Modern Corporations and Strategies at Work

Victim opinions of police responses to reports of domestic violence and abuse in Greece

A systematic approach to the Design, Implementation and Visualisation of a Quadcopter Controller for Autonomous Navigation

English Nationalism, Folklore and Indigeneity

Enhanced clustering based routing protocol in vehicular ad‐hocnetworks

Holding Stories

When The Autumn Leaves Fell in Finsbury Park 2023

Shedding Light on Long Covid Conference

FUTURE MACHINE: Making Myths & Designing Technology for a Responsible Future: Making Myths and Entanglement: Community engagement at the edge of participatory design and user experience

FNMD: An Evaluation of Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques for Fake News Detection

The effect of leg dominance on the frequency and 3D kinematics of soccer passing in female academy players

Evaluating goal threat in football using player and ball locations

The Role of Freshwater Mussels in River Bed Dynamics and Sediment Flux

Fundamentals, real-time uncertainty and CDS index spreads

From Online to Offline: translating screen-based interactions into studio practices.

Psychometric properties of the Arabic version of the good death inventory (GDI-A) questionnaire tested on Palestinian family members of deceased adult cancer patients

Catcalling victims’ long-term psychological impacts: A qualitative study

Literary influence and legal precedent Censorship in the Court of Chancery, 1710–1823

A narrative review on increased prevalence of cardiovascular complications following a COVID-19 infection: The risks and considerations for effective management and practice

A critical review of windcatcher ventilation: Micro-environment, techno-economics, and commercialisation

Patients’, families’ and healthcare providers’ perspectives on end-of-life communication in Chinese hospital settings: A qualitative study protocol

Multi-factor analysis and optimization design of a cascaded packed-bed thermal storage system coupled with adiabatic compressed air energy storage

A Meta-Ethnographic Review of Paid Staff and Volunteers Working together in Palliative Care

The Influence of Unstable Load and Traditional Free-Weight Back Squat Exercise on Subsequent Countermovement Jump Performance

2023 Updated MASCC/ESMO Consensus Recommendations: prevention of radiotherapy-and chemoradiotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting

Modular reactors: What can we learn from modular industrial plants and off site construction research

Effect of Powder Bed Fusion Laser Sintering on Dimensional Accuracy and Tensile Properties of Reused Polyamide 11

Analysis of vibrational resonance in an oscillator with exponential mass variation

Approaches for describing processes of fuel droplet heating and evaporation in combustion engines

Acute COVID-19, the Lived Experience, and Lessons to Learn for Future Pandemics

The High’s and Low’s of COILs in Action: A case study from Qatar, the UK, and the UAE: Extended Abstract

A Systematic Review of Lean Implementation Frameworks and Roadmaps: Lessons Learnt and the Way Forward

Attention Enhanced Siamese Neural Network for Face Validation

Strengthening the evidence to support and enable women to breastfeed beyond infancy

Effective Working with Parents

Promoting students’ interest through culturally sensitive curricula in higher education

Sustainable Growth for ‘Robert’: Constructive Alignment and Student Activity in Enterprise Education

The Yin-Yang of Spirituality: An Introduction to the Special Issue

Stalking Behaviour

Effect of Grain Structure on Machinability of LPBF Inconel 718: A Critical Review

Neurotechnological solutions for post-traumatic stress disorder: A perspective review and concept proposal

Career Development as Freedom

Long COVID – integrated approaches to chronic disease management?

Pre-COVID-19 physical activity status does not protect against reductions in post-covid-19 symptoms: a correlation relativistic analysis during the lockdown

The acute and chronic implications of the COVID-19 virus on the cardiovascular system in adults: A systematic review

Evolution, Compassion, and Wellbeing

Can windcatcher's natural ventilation beat the chill? A view from heat loss and thermal discomfort

The Effect of Pollen on Coral Health

Soiling in Solar Energy Systems: The Role of the Thresholding Method in Image Analysis

The experiences of people with intellectual disabilities who have been convicted of sexual offences of being recalled back to prison

Stalking and the impact of labelling “There’s a difference between my offence and a stalker”

Stalking: Issues of deterrence “When I was stalking, I was so dedicated to it. Nothing would stop me. It was my focus.”

Introduction “stalking: what do we know about working with people who stalk and where do we go?”

Stalking, narcissistic vulnerability and the application of schema therapy “I was punishing her for me not being good enough”

Classifying Stalking Among Adolescents: Preliminary Considerations for Risk Management

Life Before and After: Editors’ Work and Place in the COVID-19 Gig Economy

A Reflection on the Legacy of Ronald Sultana

Research Trends in Dry Port Sustainability: A Bibliometric Analysis

An exploration of the lived experience of male Health Visitors: An interpretative phenomenological analysis.

Stress, coping and job satisfaction in UK academics during the COVID-19 pandemic

Calmer, Kinder, Wiser: A Novel Threefold Categorization for Mindfulness-Based Interventions

Co-designing a nature-based intervention to promote postnatal mental health for mothers and their infants: a complex intervention development study in England

Politics, Culture, Urban Elites and Townscapes in Georgian England: A Case Study of Derby c.1720-1800

An assessment framework to evaluate the critical success factors to Quality 4.0 transition in developing countries: a case experience of sustainable performance of Indian manufacturers

The role and relevance of pedagogic contexts in training adult careers professionals

Exposure to climate change information on affect and pro-environmental behavioural intentions: A randomised controlled trial

The Role of Education in Preventing Honour-Based Abuse in England

Does the institutional quality matter for renewable energy promotion in the OECD economies?

Holocene glacial landscapes of the Balkans

International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS) Annual Review 2023 - 25th Anniversary

Career guidance for social justice: Webinar, March 11, 2022

Review of the Russia-Ukraine War and its Impact on Public Health

The Lived Experience of Weight Loss Maintenance in Young People

How Features of Autism may Provide the Context of Vulnerability to Engage in Offending, and Recommendations for Improving Support for Individuals with Autism

Using play and story-telling in a clinical setting to improve well-being for people with long term conditions.

Transmitting affective job insecurity (AJI) within teams: Layoff effects of AJI convergence on intrateam power struggles and team outcomes

Design optimisation for cold rolled steel beam sections with complex stiffeners considering cold working effects

How to Teach Mechanical Engineering Design Using Industry Methods While Still Assessing to University Criteria

The Impact of Breed Specific Legislation on Perceptions of Canine Characteristics

Evaluation of the DigiBete App, a Self-Management App for Type 1 Diabetes: Experiences of Young People, Families and Healthcare Professionals

Economic-Environmental Interplay in Central Asia

Sexual Offending, Language and Probation Practice

Lattice Core FEM Simulation with a Modified-Beam Approach

How does the “war on woke” perpetuate harm towards those with a criminal conviction?

Advancing Prison Education Through Partnership Working and Public Criminology

Could Briseis Consent? A Critical Comparison of Contemporary Women Writers’ Adaptations of Briseis’s Narrative

“Turbulence even in a bubble”: A reflexive thematic analysis with family caregivers of people with dementia in the United Kingdom during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic

Art of Research Conference 2023 (exhibition and presentation)

Disentangling the Evolution of Cognition: Learning in Cnidaria

Enrichment of Forensic Science Employability Skills through a Turing Placement Opportunity in Brazil

Referencing for nursing, health, and social care undergraduates; what do students understand and what do academics know?

The History of Special Education in England: Divisions, divergences and coalitions

Why study the history of education?

