges for practitioners in delivering integrated dementia care

A review of hepatic nanotoxicology – summation of recent findings and considerations for the next generation of study designs

Next generation in vitro primary hepatic cell test systems—their suitability as an alternative to in vivo testing?

A Review of the Current State of Nanomedicines for Targeting and Treatment of Cancers: Achievements and Future Challenges

Experimental Iron Smelting in a Bowl Furnance

Exploring Moderation Effects of Education and the Role of Personality Attribution in a Convergent Model of Successful Psychopathy

Romans, barbarians and foederati: New biomolecular data and a possible region of origin for “Headless Romans” and other burials from Britain

Ethical, social or both? The ethicality of Social enterprises

Design of an occupancy monitoring unit: a thermal imaging based people counting solution for socio-technical energy saving systems in hospitals

Prescribing laughter to ameliorate mental health, sleep, and wellbeing in university students: A protocol for a feasibility study of a randomised controlled trial.

Applying the pathways to nature connectedness at a societal scale: a leverage points perspective

An Online Learning Approach to a Multi-player N-armed Functional Bandit

On Cyclotomic Polynomial Coefficients

Novel upconverting nanoparticles for fingermark detection

Evaluation of the use of chemical pads to mimic latent fingermarks for research purposes

Latent fingermark detection using functionalised silicon oxide nanoparticles: Optimisation and comparison with cyanoacrylate fuming

Preventing and reducing sexual abuse

“We’re All the Same Here”—Investigating the Rehabilitative Climate of a Re-Rolled Sexual Offender Prison: A Qualitative Longitudinal Study

‘The resurrection after the old has gone and the new has come’: understanding narratives of forgiveness, redemption and resurrection in Christian individuals serving time in custody for a sexual offence

Conceptualising success and failure in Circles of Support and Accountability

Are Categorical Deniers Different? Understanding Demographic, Personality, and Psychological Differences between Denying and Admitting Individuals with Sexual Convictions

Men with Sexual Convictions and Denial

The Application of the Repertory Grid in Forensic Practice

SPAMI: A cognitive spam protector for advertisement malicious images

An efficient deep learning-based scheme for web spam detection in IoT environment

DIADL: An Energy Efficient Framework for Detecting Intrusion Attack Using Deep LearnIing

Embedded research in rehabilitation engineering

This won’t happen

Physical profiling of international cricket players: an investigation between bowlers and batters

Injuries in high school level rugby union: how do coaches manage injuries?

Workload Monitoring in Team Sports: Using Elite Cricket as an Example

Workloads of forward and backline adolescent rugby players: a pilot study

Strength and conditioning practices of franchise-level cricket trainers

Helping Deluxe Beds to sleep easy: A case study of agile project management

The Internalization of Social Stigma Among Minor-Attracted Persons: Implications for Treatment

Learning to “live upside down”: Experiencing the true and false self in psychotherapy training

A meta-ethnographic study of fathers’ experiences of caring for a child with a life-limiting illness

Can playing table-top role-play games help children learn?

Reshaping education. Part 1: Practical Thinking in a Pandemic

Assessment: The Game

New Perspectives on Great Questions: What can MOOCs Tell Us?

Discovering the memory thief: MOOC participants’ personal experiences of dementia

Towards Compositional Verification for Modular Robotic Systems

Heterogeneous Verification of an Autonomous Curiosity Rover

Dealing With Isolation Using Online Morning Huddles for University Lecturers During Physical Distancing by COVID-19: Field Notes

The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions: On Technology, Games-Based Learning, and Erasure

Passion Traps

The Capitalist Socius and Videogame Production: Autopoietic Subjectivation Monsters

Managing Contestation in Organizational Culture: Lessons Learned from the South African Mining Pidgin Fanagalo

School-to-work transitions support: ‘cruel optimism’ for young people in ‘the state of insecurity’

The reproduction of the gender regime: the military and education as state apparatuses constraining the military wife student

Modelling Supernatural Belief: Cognition and Personality

Analysis of potential impact of COVID-19 on local occupations and skills

Burden-Sharing and Accommodation of Migrants in the EU - a Simulation Based on Factorial Designs

Advanced Clinical Practice Education: designing an academic model to support the reality of practice: A Case Study

Distance Learning in the COVID-19 Era: Perceptions in Southern Italy

Evaluation of Health-Habits with the S.M.A.R.T. Questionnaire: An Observational Study

Protocol used in the comparison of balance changes after inspiratory muscle or Otago exercise training.

Comparison of balance changes after inspiratory muscle or Otago exercise training

Short- and long-term Habituation of photonegative and exploratory responses in the flatworm planaria (Dugesia)

Heat shock disrupts expression of excitatory and extinction memories in planaria: Interaction with amount of exposure

Higher Education in the Cloud

Academia in the cloud

Experimental Disease Prediction Research on Combining Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

Dynamic Causality Knowledge Graph Generation for Supporting the Chatbot Healthcare System

Using remote sensing to assess peatland resilience by estimating soil surface moisture and drought recovery

Assessing the reliability of peatland GPP measurements by remote sensing: From plot to landscape scale

Using Spectral Indices to Estimate Water Content and GPP in Sphagnum Moss and Other Peatland Vegetation

Elliptic and triangular flow of (anti)deuterons in Pb-Pb collisions at √ s NN = 5.02 TeV

Azimuthal correlations of prompt D mesons with charged particles in pp and p–Pb collisions at √sNN = 5.02 TeV

J/ψ production as a function of charged-particle multiplicity in p-Pb collisions at √sNN = 8.16 TeV

Measurement of electrons from semileptonic heavy-flavour hadron decays at midrapidity in pp and Pb–Pb collisions at √sNN = 5.02 TeV

Investigation of the p–Σ0 interaction via femtoscopy in pp collisions

‘That Emotional Moment’: The Execution of Ruth Ellis in Pierrepoint (2005)

The Canadian Dimension to the Northern Ireland Conflict

Exploring the Roles of Impulsivity and Self- Compassion as Risk Factors for Analgesic Addiction.

Producing Diversity in BBC Radio

The influence of social networks within sports teams on athletes’ eating and exercise psychopathology: A longitudinal study

Teammate influences, psychological well‐being, and athletes’ eating and exercise psychopathology: A moderated mediation analysis

Organizational learning and Industry 4.0: findings from a systematic literature review and research agenda

Quantifying alcohol audio-visual content in UK broadcasts of the 2018 Formula 1 Championship: a content analysis and population exposure.

Tobacco and tobacco branding in films most popular in the UK from 2009 to 2017

Tobacco and alcohol content in soap operas broadcast on UK television: a content analysis and population exposure

Understanding hotel visitors’ motives to use hotel gamified applications

Measurement of the low-energy antideuteron inelastic cross section

Constraining the Chiral Magnetic Effect with charge-dependent azimuthal correlations in Pb-Pb collisions at √sNN = 2.76 and 5.02 TeV

(Anti-)deuteron production in pp collisions at √s = 13 TeV

Centrality and transverse momentum dependence of inclusive J/ψ production at midrapidity in Pb–Pb collisions at √sNN = 5.02 TeV

Evidence of Spin-Orbital Angular Momentum Interactions in Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions

Measurement of the (anti-)3He elliptic flow in Pb–Pb collisions at √sNN = 5.02 TeV

Multiplicity dependence of π, K, and p production in pp collisions at √s = 13 TeV

ϒ production in p–Pb collisions at √sNN = 8.16 TeV

Scattering studies with low-energy kaon-proton femtoscopy in proton-proton collisions at the LHC

Longitudinal and azimuthal evolution of two-particle transverse momentum correlations in Pb–Pb collisions at √sNN = 2.76 TeV

Probing the effects of strong electromagnetic fields with charge-dependent directed flow in Pb-Pb collisions at the LHC