Evaluation of the impact of implementing a new digital communication platform in hospital workflow

Placemaking as a driver for co-creation in cultural tourism in rural Zimbabwe - the scope for creative entrepreneurs and tour operators

Challenges for co-creation in Zimbabwe's cultural and creative industries

Stakeholder shared value creation: a strategic analysis of academic publishing and UK higher education in the context of developing digital technologies

Using appreciative inquiry in business research

Social marketing as a behaviour change strategy to increase tourists' pro-environmental behaviour

The importance of appearing trustworthy in the workplace: Performance analysts’ perspectives

UK Nurses Delivering Physical Activity Advice: What Are the Challenges and Possible Solutions? A Qualitative Study

A Phenomenological Inquiry of Building and Living in European Earthship Homes

Implementing ISO 14001 in the engineering and construction sectors: a systematic review

Pseudorapidity densities of charged particles with transverse momentum thresholds in pp collisions at √ s = 5.02 and 13 TeV

Post-Activation Performance Enhancement (PAPE) After Resisted Sprinting in Recreationally Active Participants: A Double-Blind Randomised Crossover Trial

What does implication mean? An exploration of undergraduates’ vocabulary size and academic achievement

An Efficient Feature Selection and Explainable Classification Method for EEG-based Epileptic Seizure Detection

Towards Adequate Policy Enhancement: An AI-Driven Decision Tree Model for Efficient Recognition and Classification of EPA Status via Multi-Emission Parameters

A Multi-Dataset Characterization of Window-based Hyperparameters for Deep CNN-driven sEMG Pattern Recognition

Analysis of Artifactual Components Rejection Threshold towards Enhanced Characterization of Neural Activity in Post-Stroke Survivor

An Attention-based Bidirectional LSTM Model for Continuous Cross-subject Estimation of Knee Joint Angle during Running from sEMG Signals

Enhanced Deep Transfer Learning Model based on Spatial-Temporal driven Scalograms for Precise Decoding of Motor Intent in Stroke Survivors

Banking Research in the GCC Region and Agenda for future research – A bibliometric examination

Violence Analysis Through Deep Learning: An Approach using Virtual Environments

Deep labeller: automatic bounding box generation for synthetic violence detection datasets

Performance evaluation of wind tower natural ventilation with passive solid tube heat recovery based on CO2 levels

CFD simulation of pumping ventilation in a three-story isolated building with internal partitioning: Effects of partition widths, heights and locations

Predicting Audit Opinion by a new Metaheuristic Algorithm: Water Cycle Algorithm

A C-LEAN Framework for Deploying Circular Economy in Manufacturing SMEs

Integrating Lean Management with Industry 4.0: An Explorative Dynamic Capabilities Theory Perspective

An investigation into the effect of sweat and moisture on the performance of in-ear monitors

The ICOSSA Project - An improved omnidirectional sound source for room acoustic testing

Towards a subjective quantification of noise annoyance due to outdoor events

The effect of purported acoustically transparent materials on sound propagation

Inaudibility criteria and alternative methods for controlling music noise levels from late night entertainment

Interplay between Absorptive Capacity, Analytics Competence and Sustainable Economic Per-formance of MSMEs in Supply Chain: The Mediating Role of Risk Resilience

Strangeness production analysis in simulated proton-proton collisions at the LHC with the new ALICE Run 3 computing environment

The factors influencing on employees’ perceptions of their contributions to the business growth: focused on employees' characteristics and attitudes

Evaluation of The Careers & Enterprise Company’s teacher encounters programme.

A taxonomy of critical factors towards Sustainable Operations and Supply Chain Management 4.0 in developing countries– A systematic review and fuzzy group decision-making

Presenza straniera e politiche migratorie nell'Unione Europea: una fortezza in campagna elettorale.

Carbonate sediment dynamics in the Abu Dhabi lagoon - implications for low-angle inner-to-middle ramp models

Listening to Unheard Voices: Exploring Salespeople’s Perspective on The Value of Corporate Heritage

Sciatica in primary care – a case discussion

Alcohol-related dementia

Leader-member exchange and organizational citizenship behaviour: The moderator effects of subordinates’ horizontal collectivism orientation and team-member exchange

How to pretest non-psychometric tools: A field research example of exploring the acceptability, face validity and utility of Emotioncubes: A novel tool to support therapeutic working with emotions

Do sociodemographic characteristics of SME entrepreneurs influence their tax (non)compliance behaviour?

An Improved Geographically and Temporally Weighted Regression for Surface Ozone Estimation from Satellite-Based Precursor Data

An Industry 4.0 Maturity and Readiness for ConditionBased Maintenance in O&G Companies: a Delphi StudyBased Approach for Development and Validation

Understanding the attitudes towards breastfeeding amongst staff and students in a UK higher institutional setting–a mixed-method cross-sectional study

Exploring the role of compassion, self-criticism and the dark triad on obesity and emotion regulation

Characterisation of impact resistance of composite reinforced by hybridised carbon-flax fibres in polyfurfuryl alcohol resin

A survey on midwives/nurses’ knowledge and application of clinical guidelines in the midwifery care of women with Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGMC) in Nigeria

Does economic freedom enhance quality of life in Africa?

Microborings reveal alternating agitation, resting and sleeping stages of modern marine ooids

IoTBDH-2023: The 5th International Workshop on Internet of Things of Big Data for Healthcare

Analysis of a non‑integer order mathematical model for double strains of dengue and COVID‑19 co‑circulation using an efficient finite‑difference method

Exploring Critical Success Factors for LSS 4.0 Implementation: A Combined Systematic Literature Review and Interpretive Structural Modelling Approach

Drilling of Cross-Ply UHMWPE Laminates: A Study on the Effects of the Tool Geometry and Cutting Parameters on the Integrity of Components

A tale of one pandemic outliving another: Are even lower physical activity patterns following the COVID-19 pandemic the new norm?-A commentary

The Great Powers and the Palestine-Israel Issue

# DryLabsRealScience: Redefining Practical Pedagogy Post-Pandemic

Bending performance and failure mechanisms of hybrid and regular sandwich composite structures with 3D printed corrugated cores

Compassion-Focused Therapy and Schizotypy: An Exploration of an Evolution-Informed Biopsychosocial Approach

Adaptive Feature Selection and Hyper-spectral Image Classification using Manifold Learning Techniques

Environmental management systems in the architecture, engineering and construction sectors

Horizon scanning the application of probiotics for wildlife

Evaluating the Risks of Human Factors Associated with Social Media Cybersecurity Threats

Unexpected changes and associated factors of care burden among caregivers of cancer patients one year after COVID-19 outbreak

A Deeper Picture: A Realist Semiotics of Non-Fiction Film

Archive Film Collage and the Mediation of Marginalised Places

Educating for Entrepreneurial Leadership: From Didacticism to Co-creation

Principles for transformative ocean governance

A multi-perspective qualitative study about working with autistic individuals in prison-based interventions to address sexual offending

Predicting Adolescents’ Intentions to Support Victims of Bullying from Expected Reactions of Friends versus Peers

Experimental analysis of Tufting Parameter for Enhancing 3D Composites

Automatic Bi-LSTM Architecture Search Using Bayesian Optimisation for Vehicle Activity Recognition

The transformation of geographical and scientific education in eighteenth-century England

Metamorphosis: reflections on marble and photo-sculpture

Proximity at Bloc Studios

Proximity: reflections on how collective enquiry informs artistic pedagogy

Long COVID quality of life and healthcare experiences in the UK: a mixed method online survey

Stakeholder perceptions of the benefits and barriers of implementing environmental management systems in the Maldivian construction industry

Remarks on the Coefficients of Inverse Cyclotomic Polynomials

Studying the Regional Transmission of Air Pollution Based on Spatiotemporal Multivariable Data

Investigating Feminicide in Mexico. The Conversation Management Approach proposal

The Great Unknown: The Floating Stage as a Neglected Aspect of Social Systems

When we met by the newly planted trees

Learning and Therapeutic Spaces in Dramatherapy and Education

“The Confused Practitioner”: A critical reflection of the professional identity of a youth worker