Multiplicity dependence of K*(892)0 and φ(1020) production in pp collisions at √s = 13 TeV

Production of ( anti- ) 3 He and ( anti- ) 3 H in p -Pb collisions at √ s N N = 5.02 TeV

Multiplicity dependence of (multi-)strange hadron production in proton-proton collisions at √s = 13 TeV

Measurement of electrons from heavy-flavour hadron decays as a function of multiplicity in p-Pb collisions at √ sNN = 5.02TeV

Studies of J/ψ production at forward rapidity in Pb–Pb collisions at √ sNN = 5.02TeV

Measurement of isolated photon-hadron correlations in √ sNN = 5.02 TeV ppand p-Pb collisions

Jet-hadron correlations measured relative to the second order event plane in Pb-Pb collisions at √ sNN = 2.76TeV

Underlying event properties in pp collisions at √s = 13 TeV

K ∗ ( 892 ) 0 and ϕ ( 1020 ) production at midrapidity in p p collisions at √ s = 8 TeV

Exploration of jet substructure using iterative declustering in pp and Pb–Pb collisions at LHC energies

Measurement of nuclear effects on ψ(2S) production in p-Pb collisions at √sNN = 8.16 TeV

Non-linear flow modes of identified particles in Pb-Pb collisions at √ sNN = 5.02TeV

Higher harmonic non-linear flow modes of charged hadrons in Pb-Pb collisions at √sNN = 5.02 TeV

Measurement of strange baryon–antibaryon interactions with femtoscopic correlations

Coherent photoproduction of ρ 0 vector mesons in ultra-peripheral Pb-Pb collisions at √sNN = 5.02 TeV

Production of charged pions, kaons, and (anti-)protons in Pb-Pb and inelastic p p collisions at √ s N N = 5.02 TeV

Evidence of rescattering effect in Pb–Pb collisions at the LHC through production of K ⁎ (892)0 and ϕ(1020) mesons

Measurements of inclusive jet spectra in p p and central Pb-Pb collisions at √ s N N = 5.02 TeV

Global baryon number conservation encoded in net-proton fluctuations measured in Pb-Pb collisions at Global baryon number conservation encoded in net-proton fluctuations measured in Pb–Pb collisions at √sNN = 2.76 TeV

Printer in the middle: The Copyright Act 1879, the NSW Government Printing Office and legal deposit in nineteenth-century Australia

Britain and Brexit: A Forecast of the Future of Employment Protection during Corporate Insolvency

Guest Editorial: The Rise of Early Career Insolvency Law Academics and Researchers

JCOERE Report 1: Report 1: Identifying substantive rules in preventive restructuring frameworks including the Preventive Restructuring Directive which may be incompatible with judicial cooperation obligations

The Limits and Logic of the EU Harmonisation Process in the Wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Special Report: Judicial Co-Operation in the European Union: Insolvency and Rescue

Assessing the Impact of Psychology Provision in Elite Youth Soccer

Depletion and Subjective Well-Being: Lessons from the UK Coronavirus Lockdown

Harmonisation of Insolvency and Restructuring Laws in the EU

JCOERE’s Perspective on European Integration and the Scope of Mutual Trust and Cooperation between Courts: Testing Fairness

JCOERE – Judicial Cooperation in the European Union: Insolvency and Rescue

JCOERE Judicial Co-operation Supporting Economic Recovery in Europe: Report 2

Evaluation of the careers leader training

Heat waves are a major threat to turbid coral reefs in Brazil

Reliable eDNA detection and quantification of the European weather loach (Misgurnus fossilis)

Predicting stress and mental wellbeing among doctoral researchers

Active entrepreneurship education and the impact on approaches to learning: Mixed methods evidence from a six-year study into one entrepreneurship educator’s classroom

DETN: Delay-Efficient Tolerant Network for Internet of Planet

Exploring the Conceptual Constructions of the Mobile Phone Within the Neoliberal Digital Age: A Thematic Analysis

The role of organizational motivation and coordination in continuous improvement implementations: an empirical research of improvement project success

Mental health of UK hospitality Workers: Shame, self-criticism and self-reassurance

Androgyny as Mental Revolution in Act 4 of Prometheus Unbound

Small business transition towards degrowth

Supply chain management 4.0: a literature review and research framework

WHAM: Webcam head-tracked ambisonics

Z-boson production in p-Pb collisions at √sNN = 8.16 TeV and Pb-Pb collisions at √sNN = 5.02 TeV

El enfoque mosaico, derecho a la participación y la voz de los niños en investigación educativa

Configuration of enterprise support towards the clean growth challenge: A place-based perspective

Cross-cultural comparison of mental health between Japanese and Dutch workers: Relationships with mental health shame, self-compassion, work engagement and motivation

Understanding ‘vulnerability’ and ‘political skill’ in academy middle management during organisational change in professional youth football

"I don't want to be touched all the time" - Street Harassment and the Indian Woman: Qualitative exploration of street harassment through Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis and Dispositive Analysis

Turning motivation into action: A strategic orientation model for green supply chain management

Conflict narratives, action frames, and engagement in reconciliation efforts among community activists in Northern Ireland.

Commentary: A wellbeing champion and the role of self-reflective practice for ICU nurses during COVID-19 and beyond

Pining for the fjords: international perceptions of Nordic work, education and career guidance

The Gatsby benchmarks and social mobility: impacts to date

'Sedimented Histories' and 'Embodied Legacies': Creating an Evaluative Framework for Understanding Public Engagement in the First World War

'Ephemeral are Gay Gulps of Laughter’: P. B. Shelley, Louis Macneice, and the Ambivalence of Laughter

A flow resistive inspiratory muscle training mask worn during high-intensity interval training does not improve 5 km running time-trial performance


MARINE: Man-in-the-middle attack resistant trust model IN connEcted vehicles

Transnationalism and migration: the concept of home in post-communist Albanian diasporas

Using system mapping to help plan and implement city-wide action to promote physical activity

A preceptorship toolkit for nurse managers, teams and healthcare organisations

Changing practice and values? An exploration of social pedagogy for a Council’s Children's Services Workers

An MCDA cause-effect factors model for the implementation of Greenstone Digital Library software

Let’s talk about career guidance in secondary schools! A consideration of the professional capital of school staff in Ireland and England

Psychological Impacts of the New Ways of Working (NWW): A Systematic Review

‘Withness’: Creative spectating for residents living with advanced dementia in care homes

The role of digital technology in career development

The Marion Adnams project

Acquiring guideline-enabled data driven clinical knowledge model using formally verified refined knowledge acquisition method

The career development profession: Professionalisation, professionalism, and professional identity

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing in the COVID-19 endemic phase

Conspiracy Theories, MIllennialism, and the Nation: Understanding the collective voice in improvisational millennialism

Election over, Brexit next. But, what is the future for career guidance?

Commentary: Suggesting shinrin-yoku (forest bathing) for treating addiction

Social Higher Education Depot (S.H.E.D)

The Enosis Method: An Alternative Mixed Method to Analyse Qualitative Information

Editorial: Coral Reefs in the Anthropocene – Reflecting on 20 Years of Reef Conservation UK

A survey of interpretability of machine learning in accelerator-based high energy physics

The Meiji Legacy: Gardens and Parks of Japan and Britain, 1850-1914

Changes in the spatial distribution of COVID-19 incidence in Italy using GIS-based maps

Research proposal: qualitative investigation into internet-based interventions for professional dementia caregivers' wellbeing

Diversifying the careers workforce: opportunities and challenges

CRT-BIoV: A cognitive radio technique for blockchain-enabled internet of vehicles

Governance options for effective interprofessional education: Exposing the gap between education and healthcare services

From KAM to KARMA: The evolution of Key Account Management for co-creation of value

Student autonomy of feedback format in higher education and perceived functional behaviours for academic development

Developing protocols and methods to predictably induce ex situ broadcast coral spawning and increase post settlement survivorship.