Autism in prisons: an exploration of lived experiences, challenges and needs

The Role of Agri-Food 4.0 in Climate-Smart Farming for Controlling Climate Change-related Risks: A Business Perspective Analysis

The Optimal Strategies to Be Adopted in Controlling the Co-Circulation of COVID-19, Dengue and HIV: Insight from a Mathematical Model

“FLIPPED ASSESSMENT”: Proposal for a Self-Assessment Method to Improve Learning in the Field of Manufacturing Technologies

The media image of China in Africa: a frame analysis of Kenyan, Nigerian, and Zimbabwean newspapers

The Human–Nature Relationship as a Tangible Target for Pro-Environmental Behaviour—Guidance from Interpersonal Relationships

Are People Willing to Take Regular COVID-19 Vaccines? Prevalence and Determinants of Hesitancy for Regular COVID-19 Vaccination: A Random Population-Based Survey in Hong Kong

Stories of restitution: Family experiences of diagnosis and help-seeking for a child with cerebral palsy

Physiological correlates of the tripartite model of affect regulation: HRV differences between community and forensic male adolescents

Production of artificial fingermarks. Part II – The use of a modified inkjet printer for the deposition of synthetic secretions

The International Centre for Guidance Studies

Bearing performance and damage characteristics of rein-infused thermoplastic 3D woven composites bolted joints

Bio-self-healing of cementitious mortar incubated within clay soil

The use of outcome measures and factors affecting use in adult social care occupational therapy services in the UK

Moving Through Speech - In Real Time

12 Opportunities on the Journey to Net Zero

Pathways to online infidelity: the roles of perceived online dating success, perceived availability of alternative partners, and mate value discrepancy

Exploring Lean Team Development from the Tuckman's Model Perspective

How was it for you? A study exploring sense of belonging and lived experiences of black students on programmes with consistently high awarding gaps at the University of Derby

Perceptions of student officers of the police constable degree apprenticeship

A Systematic Review of Lean Implementation Frameworks and Roadmaps: Lessons Learned the Way Forward

Socio-digital disadvantage within management education: a study of MBA students’ experiences of digital technologies

Secret-keeping in therapy by clients who are sexually attracted to children

A Design and Implementation of a New Control Based on Petri Nets for Three Phase PWM-Rectifier

Tribes and Proxy Wars

The management of ankyloglossia and implications for breastfeeding: A review of the literature.

Exploring the healthcare experiences and support needs of chestfeeding or breastfeeding for trans and non-binary parents based in the United Kingdom

Understanding how children are coping with climate change anxiety by exploring coping strategies and supportive interventions.

The effects of inspiratory muscle training on balance and functional mobility: a systematic review

Rethinking Learning Practices in the Covid-Era: Indications for Teachers and Educators

Developing novel life skills and experiences: a pilot study with Functional Advanced Didactics

A Systems Thinking Based Conceptual Model for Analysing Business Performance in Supply Chain Organisations

A review of advancements in synthesis, manufacturing and properties of environment friendly biobased Polyfurfuryl Alcohol Resin and its Composites


Post-Authoritarianism, Truth-Seeking and the Judicial Accountability-Gap: Lessons from Nigeria

“Men make terrible pigs”: Teaching Madeline Miller’s Circe and the New Feminist Mythic Archetype

Carol Ann Duffy

‘Girl against the world’: Antigone’s Afterlives in Contemporary Women’s Myth Writing

Margaret Atwood, ‘Dearly’.

Short bowel syndrome: a clinical review

Rassismuskritik und (Post-)Kolonialismus

Assessing Risk and Sustainability Factors in Spice Supply Chain Management

The Influence of Artificial Intelligence Techniques on Disruption Management: Does Supply Chain Dynamism Matter?

Decentralized Receiver-based Link Stability-aware Forwarding Scheme for NDN-based VANETs

A Secure and Privacy Preserved Infrastructure for VANETs based on Federated Learning with Local Differential Privacy

Research into Early-Stage Identification of Entrepreneurs and Innovators with Development of an Identification Guidance Framework

Problematizing Strategic Alliance Research: Challenges, Issues and Paradoxes in the New Era

Deep-sea sponge derived environmental DNA analysis reveals demersal fish biodiversity of a remote Arctic ecosystem

Archaeological Science and Experimental Archaeology Can Inform Sustainable Innovative Craft

ENAS-B: Combining ENAS with Bayesian Optimisation for Automatic Design of Optimal CNN Architectures for Breast Lesion Classification from Ultrasound Images

Automatic Detection of Thyroid Nodule Characteristics From 2D Ultrasound Images

Classification of breast lesions in ultrasound images using deep convolutional neural networks: transfer learning versus automatic architecture design

Migration Policy and Welfare Chauvinism in the United Kingdom: European Divergence or Trend-Setting?

Prediction of carbon nanotubes reinforced interphase properties in fuzzy fibre reinforced polymer via inverse analysis and optimisation

A reflection on the teacher education curriculum and the decolonising agenda

Everybody is talking about ChatGPT: Should educators be excited or apprehensive?

Exploring Department Store Offerings: A ZMET Study

The Development Of Death Competency In Healthcare Professionals: The Role Of Patient Death Event Appraisal

Incorporating End-User Feedback in the Development and Validation of a Smart Textile for assessing Sports Training and Performance

Drug induced liver injury - a 2023 update.

Curating the Animal: ethics and care of the non-human within art exhibitions

Touching the Sore: Older Caribbean women's memories of migration, kinship and settlement in England

Key factors influencing the sustained growth of high-tech SMEs in South Korea - the perspectives of founder owner-managers

Energizing compassion: using music and community focus to stimulate compassion drive and sense of connectedness

Can We End the Dyslexia Debate?

A phenomenological analysis of the role and well-beingchallenges experienced by professional International SchoolCounsellors

The house as symbolic representation of the self

Reconceptualising the Third Teacher: A study of trainee experiences of work-based learning on Level 3 Early Years programmes

Climate Litigation: Access to Judicial Review in National Courts

Effective methods for detecting fraudulent financial reporting: practical insights from Big 4 auditors

Exploration of Higher Education Delivery of Artistic Sport Curriculum in the UK and China

Promoting a compassionate motivation in detained youth: A secondary analysis of a controlled trial with the PSYCHOPATHY.COMP program

Fears and Resistances to Mindfulness: Development of a Self‑Report Scale

Enterprise policies and R&D support for high-tech SMEs - a multi-perspective approach

Farewell to the term ‘non-alcoholic fatty liver disease’

Sculpting for Utopia PhD Thesis (R Crowther Library Oct 2023)

Lead independent director, managerial risk-taking, and cost of debt: Evidence from UK

Two-stage taxonomy for measuring success in social marketing practice

Bell Weather Day

The Tree Charter Bell Ceremony V


Revisiting Corporate Governance and Financial Risk-Taking

Decolonising Marketing: Five Fundamental Decisions for Customer Engagement

Methods and Applications of Data Mining in Business Domains

Exploring Awareness and Resistance to Nonattachment in Relation to Mental Health: A Qualitative Study in a UK-Based Yoga Community

Inspection of EEG Signals for Noninvasive Blood Glucose Monitoring in Prediabetes Diagnosis

A Novel Duo-Stage driven Deep Neural Network Approach for Mitigating Electrode Shift Impact on Myoelectric Pattern Recognition Systems

Key Factors to Maintaining Treatment Fidelity in an Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) Model of CBT

‘Peter László Péri in Britain, 1933-1967: reforming “Socialist Realism” for Western Europe’

Green Growth Trends in the East Midlands 2023

AIMS: An Automatic Semantic Machine Learning Microservice Framework to Support Biomedical and Bioengineering Research

Long-term glacial and fluvial system coupling in southern Greece and evidence for glaciation during Marine Isotope Stage 16

'Phototaxis' in the absence of light? Locomotory patterns in unionid mussels.

The impact of board gender composition on loan covenant violations

Bringing the Inside Out and the Outside in: The Therapeutic Relationship in Compassion Focused Therapy Chairwork

Living Well on Haemodialysis: feasibility and acceptability trial of an online Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) programme for people receiving kidney haemodialysis

Modeling Barriers to Social Responsibility Accounting (SRA) and Ranking its Implementation Strategies to Support Sustainable Performance – a study in an emerging market

Why do Process Improvement Projects Fail in Organizations? A Review and Future Research Agenda

Maximising the impact of cross-sector partnerships for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Cyberbullying in School: The Role of Teachers

Understanding and rehabilitating men with sexual convictions: theory, intervention, and compassion

Local stock liquidity and local factors: fresh evidence from US firms across states

At the heart of change: Differences in young offenders’ HRV patterns after the delivery of the PSYCHOPATHY.COMP program

At Engagement's Edge: Heritage Experts and Holocaust Education in Belarus

Corporate reporting on the Sustainable Development Goals: A structured literature review and research agenda

Supporting local students. An evaluation of the Office for Students Challenge Competition: Industrial strategy and skills support for local students and graduates'

Editorial Introduction - Inter-Religious and Inter-Convictional Dialogue: Overview of a Dialogical Process and Its Products

Doing What, by Whom, for Whom and How?: An Essay on Interests, Modes, Methods and Other Dynamics in “Theology” and/or “Religious Studies”

Adoption of Industry 4.0 in Different Sectors: A Structural Review using Natural Language Processing

Scenographic Contraptions: The importance of error, exposure of process and inefficient aesthetics for orchestrating conversation

Narratives in the Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences: Publishing stories in an academic journal

Psychopathic Personality as a Moderator of the Relationship Between Atypical Sexuality and Sexual Coercion Proclivity in the General Population

Investigating Theories of Belief Bias: Individual Differences in Interpretation, Strategy Selection and Performance

Revolutionizing Healthcare Organizations with Operational Excellence and Healthcare 4.0: A Systematic Review of the State-of-the-Art Literature

Public Art, Dance and Music and the Politics of Culture in East and Central Africa Interview with Faisal Kiwewa of Bayimba International Festival of the Arts, Uganda

Rememory, resistance and the geographical: adult and community education as spaces of possibility.

Steps on the Journey to Net Zero

The Impact of Strategic Environmental Management Capabilities on the Competitiveness of an Oil and Gas Industry’s Supply Chain: An Empirical Evaluation of the Natural Resource-Based View of Firms

Regional logistics, carbon emission index and green financial performance enhancement configuration: a comparative study based on 30 Chinese provinces

An Environmental-Based Perspective Framework: Integrating IoT Technology into a Sustainable Automotive Supply Chain

A Tool to Assist in the Analysis of Gaze Patterns in Upper Limb Prosthetic Use

A Quantitative Analysis of Gender Impact in Judgements of Offenders with Mental Illnesses

Measuring the readiness level for Kaizen projects: A multi-layer Bayesian decision-making framework

Browser-Based Webcam Head-Tracked Ambisonics (WHAM)

Transitional justice from above and below: Exploring the potential glocalising role of non-governmental organisations through a Northern Ireland case study

Systematic review of Industry 5.0 from main aspects to the execution status

Measuring categorisation in pre-school children: new toolkit, new insights

Experiences of autism in prison-based interventions to address sexual offending

Cohort-based kernel principal component analysis with Multi-path Service Routing in Federated Learning

An Efficient and Privacy-preserving Blockchain-based Secure Data Aggregation in Smart Grids

Transitional Justice and Colonialism

A case series study of compassion-focused therapy for distressing experiences in psychosis

Comprehensive geriatric assessment delivered by advanced nursing practitioners within primary care setting: a mixed-methods pilot feasibility randomised controlled trial

Theorising VET: European Differences, Commonalities and Contestation

Dissecting Girls: Exploring Feminine Identification in Contemporary Horror Television

Exploring the Subjective Experiences of Peer-Led Social Support Groups for Individuals Bereaved by Suicide

Machinability of 3D printed peek reinforced with short carbon fiber

High thermal conductivity of porous graphite/paraffin composite phase change material with 3D porous graphite foam

Place-based business support towards net zero: enabling through the place-policy-practice nexus

Low- cost management interventions and their impact on multilevel trade- offs in agricultural grasslands

Modeling and Analyzing Logic Vulnerabilities of E-Commerce Systems at the Design Phase

Pursuing Equity, Vocational Education and Training and Social Justice

Reflections on bwp@ Special Issue 19

Education policy and refugees in England and Germany: racist nativism and the reproduction of white supremacy

The association between pain self-efficacy and patient-reported outcome measures for hand disorders: a cross-sectional study

Data Provenance in Healthcare: Approaches, Challenges, and Future Directions

Changing Patterns of Domestic Homicide During Lockdown: Interrupted Time-Series Analysis in England and Wales

The Impact of Swimming on Fundamental Movement Skill Development in Children (3–11 Years): A Systematic Literature Review

The significance of ultrasound features of sub-chorionic haemorrhage as a predictor of adverse perinatal outcome: A retrospective review

Alkaline-Silicate REE-HFSE Systems

Hybrid multi power sources PEMFC/battery/supercapacitor real time setup energy conversion system

Variability and associated uncertainty in image analysis for soiling characterization in solar energy systems

Emissions-based options appraisal for modular building foundations – a case study

Explaining normative–deliberative gaps is essential to dual-process theorizing

The Epidemiology of War and Its Impact on Public Health: A Case Study of the Ukraine-Russia Crisis

“I don't have relationships anymore…” Navigating licence conditions and transition into the community for men with sexual convictions

Evaluating design features to support inclusive, self-directed, and active healthy living behaviours

Forming a consensus opinion to inform long COVID support mechanisms and interventions: a modified Delphi approach

Escape Rooms for Secondary Mathematics Education: Design and Experiments

Self-Compassion during COVID-19 in Non-WEIRD Countries: A Narrative Review

An experimental validation of unified mechanics theory for predicting stainless steel low and high cycle fatigue damage initiation.

The Language of Lust Murder: Investigating Neutralisation Theory and Dennis Nilsen’s Paraphilic Disorders

COPI-regulated mitochondria-ER contact site formation maintains axonal integrity

Compassion as a skill: A comparison of contemplative and evolution-based approaches.

Vulnerability theory and insolvency law

A Robust Unified Graph Model Based on Molecular Data Binning for Subtype Discovery in High-dimensional Spaces

Analysis of factors influencing Circular-Lean-Six Sigma 4.0 implementation considering sustainability implications: An exploratory study

Septic pulmonary emboli: a case discussion

Application of Machine Learning in Autism Spectrum Disorder Screening Final (2)

Investigation of the Metabolic Effects of Liraglutide on Patients with Overweight and Obesity

Gender and Entrepreneurship in Tourism

What determines social service workers’ wages: A cross-country analysis using a Luxembourg Income Study

Mind the Gap: DBA students, knowledge generation, transfer and impact

Upper limb kinematics of an elite climber during a power slap task

Further evidence for the role of temporal contiguity as a determinant of overshadowing

Can Industry 5.0 Technologies Overcome Supply Chain Disruptions? - A Perspective Study on Pandemics, War, and Climate Change Issues

Optimization of bio based glass polyfurfuryl alcohol prepreg for composite applications

Theorising VET without ‘VET theory’? Foundations and fragmentation of Anglophone VET research

The development of the Japanese version of the full and short form of Attitudes Towards Mental Health Problems Scale (J-(S) ATMHPS)

Childhood predictors of successful self-reported delinquents

Sustainability as a competitive advantage: IKEA as a case study

Industry 4.0 Challenges Facing the Agri-Supply Chain: A Literature Review

The Role of Female Rape Myth Acceptance, Homophobia Towards Gay Men, Age and Gender as Predictors of Male Rape Myth Acceptance