Save the student labour market

Strategic alliance research in the era of digital transformation: perspectives on future research

Pre-colonial legal system in Africa: an assessment of indigenous laws of Benin kingdom before 1897

Shaping the new normal: practising career guidance in the time of coronavirus

Exploring the problem of establishing horizon emergent technologies within a higher education institution’s operational framework

Minimum drift times infer trajectories of ghost nets found in the Maldives

Mental health in the UK police force: A qualitative investigation into the stigma with mental illness

A conceptual framework for countering emergent systemic novelty in the critical national infrastructure

A first look at privacy analysis of COVID-19 contact tracing mobile applications

The Self-Portrait Experience, a dispositif for individual transformation and social activism: The psychological and philosophical/political dynamics in Cristina Nuñez’s practice

A New Perspective of E-Trust in the Era of Social Media: Insights From Customer Satisfaction Data

Cross validation of actigraph derived accelerometer cut‐points for assessment of sedentary behaviour and physical activity in children aged 8‐11 years

Can Facebook Improve Students’ Engagement in Flipped Classes? Community of Inquiry Approach

Are young people aged 16-19 using or expecting to use the gig economy for their careers

Proposition of a method for stochastic analysis of value streams

Listening to new voices in the career development field

Ramblings: A walk in progress (or the minutes of the International Society of the Imaginary Perambulator)

A study of Chinese policy attention on cybersecurity

Developing a strategic sustainable facility plan for a hospital layout using ELECTRE and Apples procedure

Building career capital: developing business leaders’ career mobility

Mental health of Irish students: Self-criticism as a complete mediator in mental health attitudes and caregiver identity

An investigation into the role of acceptance and related factors in quality of life among renal dialysis patients.

Narratives Of Navigation: Refugee-Background Women’s Higher Education Journeys In Bangladesh And New Zealand

Adversarial Thresholding Semi-Bandits

Patient centred care and considerations

Capacities of business incubator and regional innovation performance

Numerical Study of Track-Trailer Gap Aerodynamics

Study protocol: a pilot study investigating mental health in the UK police force

A sociolinguistic perspective on the (quasi-)modals of obligation and necessity in Australian English

Transforming a Research Concept into Commercial Practice: Addressing the ‘Hurdles’ of Single-Species eDNA-based Detection

The effect of soil incubation on bio self-healing of cementitious mortar

Performance measurement for supply chains in the Industry 4.0 era: a balanced scorecard approach

Teaching ‘freedom of speech’ freely

Chronic apelin analogue administration is more effective than established incretin therapies for alleviating metabolic dysfunction in diabetic db/db mice

Patient centred care in diagnostic radiography (Part 1): Perceptions of service users and service deliverers

The role and relevance of theory in careers professionalisation and practice

Effects of shinrin-yoku (forest bathing) and nature therapy on mental health: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Creative critical representation of the choreographer’s creation process

Overview of early childhood education (Mexico)

Accountancy graduates' employability: narrowing the gap between employers' expectations and students' perceptions - the role of H.E.

Examining the association between childhood cognitive ability and psychopathic traits at age 48

An evaluation of a specialist service model for treating Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD): application of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence Guidelines for BDD (NICE, 2006).

The personal guidance fund- developing new and innovative practice

Edible insects and their acceptance in western societies

The role of insurance growth in economic growth: Fresh evidence from a panel of OECD countries

A case study on the impact list event sound level regulations have on sound engineering practice

Brief compassion-focused imagery dampens physiological pain responses

Multiplicity dependence of J/ψ production at midrapidity in pp collisions at √s = 13 TeV

Recognising the changing labour market

Hours spent building skills and employability

Legitimising peace: representations of victimhood and reconciliation in the narratives of local peacebuilders in Northern Ireland

The development of the Japanese version of the compassionate engagement and action scales

Fundamental movement skills and accelerometer-measured physical activity levels during early childhood: a systematic review

Celebrity scientists: Inspiration or just entertainment?

Investigating the triangular relationship between Temporary event workforce, event employment businesses and event organisers

A non- conference review: a note on conferences that never were, those that may be and those that will be in 2021

A novel technique for dynamic shear testing of bulk metals with application to 304 austenitic stainless steel

The critically reflective and creative practitioner

Assessing self-reported mood in aphasia following stroke: challenges, innovations and future directions

Terry Shave: a hybridised-synthesised practice

Using an integrated humanitarian supply chain ERP system to improve refugee flow management: a conceptual framework and validation

Promoting effectiveness of “working from home”: findings from Hong Kong working population under COVID-19

A systematic literature review of data science, data analytics and machine learning applied to healthcare engineering systems

Our Story: A History of the Irish in Derby

Lean production myths: an exploratory study

The adoption of environmentally sustainable supply chain management: Measuring the relative effectiveness of hard dimensions

Characterising the vulnerability of fishing households to climate and environmental change: Insights from Ghana

Impact of lean, agile and green (LAG) on business competitiveness: An empirical study of fast moving consumer goods businesses

Awareness of oral and genital human papillomavirus (HPV) infection in young adolescents prior to gender-neutral vaccination

Exploring Observational Pain Assessment Tools for Individuals with Moderate-to-Severe Dementia

Underestimation of COVID-19 cases in Japan: an analysis of RT-PCR testing for COVID-19 among 47 prefectures in Japan

Behavioural and metabolic responses of the freshwater mussels Anodonta anatina and Unio pictorum to environmental stimuli with a focus on food and light availability

I don’t think anyone here has thought about career really: What the concept of ‘career’ means to Norwegian teenagers and school counsellors

International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS) Annual Review (2020)

Effect of powder bed fusion laser melting process parameters, build orientation and strut thickness on porosity, accuracy and tensile properties of an auxetic structure in IN718 alloy

Positive psychology for mental wellbeing of uk therapeutic students: Relationships with engagement, motivation, resilience, and self-compassion.

How will Education 4.0 influence learning in higher education?

RE: AB (termination of pregnancy)[2019] EWA CIV 1215: ‘wishes and feelings’ under the mental capacity act 2005

Effects of vegetation on bacterial communities, carbon and nitrogen in dryland soil surfaces: implications for shrub encroachment in the southwest Kalahari

Memories of our youth: the viral spread of radio station Facebook posts

A biopsychosocial framework for recovery from COVID-19

Shape grammar based adaptive building envelopes: Towards a novel climate responsive facade systems for sustainable architectural design in Vietnam.

Competition and collaboration in the extractive industries in a world of resource scarcity using a Game theory approach

Proton exchange membrane fuel cell modules for ship applications

Impact of COVID-19 on tourism in Nepal

Completing the life cycle of a broadcast spawning coral in a closed mesocosm

Student wellbeing and assessment in higher education: the balancing act

The design and feasibility of a work-focused relational group-CBT treatment programme to enhance job retention in employed service-users with moderate-severe recurrent depression.

Contractors’ selection criteria for sustainable infrastructure delivery in Nigeria

Developing a new multidimensional model for selecting strategic plans in balanced scorecard

Measuring actions for nature—development and validation of a pro-nature conservation behaviour scale

Deploying Kaizen events in the manufacturing industry: An investigation into managerial factors

The online and campus (OaC) model as a sustainable blended approach to teaching and learning in higher education: A response to COVID-19

Integrated sports and respiratory medicine in the aftermath of COVID-19

Career development and human capital theory: Preaching the “education gospel”

The sexual life of men with psychopathic traits

Production of ω mesons in pp collisions at √s =7 TeV

A global pandemic and its aftermath: The way forward for career guidance

AfCFTA and lex mercatoria: reconceptualising international trade law in Africa

English translation and validation of the Ikigai-9 in a UK Sample [Protocol]

Researching Technical and Vocational Education and Training in a UK Context: classic works and contemporary concerns

Re-conceptualising VET: responses to covid-19

Gendered Narratives in Adamantios Diamantis’ The World of Cyprus

Alternative methods for assessing habitat quality in freshwater systems

Group singing improves quality of life for people with Parkinson’s: an international study

Sport, politics and the struggle over ‘normalization’ in post-Oslo Israel and Palestine

DIY laboratories and business innovation ecosystems: The case of pharmaceutical industry

Exploring the international utility of progressing compassionate mind training in school settings: a comparison of implementation effectiveness of the same curricula in the UK and Portugal

Exploring network embedding for efficient message routing in opportunistic mobile social networks

Eco-innovation and the circular economy in the automotive industry

Online career information and career development

Efficient resampling for fraud detection during anonymised credit card transactions with unbalanced datasets

An integrative systematic review of creative arts interventions for older informal caregivers of people with neurological conditions

Ethical judgement and intent in business school students: the role of the psyche?