An empirical investigation on the deployment of Operational excellence in SMEs

Proximity: reflections on how collective enquiry informs artistic pedagogy

Analyzing the integrated effect of Circular Economy, Lean Six Sigma and Industry 4.0 on sus-tainable manufacturing performance from a practice-based view perspective

Judgemental Adjustments in Forecasting Uncertain Product Demand

Business Analytics and Visualisation in the Supply Chain: Literature Survey and Case study

Exploring Inventory Leanness on Firm Performance with a Non-linear Empirical Leanness Indicator using Kernel Regularized Least Squares (KRLS) Regression

Faculty Members’ Perceptions of Internationalization of Curriculum: Globalization and Localization, a Comparative Study

Artificial Intelligence as an Enabler of Quick and Effective Production Repurposing Manufactur-ing: An Exploratory Review and Future Research Propositions

Essential organizational variables for the Implementation of Quality 4.0: Empirical evidence from the Indian furniture industry

Depletion through social reproduction and contingent coping in the lived experience of parents on Universal Credit in England

Note Taking in VR: The Forearm Keyboard

The Role of Technology in Undergraduate Bioscience Laboratory Learning: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice

End-of-life doulas: international reflections on a transnational movement

Managing the risk of torsades de pointe when prescribing antipsychotic medication

State of science: refitting the human to nature

Front and Back Views Gait Recognitions Using EfficientNets and EfficientNetV2 Models Based on Gait Energy Image

The Psychology of Erectile Dysfunction

Hyperosmolar, hyperglycaemic state: a case study

Q-commerce or E-commerce? A systematic state of the art on comparative last-mile logistics greenhouse gas emissions literature review

Improving the Interviewing of Suspects Using the PEACE Model: A Comprehensive Overview

Novel SPEA Superantigen Peptide Agonists and Peptide Agonist-TGFαL3 Conjugate. In Vitro Study of Their Growth-Inhibitory Effects for Targeted Cancer Immunotherapy

The Multimorbidity and Lifestyle Correlates in Chinese Population Residing in Macau: Findings from a Community-Based Needs Assessment Study

Passive Heat Recovery Wind Tower: Assessing the Overheating Risk in Summertime and Ventilation Heat Loss Reduction in Wintertime

Measuring sport fantasy proneness and deflated reality in sport and performance: Development and validation of two context-specific instruments

Abusive Relationships Within The Family

Parenting Of The Preterm Newborn During Hospital And Childhood

Modern Parenting: Ideologies, Identity & Experiences

Attachment and Attachment Disorders within the Family

Carlton Marshes Visitor Centre Report. An evaluation report for Suffolk Wildlife Trust 2023.

Microstructure Effects on the Machinability of AM-Produced Superalloys

Does Human Papillomavirus Play a Causative Role in Prostate Cancer? A Systematic Review Using Bradford Hill’s Criteria

Sustainable Careers under Spiritual Leadership and Workplace Spirituality: A Subordinates’ Perspective during Covid 19

Compositional constraints and selection forces dictate codon usage in human bocavirus

Fingermark quality assessment, a transversal study of subjective quality scales

Rapport-Building in Multiple Interviews of Children

Investigating the Memory Reports of Retractors Regarding Abuse

Slovenia - Economy

The Impact of Western Sanctions on Global Supply Chains and the Green Transition: The Case of EV Battery Manufacturing in South Korea and the EU

Discoveries from recent excavations of the Jucu de Sus Cemetery (Cluj County)

SecureFed: federated learning empowered medical imaging technique to analyze lung abnormalities in chest X‑rays

Menu Design in the UK Food Service Sector: Nudging Consumers towards More Environmentally Sustainable Food Choices (Study Protocol)

Human-induced salinity changes impact marine organisms and ecosystems

In pursuit of equity vocational education and training and social justice

Self-Compassion Interventions to Target Secondary Traumatic Stress in Healthcare Workers: A Systematic Review

Developing employability skills through working in a law clinic

Environmental toxicants and health adversities: A review on interventions of phytochemicals

Embedding wellbeing in career development practice: trialling a new structure for guidance conversations in Scotland and Wales

Human Migration in Post-Pandemic World

Far-Right Movements in the Covid-19 Era

Humanitarian Supply Chains in Covid-19 Era

Examining the Impact of a Third Culture Kid Upbringing: Wellbeing, Attachment and Ethnic Identity Strength in Adult Third Culture Kids

Alternative Relative Discrimination Criterion Feature Ranking Technique for Text Classification

A Game of Politics? International Sport Organisations and the Role of Sport in International Politics

Generative AI for Immersive Experiences: Integrating Text-to-Image Models in VR-Mediated Co-design Workflows

The impact of COVID-19 on the social determinants of cardiovascular health

Sexualising characteristics of adolescent on TikTok. Comparative study Great Britain–Spain

Consequences of local culinary memorable experience: Evidence from TikTok influencers

Experiment and Numerical Investigation of a Novel Flap Fin Louver Windcatcher for Multidirectional Natural Ventilation and Passive Technology Integration

Using a professional skills module to develop student confidence

'But to whose charge shall I lay it? Your printer is alreadie loaden' The Rhetoric of Printers' Errors in Early Modern Religious Disputes

The Hidden Pandemic: A Qualitative Study on How Middle-Aged Women Make Sense Of Managing Their Long Covid Symptoms

Green Innovation and Firm Performance: The Mediating Role of Sustainability in the Automotive Industry

Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Based on Hybrid Features Extraction in Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging

“Impressive Miniature Scenes Full of Life and Humour”: The Interpretation of Netsuke at the Museum Folkwang 2010 to 2021

A multi-objective Flexible Manufacturing System design optimization using a hybrid response surface methodology

Engaging parents on universal credit to help resolve workforce shortages

Healthcare 4.0 digital technologies impact on quality of care: A systematic literature review

Developmental Theories and the Family

Classic Parenting Theories

Síndrome do impostor, autoeficácia e apoio social em mães de primeira viagem do Reino Unido

Work-based learning: expansive learning and social justice

Investing in careers: What is career guidance worth?

Developing interculturally competent graduates: meeting employer needs in Europe.

Embracing diversity at work through developing employees in intercultural competencies

Placing the Rule of Law and Environmental Justice in the Resource-Conflict Nexus in Nigeria

Direct Parent Engagement to Improve Fundamental Movement Skills in Children: A Systematic Review

The Malice of Maladaptation: Is Teleworking Enabling Behavioural Addiction?

Questioning the Appropriateness of Examining Guanxi in a Wasta Environment: Why Context Should be Front and Center in Informal Network Research. A Commentary on “De-Linking From Western Epistemologies: Using Guanxi-Type Relationships to Attract and Retain Hotel Guests in the Middle East

An Exploration of Successful Psychosocial Adjustment to Long-Term In-Centre Haemodialysis

Employing the Internet of Things to Attain Resilience Across Supply Chain

Sustainable Warehouse Features: A Systematic Literature Review

Sustainable Supply Chain Management Drivers and Barriers in the Ethiopian Manufacturing Sec-tor

Achieving Circularity is a Distant Dream: Entrepreneurial Barriers to Circular Business Models in SMEs of Emerging Economies

Unequal Clustering Protocol in IoT Networks Based on Multiple Criteria Processing

Joyful Stoic Death Writing: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Newcomers Contemplating Death in an Online Group

Multi-species Ethnography and Artistic Methods (MEAM) special session on Artful Publishing

Empowerment of care home staff through effective collaboration with healthcare

Longitudinal influence of self-compassion and fears of compassion on prosocial and antisocial behaviour in sport: A conditional latent growth curve modelling analysis

It is not what you think it is how you think: a critical thinking intervention enhances argumentation, analytic thinking and metacognitive sensitivity

Digital Asset Marketing: Traceability as a competitive advantage in a low carbon economy

CSP2Turtle: Verified Turtle Robot Plans

It is not what you think it is how you think: a critical thinking intervention enhances argumentation, analytic thinking and metacognitive sensitivity

Energising compassion: Using music and community focus to stimulate compassion drive and sense of connectedness

Investigating the role of knowledge-based supply chains for supply chain resilience by graph theory matrix approach

Virtual mobility to enhance intercultural competencies for a more sustainable future

A Pilot Math Anxiety Storybook Approach to Normalize Math Talk in Children and to Support Emotion Regulation

Biodiversity and environmental stressors along urban walking routes

A qualitative exploration of black psychotherapists’ personal experience of racism and the challenges that exist for black therapists who work with clients in therapy who have also experienced racism. A pilot study using interpretive phenomenological analysis

The non-stranger rapist-oriented interview for complainants: Eliciting high-quality accounts

An efficient attention-driven deep neural network approach for continuous estimation of knee joint kinematics via sEMG signals during running

Modeling and Simulation of Quadcopter Using Self-tuning Fuzzy-PI Controller

Design and Implementation of a Robust 6-DOF Quadrotor Controller Based on Kalman Filter for Position Control

Robust intuition? Exploring the difference in the strength of intuitions from perspective of attentional bias

Do South African international cricket pace bowlers have similar bowling volume and injury risk associates compared to other elite fast bowlers?

Lean Readiness of Organizations – A Systematic Scientometric Review

Prescribing intravenous fluids: a review

Digital Game Making and Game Templates Promotes Learner Engagement in Non-computing Based Classroom Teaching

Employee silence, job burnout and job engagement among teachers: the mediational role of psychological safety

‘Tree Mountaineers’: Arboreal Materiality on the Fells in the Lakeland Guides of William Wordsworth and Harriet Martineau

Care in the community for patients with advanced liver disease

Consent in Surgey

Pulsed ventricular tachycardia: a case study

Conceptualizing, Embracing, and Measuring Failure in Social Marketing Practice

Battery - Ultracapacitor Energy Storage System Set Up Control through Fuzzy Logic Algorithm

Sliding Mode Control of the PUMA 560 Robot

Does the Integration of Lean Production and Industry 4.0 in Green Supply Chains Generate a Better Operational Performance?

Post COVID-19 trends in simulation use within diagnostic radiography and radiation therapy education

Integrated Green Lean Six Sigma-Industry 4.0 approach to combat COVID-19: from literature review to framework development

Physical Activity Clinical Champions: A Peer-to-Peer Physical Activity Education Programme in England.

Application of theoretical domains framework to explore the enablers and barriers to physical activity among university staff and students: a qualitative study

Bridging attentional control and reinvestment: A test of the interactionist hypothesis in an E-sport context

Ethnic Minorities’ Experiences of Cardiac Rehabilitation: A Scoping Review

Healthy eating: Evaluating the peer influence of vlogs produced by 6–16-year-olds and their families.

Evaluating the energy-saving potential of earth-air heat exchanger (EAHX) for Passivhaus standard buildings in different climates in China

Time Reversal to Localise Multiple Partial Discharges in Power Cables

Trauma Related Psychological Distress, Acculturative Stress, and Psychosocial Treatment Needs in Syrians Refugees Resettled in the UK: A Mixed-Method Study

why are surgical never events still occurring: A Delphi study research sample across NHS England operating theatres.

Perceptions and Understanding of Digital Self-Harm: A Qualitative Analysis of Mental Health Practitioners and Parents of Adolescents

British Academy Talk: Midlands Hub: The S.H.E.D: From ECR project to Community Interest Company

When Will Employees Accept Remote Working? The Impact of Gender and Internet Skills

Contemporary Art Practice: Connectivity and Creativity in times of Conflict

Electromagnetic time reversal applied to online partial discharge location in power cables: influence of interfering reflections from the cable circuit

Chinese Capital Market Development and Stock Connect

Real-time Energy Flow Mapping: a VSM-based proposal for energy efficiency

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education in the UK

An Empirical Study on Convective Drying of Ginger Rhizomes Leveraging Environmental Stress Chambers and Linear Heat Conduction Methodology

Guest editorial: Transparency, accountability and the role of control mechanisms during the COVID-19 pandemic: a future research agenda in the context of emerging economies

How do German Police Officers of Varying Empathy Levels React to Different Styles of Interviewing a Suspected Sex Offender?

Interrelationships between Circular Economy and Industry 4.0: A Research Agenda for Sustainable Supply Chains

Elucidation of Short linear motif based interactions and dynamics of the ezrin, radixin, moesin and merlin FERM domains

Monitoring the bio-self-healing performance of cement mortar incubated within soil and water using electrical resistivity

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through Net Zero Emissions: Innovation-Driven Strategies for Transitioning from Incremental to Radical Lean, Green and Digital Technologies

Data-driven precision determination of the material budget in ALICE

Full body joint kinematics of experienced climbers during a standardised traverse

'A Challenging but Rewarding Path'; Working with Disability Populations

Wheelchair rugby players maintain sprint performance but alter propulsion biomechanics after simulated match play

A Critical Examination of Post-colonial Punjabi Shakespearean Translations

Exploration and Mitigation of Green Lean Six Sigma Barriers: A Higher Education Institutions perspective

Artificial Intelligence for Cognitive Health Assessment: State-of-the-Art, Open Challenges and Future Directions

Intrusion Detection Framework for Industrial Internet of Things Using Software Defined Network

Intelligent Transportation Systems in Smart City: A Systematic Survey

Editorial: 30 Jahre und kein Ende der Geschichte (30 years since The End of History)

The phenomenon of why Human Resource Directors do not progress to be Chief Executive Officers in the FTSE350

On Embracing Automation and Loving Work: Or Why We Should Not Be Afraid of Our Washing Machines

Perceptions from the British Pakistani Muslim community towards mental health

The superhero effect: How enclothed cognition can impact on the perceptions and actions of serving UK police officers

English Nationalism, Folklore and Indigeneity

Approaches to the critical component in UK creative writing PhDs

The doctrine of survivals

Mechanical properties of BCC lattice cells with waved struts

Thermo-Mechanical Structural Optimisation of a Chemical Propulsion Satellite Thruster Using Lattice Structures

A Hybrid Strategy-based Ultra-narrow Stretchable Microelectrodes with Cell-level Resolution

On the prediction of premature births in Hispanic labour patients using uterine contractions, heart beat signals and prediction machines

Surface Electromyogram, Kinematic, and Kinetic Dataset of Lower Limb Walking for Movement Intent Recognition

Sustainable and Resilient Supplier Selection in the Context of Circular Economy: An Ontology-Based Model

A Hybrid Deep Learning Approach for Epileptic Seizure Detection in EEG Signals

The Effects of Physical Activity on Academic Performance in School-Aged Children: A Systematic Review

Promotion of research culture among radiographers in one UK NHS trust through journal club activities – An autoethnographic study

How does digitalization alter the paradox of supply base concentration? The effects of digitalization intensity and breadth

The Perversion of Holocaust Memory: Writing and Rewriting the Past after 1989

Developing culturally competence in caring for people with mental health conditions

Reading Horse Theory to a Horse in Miami Performance International Festival ’23

Art and Animals and the Ethical Position

Shared Brains, Proprioceptiveness, and Critically Approaching the Animal as the Animal in Artworks

Improving Fundamental Movement Skills during Early Childhood: An Intervention Mapping Approach

Proposing an #EASIER cardiopulmonary rehabilitation protocol for coronavirus disease 2019 survivors

Landscape ecology of microbes in peatlands under different management regimes

Regulation of proteolysis in bovine cumulus cells with possible inclusion of proton pump activators

Lean-sustainability Assessment Framework Development: Evidence from the Construction Industry

The Moderating Effect of Hypersexuality on the Relationship Between Psychopathic Traits and Sexual Coercion

Exploring converging and diverging opinions of rehabilitative interventions for individuals who have committed serious criminal offences: The need for forensic-specific education in the general public.