Nature connectedness, human behaviours, and blue infrastructure: the water effect to people in historical and contemporary masterplanning

A case report of cognitive behavioural therapy for a Japanese female patient suffering from migraine

Creating community resilience: theatre for young audiences and the mental health crisis

Evidence to the Parliamentary Inquiry on the Future of Journalism

Linguistics for TESOL: theory and practice

'It helps to have more strings to your bow’. Exploring the careers and success of graduates of the conservatoire for dance and drama

Finding the artist: The role of the feminist detective

Do we really offer refuge? Using Galtung's concept of structural violence to interrogate refugee resettlement support in Aotearoa New Zealand

Calibration and cross-validation of accelerometery for estimating movement skills in children aged 8–12 years

The student practitioner as future leader

Tracing the origin of olive ridley turtles entangled in ghost nets in the Maldives: A phylogeographic assessment of populations at risk

Did removing prudence from the Conceptual Framework impact accounting conservatism?

Practical implications and future research agenda of lean manufacturing: a systematic literature review

Mental health of Malaysian university students: UK comparison, and relationship between negative mental health attitudes, self-compassion, and resilience

The challenges of teaching design in the 21st century, the age of the fourth industrial revolution

Revisiting the self-compassion scale-short form: Stronger associations with self-inadequacy and resilience

Delivering patient centred care (Part 2): a qualitative study of the perceptions of service users and deliverers.

Here’s looking at youse: Understanding the place of yous(e) in Australian English

Sodium bicarbonate ingestion improves time-to-exhaustion cycling performance and alters estimated energy system contribution: a dose-response investigation

Vehicular sensor networks: Applications, advances and challenges

Uncovering the impact of triadic relationships within a team on job performance: an application of balance theory in predicting feedback‐seeking behaviour

Setting Nordic career guidance in context

Recreational burlesque and the aging female body: challenging perceptions

Unnatural women: reflections on discourses on child murder and selective mortal neglect

The necessary gaze

The disorderly animal in contemporary art

Of apples and oranges? The evolution of “monogamy” in non-human primates

Kelly + Jones – The Glass Tank Solo Exhibition, CaCO3

The sister arts: Textile crafts between paint, print, and practice

The diagnosis and management of pulmonary embolism

Behavioural thatcherism and nostalgia: tracing the everyday consequences of holding thatcherite values

The UK's reading culture and consumers' emotional response to books

The democratic development potential of a cultural ecosystem approach

Primary biliary cholangitis: An update on treatment

Nutrition and malnutrition in liver disease: An overview

Venesection best practice: A guide for nurses and healthcare practitioners

Venesection best practice guidance

Psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the perceived maternal parenting self-efficacy (PMP S-E) tool for primiparous women

Where the wild things are! Do urban green spaces with greater avian biodiversity promote more positive emotions in humans?

Fog computing-based approximate spatial keyword queries with numeric attributes in IoV

How prepared are healthcare professionals for delivering physical activity guidance to those with diabetes? A formative evaluation

Behavioural factors on the adoption of sustainable supply chain practices

Nature contact, nature connectedness and associations with health, wellbeing and pro-environmental behaviours

Green roof and ground-level invertebrate communities are similar and are driven by building height and landscape context

Performance factors for successful business incubators in Indonesian public universities

Evaluating Interventions

A novel delay-dependent asymptotic stability conditions for differential and Riemann-Liouville fractional differential neutral systems with constant delays and nonlinear perturbation

Traffic assignment: on the interplay between optimization and equilibrium problems

When the image takes over the real: Holography and its potential within acts of visual documentation

A comparative study on social service sector workers' working conditions

Be your dog (workshop)

Attachment-based compassion therapy for ameliorating fibromyalgia: mediating role of mindfulness and self-compassion

Ethics in computing, science, and engineering: A student's guide to doing things right

A dinuclear ruthenium(II) complex excited by near-infrared light through two-photon absorption induces phototoxicity deep within hypoxic regions of melanoma cancer spheroids

Descriptive framework for simulation-aided sustainability decision-making: a delphi study

National guidelines and your continuing professional development

Retrospective analysis of plagiaristic practices within a cinematic industry in india – a tip in the ocean of icebergs

Partial mitigation of oxidized phospholipid-mediated mitochondrial dysfunction in neuronal cells by oxocarotenoids

A new methodological perspective on the impact of energy consumption on economic growth: time series evidence based on the Fourier approximation for solar energy in the US

Different schools, same problem What value teacher research and inquiry?

Learning and change within person-centred therapy: Views of expert therapists

Online social networks, media supervision and investment efficiency: An empirical examination of Chinese listed firms

Social gradients in the receipt of medication for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and young people in Sheffield

Carbon dioxide emissions intensity convergence: Evidence from central American countries

Health care expenditure and environmental pollution: a cross-country comparison across different income groups

Effectiveness of upper limb wearable technology for improving activity and participation in adult stroke survivors: Systematic review

How to conduct a systematic search for a systematic literature review

The diagnosis and management of a patient with acute pyelonephritis

Delayed prescribing of antibiotics for self-limiting respiratory tract infections in an urgent care out of hours setting

A systematic literature review on machine learning applications for sustainable agriculture supply chain performance

Optimization of a wearable thermoelectric generator encapsulated in polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS): A numerical modelling

Exploring the relationship between food and spirituality: A literature review

Effects of surface modification and graphene nanoplatelet reinforcement on adhesive joint of aluminium alloys

Employing a value-belief-norm framework to gauge Carthage residents’ intentions to support sustainable cultural heritage tourism

Professional learning communities and teacher enquiry

Norfolk pauper inventories, c.1690-1834

Design of heat sinks for wearable thermoelectric generators to power personal heating garments: A numerical study

Can mindfulness help address the global obesity epidemic in children and adolescents?

The evolution of pair-living, sexual monogamy, and cooperative infant care: Insights from research on wild owl monkeys, titis, sakis, and tamarins

“I smoked them out”: Perspectives on the emergence of folk opera or ‘musical plays’ in Uganda.

An exploration of family in the context of head injury: a narrative understanding of change

Learning orientation and innovation performance: the mediating role of operations strategy and supply chain integration

Eco-innovation practices’ adoption in the automotive industry

Cost-utility of attachment-based compassion therapy (ABCT) for fibromyalgia compared to relaxation: a pilot randomized controlled trial

Inflammation, lipid (per)oxidation, and redox regulation

Making sense of complexity: A qualitative investigation into forensic learning disability nurses’ interpretation of the contribution of personal history to offending behaviour

#ThisIsDerby evaluation report

Estimating food production in an urban landscape

Long-term unemployment: a question of skill obsolescence (updating existing skills) or technological shift (acquiring new skills)?

Stressed, depressed, and rank obsessed: Individual differences in compassion and neuroticism predispose towards rank‐based depressive symptomatology

Clinical change in psychopathic traits after the PSYCHOPATHY.COMP program: preliminary findings of a controlled trial with male detained youth

Engaging with distress: training in the compassionate approach

Lean Readiness Level of the Azerbaijan Construction Industry

A multi-objective linear optimization model for designing sustainable closed-loop agricultural supply chain

The structure and workings of a publishing house

Using journal alerts to support your continuing professional development

Multi-weighted complex structure on fractional order coupled neural networks with linear coupling delay: a robust synchronization problem

A randomized-controlled pilot trial of an online compassionate mind training intervention to help people with chronic pain avoid analgesic misuse

The asymmetric relationships between pollution, energy use and oil prices in Vietnam: Some behavioural implications for energy policy-making

Can compassion, happiness and sympathetic concern be differentiated on the basis of facial expression?

Solder joint failures under thermo-mechanical loading conditions – a review

John Clare, herbalism, and elegy

Transgenerational business legacies and intergenerational succession among the Igbos (Nigeria)

The material-discursive border & territorial-apparatuses {the Eile project}

Pain and athletes: Contact sport participation and performance in pain

Understanding the digital skills of the career development sector

Assessing systematic literature review bias: kaizen events in hospitals case study

Online tourism information and tourist behavior: a structural equation modeling analysis based on a self-administered survey

Is Gatsby great for careers education? A vision for the future of career learning in schools

Police misconduct, protraction and the mental health of accused police officers

Exposing the unconscious through the para-architectural photo-essay and prose

Sport tourists’ preferred event attributes and motives: a case of Sepak Takraw, Malaysia

Decision making for risk evaluation: integration of prospect theory with failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA)

Potentials of tourism products and services in Bangladesh

Functional fear predicts public health compliance in the COVID-19 pandemic

“Thumb Exercise”: an interpretative phenomenological analysis of psychosocial factors encouraging inactive adults to engage with their smartphones rather than physical activity

A mean free path approach to the micro/nanochannel gas flows

Future frontiers: the impact of career coaching on year 11 students

The tension between worker safety and organization survival

Violence and the crime drop

Benchmarking of cleaner production in sand mould casting companies

Orthostatic hypotension: clinical review and case study

Investigative empathy: a strength scale of empathy based on European police perspectives

The monetary policy transmission mechanism and the role of money market funds in the Eurozone

Deep and disturbed: conditions for formation and eruption of a mingled rhyolite at Ascension Island, south Atlantic

The cross-country transmission of credit risk between sovereigns and firms in Asia

The beating heart of the system: the health of postal workers in Victorian London

The schwartz center rounds: supporting mental health workers with the emotional impact of their work.

Dataset: The Green Care Code: How Nature Connectedness and Simple Activities Help Explain Pro-Nature Conservation Behaviours

Don't slap the fish: The relationship between dietary Omega-3 intake and physical aggression is mediated by motor inhibition in response to distressed faces

Mindfulness for pain, depression, anxiety, and quality of life in people with spinal cord injury: a systematic review

Call for papers: case studies of applied health psychology practice, implementation and knowledge translation experiences

Why it’s important healthcare professionals talk about dying

Implementing real talk: interprofessional education intervention enabling clinicians to develop confidence in open and honest conversations about dying

Quality Improvement Projects in Catheterization Laboratories: A Systematic Literature Review

Optimizing computational resource management for the scientific gateways ecosystems based on the service‐oriented paradigm

Real talk facilitator manual: Engaging patients with end of life talk

A decision-support framework for lean, agile and green practices in product life cycle stages

Development and psychometric evaluation of the Birmingham Relationship Continuity Measure for acquired brain injury

Vocational teachers and workplace learning: integrative, complementary and implicit accounts of boundary crossing

Derby city joint cultural needs analysis for the derby creative arts network and reimagine projects

Laughter and humour for personal development: A systematic scoping review of the evidence

Book review: Research methods for ssocial justice and equity in education

Sino-African Trade: A Multi-layered Appraisal

Polarimetric SAR image semantic segmentation with 3D discrete wavelet transform and Markov random field

Blasphemy and politics in romantic literature: Creativity in the writing of Percy Bysshe Shelley

The role and impact of executive coaching in the Maltese public sector

Dual-fuel operation of biodiesel and natural gas in a model gas turbine combustor

Quantification of carbon particulates produced under open liquid pool and prevaporised flame conditions: Waste cooking oil biodiesel and diesel blends

The visual search strategies underpinning effective observational analysis in the coaching of climbing movement

Exploring the consistency and value of humour style profiles

Tunicamycin-induced Endoplasmic Reticulum stress mediates mitochondrial dysfunction in human adipocytes.

The use and perceived value of telestration tools in elite football

Learners’ perceptions and experiences of studying psychology online

Digital Self-Management Interventions for People With Osteoarthritis: Systematic Review With Meta-Analysis

Bronchiolitis: Treatment and management in an urgent out of hours care setting

Applying hierarchy of expert performance (HEP) to investigative interview evaluation: strengths, challenges and future directions

Tackling the personal tutoring conundrum: A qualitative study on the impact of developmental support for tutors

Raising regional academic voices (alongside data) in higher education (HE) debate

Workplace wellness: measuring the success

Understanding and managing sound exposure and noise pollution at outdoor events

The spa service encounter: an opportunity to explore co-creation and co-destruction

Palgrave advances in John Clare studies

A famework for data sharing between healthcare providers using blockchain

The neurophysiological relationship between number anxiety and the EEG gamma-band

The potential of fatty acid isotopes to trace trophic transfer in aquatic food-webs

Can the Covid-19 pandemic and oil prices drive the US partisan conflict index?

Psychopathy moderates the relationship between nature connectedness and cognitive reappraisal

Convergence of per capita carbon dioxide emissions among developing countries: evidence from stochastic and club convergence tests

Overcoming the challenges of role transition for trainee advanced clinical practitioners

Wasta: Advancing a holistic model to bridge the micro-macro divide

I am great, but only when I also want to dominate: Maladaptive narcissism moderates the relationship between adaptive narcissism and performance under pressure

Monetary policy and commodity markets: unconventional versus conventional impact and the role of economic uncertainty

Understanding radicalisation: issues for practitioners, communities and the state

Improving pofessional observers’ veracity judgements by tactical interviewing

Rapid assembly of high-Mg andesites and dacites by magma mixing at a continental arc stratovolcano

World index of moral freedom: WIMF 2020

'fancys or feelings': John Clare's hypochondriac poetics

Privacy-preserving crowd-sensed trust aggregation in the user-centeric internet of people networks

A feasibility study of non-invasive continuous estimation of brachial pressure derived from arterial and venous lines during dialysis

Local community support in tourism in Mauritius – ray of light by LUX*

Shibori: digital intervention

Do fiscal shocks explain bond yield in high and low debt economies

Greenhouse gas emissions convergence in Spain: Evidence from the club clustering approach

Dependence structure in the Australian electricity markets: New evidence from regular vine copulae

Organisational learning and industry 4.0: Findings from a systematic literature review and research agenda

A multi-objective optimized service level agreement approach applied on a cloud computing ecosystem

The compassionate vagus: A meta-analysis on the connection between compassion and heart rate variability

Self-compassion, social rank, and psychological distress in athletes of varying competitive levels

Social ecological interventions to increase physical activity in children and young people living with and beyond cancer: a systematic review

Numerical study of the coupling between the instantaneous blade loading/power of an axial wind turbine and upstream turbulence at high Reynolds numbers

Does a natural environment enhance the effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)? Examining the mental health and wellbeing, and nature connectedness benefits

A theory of challenge and threat states in athletes: a revised conceptualization

Exposure to contact sports results in maintained performance during experimental pain

Exploring informal weak tie bonded social networks through a multi-level theoretical lens

Examining adherence to medication in patients with persistent atrial fibrillation: The role of medication beliefs, attitudes and depression.