Hospitality that cares: a qualitative investigation into small foodservice businesses’ social responsibility

Low cycle fatigue predictions of a space thruster built with a new refractory high entropy alloy

Industry 4.0 Benefits, Challenges, Critical Success Factors: Comparative analysis through the lens of Resource Dependence Theory across continents and economies

A content analysis of tobacco content in season 1 of ‘And Just Like That’

A content analysis of alcohol imagery in season 2 of The Kardashians

Smart city development, blockchain for the vehicle registry: a study in Romania

Elucidation of Short Linear Motif-Based Interactions of the FERM Domains of Ezrin, Radixin, Moesin, and Merlin

Seismic signatures and site characterization of an intermittent stream in dry and flood conditions: an implication for soil losses and landslide triggering

Was a 3D-printed firearm discharged? - Study of traces produced by the use of six fully 3D-printed firearms

On some links between the generalised Lucas pseudoprimes of level k

Predicting Bitcoin Prices Using Machine Learning

Stakeholder Opinions of Implementing Environmental Management Systems in the Construction Sector of the U.S.

International Law in Ghana: A Study of the Attitudes, Knowledge and use of International Law by Judges and Lawyers

‘Skip the Warts’: Personal Branding and Pornification in The Look of Love (2013).

Biodegradable plastics and their impact on fingermark detection methods

Experimental and numerical evaluation of a novel dual-channel windcatcher with a rotary scoop for energy-saving technology integration

Cardiovascular disease prevention and management in the COVID-19 era and beyond: An international perspective.

COVID-19 and elite sport: Cardiovascular implications and return-to-play.

Lived experience of patients with Long COVID: a qualitative study in the UK

Anthropometric and morphological characteristics of elite male cricket bowlers and batters over time: A systematic review

Placebos: A Psychological and Biological Perspective

Molecular dynamics study on the kinematic viscosity, density and structure of fuel blends containing n-decane and biofuel compound of ethyl decanoate or ethyl dodecanoate

An interpretative phenomenological analysis for the experience of the unconscious and conscious conflict in Greek adults: The trauma response of conscious self-rejection, projective understanding of anxiety, and the oxymoronic experience of emotion.

Conditioned place avoidance in the planaria Schmidtea mediterranea: A pre-clinical invertebrate model of anxiety-related disorders

Microstructure and geometry effects on the compressive behavior of LPBF-manufactured inconel 718 honeycomb structures

Towards a Combined Physical and Social Evaluation of Climate Vulnerability in Coastal Urban Megacities

A Visceral Revolution

How to give a barnstorming speech on what photography can be

Digital arts – refugee engagement

Testing the social validity of the CATZ cross-age teaching zone anti-bullying intervention among school students

Rehabilitation following extra-articular proximal phalangeal fractures of the fingers in adults: a scoping review

Cross-cultural perspectives on mental health shame among male workers

A Fuzzy-based approach to Enhance Cyber Defence Security for Next-generation IoT

Impact on habitual crossfit participant's exercise behavior, health, and well-being: A cross-sectional survey of UK COVID-19 lockdowns

‘People don’t like you when you’re different’: exploring the prison experiences of autistic individuals

Navigating wasta in business practices in Lebanon

A new approach to the stylistic analysis of humour

Category relevance attenuates overshadowing in human predictive learning

Exploring Cognitive Biases in Pain: Investigating Attention, Interpretation and Memory Bias..

GC Insights: Nature stripes for raising engagement with biodiversity loss

Impartiality: A critical review

Ukraine Lives (FORMAT23 Conference presentation)

The effects of Latino Dance intervention on academic and general self-efficacy with left-behind children: An experimental study in China

What guides guided self‐help? Recognising the role of formulation in Low Intensity CBT

Real work opportunities in the curriculum: three different approaches

Mind the gap: employers' and students' perceptions of skills and knowledge needed by accounting graduates in Greece

Completing a Ph.D. – Does it have to be a lonely existence?

Virtual Forest Bathing Programming as Experienced by Disabled Adults with Mobility Impairments and/or Low Energy: A Qualitative Study

A Multi-Country Study Assessing the Mechanisms of Natural Elements and Sociodemographics behind the Impact of Forest Bathing on Well-being

Low Throughput Direct Cycle Sequencing of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Products

3D Printing in LMICs: Functional design for upper limb prosthetics in Uganda

Slip Detection Strategies for Automatic Grasping in Prosthetic Hands

Social action art therapy and the enhancement of political imagination

Early Awareness Stalking Intervention (EASI) Evaluation Report

Re-claiming the Lost Home: The Politics of Nostalgia and Belonging in Women’s Art Practices in the Middle East

A united approach to promoting healthy living behaviours and associated health outcomes: a global call for policymakers and decisionmakers

Beyond the Symbiodiniaceae: diversity and role of microeukaryotic coral symbionts

5S solutions to promote medication efficiency and safety. Comment on Br J Anaesth 2023; 130: e416–8

Circular and Digital Systems in SMEs: An Assessment of the Past and Present Literature for Future Research Directions

Marine carbonate sedimentation in volcanic settings

Protecting peatlands requires understanding stakeholder perceptions and relational values: A case study of peatlands in the Yorkshire Dales


Privacy Preservation in the Internet of Vehicles using Local Differential Privacy and IOTA Ledger

Guest editorial: Performance measurement in supply chains during disruptions: lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic

Animals in the creative process: embracing interspecies collaboration and learning from others within creativity

Urinary tract infection in an older patient: a case study and review

“The People Who Leave Here Are Not the People Who Arrived.”: A Qualitative Analysis of the Therapeutic Process and Identity Transition in the Offender Personality Disorder Pathway

Minorities, Self-Determination and Secession

A Table-Top Role-Playing Game (TTRPG) for Developing Higher Education Employability Skills

Who stole the biscuits? A forensic science activity for the primary school science curriculum

PhD Research Findings - Theatres and Decontamination Conference 2023

Have yourself a ‘merry’ little Christmas: Alcohol adverts and alcohol content within adverts in the run up to Christmas

AI-Guided Computing Insights into a Thermostat Monitoring Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Breast cancer understanding among university students: A rapid review of cross-country comparisons

“Load Every Rift”: Power, Opposition, and Community in Romantic Poetry and Heavy Metal

BCAT1 redox function maintains mitotic fidelity

Multiscale damage modelling of notched and un-notched 3D woven composites with randomly distributed manufacturing defects

Drama and dementia

Explanatory Risk Factors for Psychopathic Symptoms in Men and Women: Results from Generation 3 of the Cambridge Study in Delinquent Development

Industry 4.0 Maturity and Readiness Assessment: An Empirical validation using Confirmatory Composite Analysis

Classification Model of Breast Masses in DCE-MRI Using Kinetic Curves Features with Quantum-Raina’s Polynomial Based Fusion

Mindfulness of happiness

Unveiling the Role of Sustainable Supply Chain Drivers Toward Knowledge-Based Economy via a Novel Permutation Approach: Implications from an Emerging Economy

Outside Your Comfort Zone

Event Innovation and Resilience During Times of Uncertainties

Analysis of the Factors Influencing the Stability of Stored Grains: Implications for Agricultural Sustainability and Food Security

The Big Challenge: A case study presenting interdisciplinary development of employability skills.

Flexural Strength of Partially Concrete-Filled Steel Tubes Subjected to Lateral Loads by Experimental Testing and Finite Element Modelling

Autism in Prisons: An Overview of Experiences of Custody and Implications for Custodial Rehabilitation for Autistic Prisoners

Evaluation Report for Generation Green. Assessing the Impact of Short Residential Courses for Young People.