Energy performance and life cycle cost assessments of a photovoltaic/thermal assisted heat pump system

Synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes in rich hydrogen/air flames

Beauty and elegance: value co-creation in cosmetic surgery tourism

Built environment attributes and crime: an automated machine learning approach

Convergence in cryptocurrency prices? The role of market microstructure

Using the theoretical domains framework to improve access to cervical screening for women with intellectual disabilities

Cultivating learner aspirations and self-belief

Behaving professionally in an age of political and corporate nonsense

The impact of industry 4.0 on sustainability and the circular economy reporting requirements

The use of a smartphone app and an activity tracker to promote physical activity in the management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: randomized controlled feasibility study

"Mild health I seek thee": Clare and Bloomfield at the limits of pastoral

Creative ageing: participation, connection & flourishing. A mixed-methods research study exploring experiences of participatory arts engagement in later life through a systematic review of literature and focus groups with older people

Neurophysiological and behavioural markers of compassion

Compassion‐focused therapy for body weight shame: A mixed methods pilot trial

An integrated framework for evaluating the barriers to successful implementation of reverse logistics in the automotive industry

“Suddenly you are King Solomon”: Multiplicity, transformation and integration in compassion focused therapy chairwork

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19): Forecast of an emerging urgency in Pakistan

Implications of rituals and authenticity within the spa industry

The impact of interviewer working hours on police interviews with children

Reduction of visual acuity decreases capacity to evaluate radiographic image quality

Developing a new conceptual framework of meaningful interaction for understanding social isolation and loneliness

Can local finance add value to local small business? Evidence from a UK local loan and grant fund

Acute liver failure in paracetamol overdose: management, transplantation and best practice

Pellino-1 regulates the responses of the airway to viral infection

Distributed leadership in DMOs: a review of literature and directions for future research

Understanding inclusion

Birth shock! What role might arts engagement have to play in antenatal and postnatal care?

International nurses day 2020: The importance of the healthcare sector to society

VET Realignment and the Development of Technical Elites: Learning at Work in England

Investigating the impact of auto loans on unemployment: The US experience

A framework to achieve sustainability in manufacturing organisations of developing economies using Industry 4.0 technologies’ enablers

Police interview of suspects in China: developments and analyses

Politics, social and economic change and crime: exploring the impact of contextual effects on offending trajectories

Foreign policy and EU-Africa relations: From the European security strategy to the EU global strategy

Fuzzy rule-based industry 4.0 maturity model for manufacturing and supply chain management operations

Experimental and numerical study on soot formation in laminar diffusion flames of biodiesels and methyl esters

Rutting resistance of asphalt pavement mixes by Finite Element modelling and optimisation

Development and application of eDNA-based tools for the conservation of white-clawed crayfish

Pro-environmental business and clean growth trends for the East Midlands 2020

COVID-19 place confinement, pro-social, pro-environmental behaviors, and residents’ wellbeing: a new conceptual framework

Disrupting resilient criminal networks through data analysis: The case of sicilian mafia

Performance comparison of resin-infused thermoplastic and thermoset 3D fabric composites under impact loading

Effect of element wall thickness on the homogeneity and isotropy of hardness in SLM IN718 using nanoindentation

A review of in-situ grown nanocomposite coatings for titanium alloy implants

Emotional faces, visuo-spatial working memory and anxiety

The potential use of geophysical methods to identify cavities, sinkholes and pathways for water infiltration

Development of NURSE education in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Ghana: From undergraduate to doctoral programmes

Neurosurgeons’ experiences of conducting and disseminating clinical research in low- and middle-income countries: A qualitative study protocol

Clinical utility of assessing changes of personality functioning during substance misuse treatment

For Flourishing's Sake: Using Positive Education to Support Character Development and Well-being

Airbnb and hotel revenues in popular Greek destinations

Analysis and prioritization of lean six sigma enablers with environmental facets using best worst method: A case of Indian MSMEs

The role of fiscal policy in the link between income inequality and banking crises

Managing operations for circular economy in the mining sector: An analysis of barriers intensity

Parent-child mathematics affect as predictors of children's mathematics achievement

‘Trying to bring attention to your body when you’re not sure where it is’: An interpretative phenomenological analysis of drivers and barriers to mindfulness for people with spinal cord injury

Progress in utilisation of waste cooking oil for sustainable biodiesel and biojet fuel production

Variation in Rayleigh wave ellipticity as a possible indicator of earthflow mobility: a case study of Sobradinho landslide compared with pile load testing

Achieving resilience in the supply chain by applying IoT technology

Surveillance of modern motherhood: Experiences of universal parenting courses

A public health approach to social isolation in the elderly

The physical demands of mixed martial arts: A narrative review using the ARMSS model to provide a hierarchy of evidence

Worth the weight? Post weigh-in rapid weight gain is not related to winning or losing in professional mixed martial arts

International environmental governance: A case for sub-regional judiciaries in Africa

Analysing the risks of adopting circular economy initiatives in manufacturing supply chains

Developing and maintaining leadership, resilience and sustainability in interprofessional collaboration

Creation of consensus recommendations for collaborative practice in the Malaysian psychiatric system: a modified Delphi study

Developing an Australia wide approach to IPE leadership and sustainability

Developing more inclusive schools for pupils with special educational needs: key messages for school leaders and communities

Inflation expectations, volatility and Covid-19: Evidence from the US inflation swap rates

Threshold effects of housing affordability and financial development on the house price-consumption nexus

Substrate parameters affecting propagation of juvenile freshwater pearl mussels margaritifera margaritifera (bivalvia: margaritiferidae)

Computational Analysis of Turbulent Flow over a Bluff Body with Drag Reduction Devices

Ubiquitous health profile (UHPr): a big data curation platform for supporting health data interoperability

Addressing unrealistic optimism with counterfactual reasoning in an employability module in higher education

Expanding hermeneutic horizons: Working as multiple researchers and with multiple participants

The green care code: How nature connectedness and simple activities help explain pro‐nature conservation behaviours

Endings are not always completed with a full stop

An archaeology of letter writing: the correspondence of aristocratic women in late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century England

Persation: an IoT based personal safety prediction model aided solution

Attachment styles modulate neural markers of threat and imagery when engaging in self-criticism

Psychometric properties of the German version of the fears of compassion scales

Feminist Media: From the Second Wave to the Digital Age

Stability of discrete-time fractional-order time-delayed neural networks in complex field

U.S. monetary policy and herding: Evidence from commodity markets

The role of Covid-19 for Chinese stock returns: evidence from a GARCHX model

Energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and economic growth: Fresh evidence from 57 countries and panel quantile regressions

Institutional development and the Astana international financial center in Kazakhstan

Natural disasters and housing prices: Fresh evidence from a global country sample

The impacts of R&D investment and stock markets on clean energy uses and CO2 emissions in a panel of OECD economies

The recognition and management of sepsis in urgent care out of hours setting

Comprehensive review of the recent advances in PV/T system with loop-pipe configuration and nanofluid

Artificial Neural Networks Training Acceleration Through Network Science Strategies

A privacy-preserved probabilistic routing index model for decentralised online social networks

Psychological intervention for partners post-stroke: A case report

Supplier selection for smart supply chain: An adaptive fuzzy-neuro approach

Enlightenment science, technology and the industrial revolution: a case study of the Derby philosophers c1750-1820

Crisis management for people with dementia at home: Mixed‐methods case study research to identify critical factors for successful home treatment

Use of social marketing principles in sexual health: an exploratory review


Arts in health: Pregnancy, birth & new parenthood

Specialized business incubators as a strategy for small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry 4.0 era – a systemic approach

Performances analysis of a micro-grid connected multi-renewable energy sources system associated with hydrogen storage

An experimental online judge system based on docker container for learning and teaching assistance

Implementation of fuel cell and photovoltaic panels based DC micro grid prototype for electric vehicles charging station

Experimental validation of fuel cell, battery and supercapacitor energy conversion system for electric vehicle applications

Arabic machine translation: A survey of the latest trends and challenges

Un/writing the landscape, re/figuring the body

Kelly + Jones : The Glass Tank Seers in Residence CaCO3

Kelly + Jones In Conversation with Seers in Residence Artists for The Glass Tank

For We Are Made Of Lines

Optimal design of cold roll formed steel channel sections under bending considering both geometry and cold work effects

Chalk Drawings

Sculptural works CaCO3

Benchmarking of sustainability to assess practices and performances of the management of the end of life cycle of electronic products: a study of Brazilian manufacturing companies

Persistence in silver prices and the influence of solar energy

Assessment of Drag Reduction Devices Mounted on a Simplified ‎Tractor-Trailer Truck Model

Feature: Angela Bartram - 366:366 (eventually; animated; finally), 2016-2020

Underpinning prosociality: Age related performance in theory of mind, empathic understanding, and moral reasoning

MRI brain classification using the quantum entropy LBP and deep-learning-based features

Documents, Alternatives #4

Large Eddy Simulation of the Flow Past a Circular Cylinder at Super-Critical Reynolds Numbers

PhotographyDigitalPainting: Expanding medium interconnectivity in contemporary visual art practices

All data are local: thinking critically in a data-driven society

Identities and communities: negotiating working-class identity in the regional press

Performing geopower: Eile and border-fictioning

Credit supply conditions and business cycles: New evidence from bank lending survey data

Development of an Offline-Friend Addiction Questionnaire (O-FAQ): Are most people really social addicts?

Tackling religion or belief-related harassment and hate incidents: a guide for higher education providers

Entrepreneurial firms: With whom do they compete, and where?

Using webinars to support your continuing professional development

Unusual venues for business events: Key quality attributes of museums and art galleries

Ethical leadership in the cultural context of Oman

Wasta: advancing a holistic model to bridge the micro-macro divide in network studies

Reflecting on perceptions of local communities and visitors: Sustainable heritage leisure and tourism


The impact of religiosity on earnings quality: International evidence from the banking sector

Teacher professional learning through lesson study: teachers’ reflections

Multiprocessor System-on-Chips based Wireless Sensor Network Energy Optimization

Industrialization of nature in the time of complexity unawareness, the case of Chitgar lake, Iran

Entrepreneurial marketing and digital political communication – a citizen-led perspective on the role of social media in political discourse

Decomposing supply shocks in the US electricity industry: evidence from a time-varying Bayesian panel vector autoregression model

Industry momentum and reversals in stock markets

Psychometric validity of the Compassionate Engagement and Action Scale for Adolescents: a Swedish version

What is the role of stress cardiovascular reactivity in health behaviour change? a systematic review, meta-analysis, and research agenda

Examining the connection between nature connectedness and dark personality

Fundamental questions and applications of sclerochronology: Community-defined research priorities.

Exploring investigative interviewing: A Dubai perspective

Professional standards and recognition for UK personal tutoring and advising

Growth-increment characteristics and isotopic (δ18O) temperature record of sub-thermocline Aequipecten opercularis (Mollusca:Bivalvia): evidence from modern Adriatic forms and an application to early Pliocene examples from eastern England.

Characterization of Sobradinho landslide in fluvial valley using MASW and ERT methods

CloudIoT-based Jukebox Platform: a music player for mobile users in Café

Consumption and material culture of poverty in early-modern Europe, c.1450-1800

Un/writing and re/figuring artistic practice

Women and access to environmental justice in Nigeria

Sustainability adoption through sustainable human resource management: a systematic literature review and conceptual framework

Recurrent sequences: Key results, applications, and problems

WiFi probes sniffing: an artificial intelligence based approach for MAC addresses de-randomization

The Terre Ice Chandelier

Ice holes

Developing an online qualification for O&P technicians

The magic of the mundane: the vulnerable web of connections between urban nature and wellbeing

Population genetic diversity in an Iraqi population and gene flow across the Arabian Peninsula.

Against all odds—why UK mothers’ breastfeeding beyond infancy are turning to their international peers for emotional and informative support

From victimisation to restorative justice: developing the offer of restorative justice

AfCFTA: An emergent concept of 'Lex Mercatoria Africana'?

How healthcare providers’ own death anxiety influences their communication with patients in end-of-life care: A thematic analysis

InDialogue International Residencies

Research and implementation of intelligent decision based on a priori knowledge and DQN algorithms in wargame environment

Targeting complement cascade: an alternative strategy for COVID-19

Effective solder for improved thermo-mechanical reliability of solder joints in ball grid array (BGA) soldered on printed circuit board (PCB)

Comparing and benchmarking fatigue behaviours of various sac solders under thermo-mechanical loading

Estimating a treatment effect on recidivism for correctional multiple component treatment for people in prison with an alcohol use disorder in England

Measuring capital in active addiction and recovery: the development of the strengths and barriers recovery scale (SABRS)

Putting ‘Justice’ in recovery capital: Yarning about hopes and futures with young people in detention

Building Recovery Capital through Community Engagement: A Hub and Spoke Model for Peer-based Recovery Support Services in England

The effects of local socio-political events on group cohesion in online far-right communities

Comparing three stages of addiction recovery: long-term recovery and its relation to housing problems, crime, occupation situation, and substance use

Resistance and reproduction: An arts-based investigation into young people’s emotional responses to crime

Using behavioural insights to reduce sugar in primary school children's packed lunches in derby; A cluster randomised controlled trial

Are members of mutual aid groups better equipped for addiction recovery? European cross-sectional study into recovery capital, social networks, and commitment to sobriety

S.H.E.D: A Case Study: Acting locally, thinking globally

Within these hyperporous walls: An examination of a rebundled online learning model of higher education

Link between Islamic business and Wasta

Did you save some cash for a rainy COVID-19 day? The crisis and SMEs

Is there a trade-off between accrual-based and real earnings management activities in the presence of (fe) male auditors?

Examining the relationship of personality functioning and treatment completion in substance misuse treatment

Congestion prediction for smart sustainable cities using IoT and machine learning approaches

The growing demand for education in Saudi Arabia: How effective is borrowing educational models from the west?

The influence of caffeine expectancies on simulated soccer performance and perceptual states

Lower limb prosthetic interfaces: Clinical and technological advancement and potential future direction

Smart anomaly detection in sensor systems: A multi-perspective review

A conceptual information sharing framework to improve supply chain security collaboration

Image-based sexual abuse: A psychological perspective

Chemically modified minds: Substance use for cognitive enhancement

Being limitless: A discursive analysis of online accounts of modafinil use

Asymmetric effects of inflation instability and GDP growth volatility on environmental quality in Pakistan

Corruption, rentier states and economic growth: Where do the GCC Countries stand?

Task-efficacy predicts perceived enjoyment and subsequently barrier-efficacy: Investigation of a psychological process underpinning schoolchildren’s physical activity

Computational Study of Flow around 2D and 3D Tandem Bluff Bodies

Fostering economic growth, social inclusion and sustainability in industry 4.0: a systemic approach

Integrating sport and exercise medicine clinics into the National Health Service: a qualitative study

Do global sentiment shocks spillover towards emerging and frontier markets?

A novel hybrid approach to forecast crude oil futures using intraday data

Routledge International Handbook of Play, Therapeutic Play and Play Therapy

Neuro-Dramatic-Play and a hero’s journey

Developing a Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy Treatment Programme Designed to Promote Hopefulness and Self-Esteem in Mental Health Service Users Recently Diagnosed with a Psychotic Illness: A Pilot Study to Explore Service-Users’ Experiences of Accessibility, Engagement and Efficacy

Fracking and asset prices: The role of health indicators for house prices across Oklahoma’s counties

Industry 4.0 enablers for a cleaner production and circular economy within the context of business ethics: a study in a developing country

A review of challenges and opportunities of blockchain adoption for operational excellence in the UK automotive Industry

Health, wellness and place attachment during and post health pandemics

Cyclicality of commodity markets with respect to us economic policy uncertainty based on granger causality in quantiles

Pandemic burnout in frontline healthcare professionals: Can Meditation Help?

Investigating the environmental, behavioural, and sociodemographic determinants of attendance at a city-wide public health physical activity intervention: longitudinal evidence over one year from 185,245 visits

The impact of context on real-life serious crime interviews

Psychometric properties of the 15-item five facet mindfulness questionnaire in a large sample of Spanish pilgrims

A qualitative study of men’s behavioural changes during weight loss maintenance

Impact of social distancing to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in a virtual environment

Embedding compassionate micro skills of communication in higher education: implementation with psychology undergraduates

Protest S.H.E.D


An iterative run-to-run learning model to derive continuous brachial pressure estimates from arterial and venous lines during dialysis treatment

Corporate social responsibility at LUX* resorts and hotels: Satisfaction and loyalty implications for employee and customer social responsibility

Reduction of visual acuity decreases capacity to evaluate radiographic image quality

P193 Experiences of delivering a nurse-led fracture risk assessment for patients with inflammatory rheumatological conditions in primary care

The impact of interviewer working hours on police interviews with children

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Forecast of an Emerging Urgency in Pakistan

Implications of rituals and authenticity within the spa industry

S.H.E.D: Design for Emergency

Evaluating tail risks for the US economic policy uncertainty

Florence Nightingale (1820–1910) – what does history say about her feminism?

Careers coaching for social justice: the case of school leadership and inclusive education for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities

The gravitational pull of identity: Professional growth in sport, exercise, and performance psychologists

Compassion: From its evolution to a psychotherapy

Development and implementation of evaluation resources for a green outdoor educational program

Evaluating the impact of the Team Programme on the outcomes for student-alumni

A repairing missing activities approach with succession relation for event logs

An Exploration of Human Dignity as a Foundation for Spiritual Leadership

Florida metropolitan housing markets: examining club convergence and geographical market segmentation

Impact of gender on use of wasta among human resources management practitioners

The Tree Charter bell

Tolpuddle Martyrs Tree Bell

Tree Crier

The Frequency of Trees

Building A Mass Movement Of People For Woods And Trees

The Tree Charter Bell Ceremony II

Risk management in stalking victims: A multi-agency approach to victim advocacy

The influence of economic policy uncertainty and geopolitical risk on U.S. citizens overseas air passenger travel by regional destination

The impact of economic freedom on the gender pay gap: evidence from a survey of UK households

Perceived social impacts of tourism and quality-of-life: A new conceptual model

Perceptions around adult and child sex offenders and their rehabilitation as a function of education in forensic psychology independent of traditionalism and perpetrator sex

How to promote real equality in higher education

The Racialisation of Campus Relations

The intercultural skills graduates and businesses in Europe need today

The number of partitions of a set and Superelliptic Diophantine equations

Technology used to recognize activities of daily living in community-dwelling older adults

"I don’t want to hold your hand": Can Covid-19 public health messages delivered through songs?

An exploration of the role of visual arts projects for refugee well-being

Changing socio-religious realities: Practical negotiation of transitions in the governance of religion or belief, state and society

Gay gardens: Visual anachronisms and the subversive politics of lesbian representation

Some of what happened here…v.2.0. FORMAT: A case study of impact through legacy, time and place

Machinability of INCONEL718 alloy with a porous microstructure produced by laser melting powder bed fusion at higher energy densities

A profound difference: Visualising politics through obsolete media

Enforcement strategies in Chinese capital market

Ngland: Exposure Festival

Mythologies, Identities and Territories of Photography: Forever//Now

Anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies-associated vasculitis: a guide and case study

The Inclusion of a Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 Responsive Sequence in Self-assembled Peptide-based Brain-Targeting Nanoparticles Improves the Efficiency of Nanoparticles Crossing the Blood-Brain Barrier at Elevated MMP-9 Levels


Myths for a Wetlands Imaginary, HD Film, 9’24’’, 2019

Simultaneous two-phase flame velocity measurement using laser-induced incandescence particle image velocimetry (LII-PIV)

Allowing the mind to breathe

S/Z/COOPER/COOPER: Barthes with Twin Peaks: The Return

Starting to Measure up

Remote sensing evaluation of total suspended solids dynamic with markov model: a case study of inland reservoir across administrative boundary in south China

Compression and buckling after impact response of resin-infused thermoplastic and thermoset 3D woven composites

Gender and recovery pathways in the UK

An empirical study on the building blocks of resilience in British food supply chains in case of Brexit

A multilevel multidimensional finite mixture item response model to cluster respondents and countries: the forms of self-criticising/attacking and self-reassuring scale

Application of the Lomb-Scargle Periodogram to Investigate Heart Rate Variability during Haemodialysis

Tweets classification and sentiment analysis for personalized tweets recommendation

Life with and without animals: the second (Un)common worlds conference

ANTONYM: Life With and Without Animals: an online exhibition

Explaining probabilistic Artificial Intelligence (AI) models by discretizing Deep Neural Networks

Large-scale Data Integration Using Graph Probabilistic Dependencies (GPDs)

Prescribed $k$-symmetric curvature hypersurfaces in de Sitter space

Seismic signature of mudflow tremor resulted from Brumadinho (Brazil) tailings dam failure

Artificial intelligence and disability: too much promise, yet too little substance?

Unveiling the strong interaction among hadrons at the LHC

Beyond disciplinarity: Historical evolutions of research epistemology

Control strategies of a gas turbine generator: a comparative study

Search for a common baryon source in high-multiplicity pp collisions at the LHC

Transverse-momentum and event-shape dependence of D-meson flow harmonics in Pb–Pb collisions at √sNN = 5.02 TeV

Pion–kaon femtoscopy and the lifetime of the hadronic phase in Pb−Pb collisions at √sNN = 2.76 TeV

Melting temperature measurement and mesoscopic evaluation of single, double and triple DNA mismatches

Dielectron production in proton-proton and proton-lead collisions at √sNN = 5.02TeV

Severity Estimation of Plant Leaf Diseases Using Segmentation Method

Metabolic syndrome among type 2 diabetic patients in Sub-Saharan African countries: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Detection of Cover Collapse Doline and Other Epikarst Features by Multiple Geophysical Techniques, Case Study of Tarimba Cave, Brazil

Sea urchin diseases: Effects from individuals to ecosystems

Crashworthiness Characterisation of the Car Front Bumper System Based on FEA Analysis

Responding to COVID-19: The experience of suppliers

COVID-19: Challenges for student recruitment and development

Student development survey 2020: Supporting the learning and development of entry-level hires.

The ISE Pulse Survey 2020: Taking the temperature of the graduate labour market.

What do students want? Listening to the voices of young jobseekers

Covid-19: Global impacts on graduate recruitment

Covid-19: The impact of the crisis on student recruitment and development

'The more public it is, the more severe it is’: teachers’ perceptions on the roles of publicity and severity in cyberbullying

Understanding child and adolescent cyberbullying

Predictors of poor 6-week outcome in a cohort of major depressive disorder patients treated with antidepressant medication: the role of entrapment

Evolutionary functional analysis: The study of social mentalities, social rank and caring-compassion

Cover price rises of regional newspapers accentuated decline in sales as digital media grew between 2006-2016

Mapping young children’s conceptualisations of the images they encounter in their familiar environments

Layered Realities and the Narration of History

‘The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few’ Support for children with SEND in times of austerity

Student recruitment survey 2020. Challenge and resilience in the year of Covid-19

Personality Predictors of Yips and Choking Susceptibility

The Role of Future Time Perspective, Body Awareness, and Social Connectedness in the Relationship Between Self-efficacy and Resilience

#52etc - 52 Engaging Toolkit Cards for enhancing student engagement

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