Social Constructs of Online Feminine Identities in Social Media: A Thematic Analysis

New Roots. An Evaluation Report for St Ann’s Allotments 2023

UK physiotherapists delivering physical activity advice: what are the challenges and possible solutions? A qualitative study

Wild Tots and Wild Babies: An evaluation report for Suffolk Wildlife Trust.

Evaluation Report for Generation Green. Assessing the Impact of Single Day Short Courses for Young People

Young Wardens’ Voices: An Evaluation Report for Suffolk Wildlife Trust.

An analysis of specific batting demands in the women’s The Hundred competition

The role of selected pre-match covariates on the outcome of One-day International (ODI) cricket matches

Population and Public Health

Physical Activity

Embedding Compassion in Schools: The What’s, the Why’s and the How’

“I don’t really see any kind of change” – multi-perspective analysis of a circle of support and accountability for young people who have previously demonstrated harmful sexual behaviour

Doing without knowing: an exploration of knowledge management in think tanks

A systematic literature review of performance measurement systems in health sector of Pakistan

The development of language: An overview and a preview

Is Suffering an Obstacle to or Pre-Condition for Flourishing? A Multidisciplinary Exploration

Educational technology, gamified pedagogy, and vectoralist control in K-12 education

Industry 4.0 Maturity Assessment: A multi-dimensional indicator approach

The Impact of Arabic Diacritization on Word Embeddings

Research developments in Sustainable Supply Chain Management considering Optimization and Industry 4.0 Techniques: A Systematic Review

Beyond Lean Manufacturing and Sustainable Performance: Are the Circular Economy practices worth pursuing?

Bank Failure prediction: corporate governance and financial indicators

Decreased methylglyoxal-mediated protein glycation in the healthy aging mouse model of ectopic expression of UCP1 in skeletal muscle

The Efficient Activity of Glabridin and its Derivatives Against EGFR-mediated Inhibition of Breast Cancer

Predicting self-harm in survivors and perpetrators of domestic abuse

Commissioning groupwork for carers

Supremacy of Value-Added Tax: A Perspective from South Asian Nations

On Horadam Sequences with Dense Orbits and Pseudo-Random Number Generators

Music as an alternative self-regulation strategy to snack foods following a negative mood induction in 5-7-year-old children: Interactions with parental use of food as a reward

Power Besieged and Power Protected’: Conservative Uses of COVID-19 to Attack Black Lives Matter

Creating a sport and exercise medicine undergraduate syllabus: a delphi study

Industrial Revolution and Environmental Sustainability: An Analytical Interpretation of Research Constituents in Industry 4.0

Targeting hPKM2 in cancer: a bio isosteric approach for ligand design

Collaborative closed-loop supply chain framework for sustainable manufacturing: Evidence from the Indian packaging industry

Lessons for career guidance from return-on-investment analyses in complex education-related fields

Relations between math achievement, math anxiety, and the quality of parent–child interactions while solving math problems

Effects of reflow profile and miniaturisation on integrity of solder joints in surface mount chip resistor

Investigation of the Caregivers’ Quality of Life in Patients with Renal Failure

Bacterial Interactions Affecting Chemotherapy Effectiveness

Being unwanted and other very early predictors of adult psychopathy

Digging DEEP: Futuristic building blocks of omni-channel healthcare supply chains resiliency using a machine learning approach

Characterising Solder Materials from Random Vibration Response of their Interconnects in BGA Packaging

Parental involvement in child protection services and parenting experience as a drug or alcohol using parent: an interpretative phenomenological analysis

Practice implications of phenomenological research with substance-using parents whose children were subject to social care interventions

Bad Parents? Evaluating Judgments of Infant Homicides

30 Jahre und kein Ende der Geschichte (30 years since The End of History)

Students feedback analysis model using deep learning-based method and linguistic knowledge for intelligent educational systems

The Level of Islamic Religiosity of the Local Community and Corporate Environmental Responsibility Disclosure: Evidence from Iran

IPO valuation in an emerging market – a study in Iran

An insight into the application of gradations of circularity in the food packaging industry: A systematic literature review and a multiple case study

Funding a Model of Inclusive Pre-school Education: A focus on stakeholder perspectives

Initiating end-of-life care

Adhesive Small Bowel Obstruction: a clinical review

Are Emerging Technologies Unlocking the Potential of Sustainable Practices in the Context of a Net Zero Economy? An Analysis of Driving Forces

Nudging smokers away from lighting up: A meta-analysis of framing effect in current smokers

Regenerating the Logistics Industry through the Physical Internet Paradigm: A Systematic Literature Review and Future Research Orchestration

‘A Unique Situation in the History of Cinema’: Crowhurst (2018), The Mercy (2018) and the Biopic Too Much

The 1975: Is tobacco promotion through music making a comeback?

A preliminary study into internet related addictions among adults with dyslexia

What digital-enabled dynamic capabilities support the circular economy? A multiple case study approach

Increasing physical activity and fundamental movement skills in early childhood by using school-based interventions

The Fears of Compassion in Sport Scale a short context specific measure of fear of self compassion and receiving compassion from others validated in

How Messages about COVID-19 May Have Affected People’s Sense of Threat and Mental Health

Manuscript Improvements in compassion and fears of compassion throughout the COVID 19 pandemic 22.12.22

Seds Online Student Webinars – Creating impactful opportunities for students to share their geoscience research

A Privacy-Enabled, Blockchain-Based Smart Marketplace

Abiogenic aragonite crystal habit – Novel archive of precipitation environment?

Care needs of older patients with advanced cancer

Stress Reduction Interventions for Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Focused Literature Review

The benefits of citizen science and nature‐noticing activities for well‐being, nature connectedness and pro‐nature conservation behaviours

Comparing the Mental Health of Healthcare Students: Mental Health Shame and Self-compassion in Counselling, Occupational Therapy, Nursing and Social Work Students

Measurement invariance of the 10-item resilience scale specific to cancer in Americans and Chinese: A propensity score–based multidimensional item response theory analysis

On a Hilbert-type integral inequality in the whole plane with the equivalent forms

Opportunities for Disruptive Digital Technologies to Ensure Circularity in Supply Chain: A Critical Review of Drivers, Barriers and Challenges

Blue, Rather Than Red Light Can Nudge Employees to Choose Delayed But Larger Wage Payment

Authentic mindfulness within mindfulness-based interventions: A qualitative study of participants’ experiences.

Contemplation – The Power to Transform Self and Society?

Short communication: Birth Shock!

Integration of Industry 4.0 technologies into Lean Six Sigma DMAIC: a systematic review

Aspects of microbial communities in peatland carbon cycling under changing climate and land use pressures

Quantifying the economic impact of career guidance in secondary education

Credit rating agency response to appointment of female audit partners: Evidence from the UK

The importance of biophilic design: a person-centred approach

Visions of blended learning: identifying the challenges and opportunities in shaping institutional approaches to blended learning in higher education

Cavitation-induced shock wave behaviour in different liquids

Impact of relatives keeping patient diaries in the intensive care unit

A Critical Analysis of the Energy Requirements of a Commercial Building Based on Various Types of Glass Insulations

Integration of Distributed Generations in Smart Distribution Networks Using Multi-Criteria Based Sustainable Planning Approach

Techno-Economic-Environmental Assessment of an Isolated Rural Micro-Grid from a Mid-Career Repowering Perspective

Tritagonist Theatre: investigating the potential for bystander agency through three interconnected solo performances

Meaning of Fun in Hotel Gamified Applications

Green Lean Six Sigma for sustainability improvement: a systematic review and future research agenda

Higher-order models for the passive damping analysis of variable-angle-tow composite plates

Loneliness, travel nostalgia, subjective well-being and prevention regulatory focus: a moderated mediation model analysis

The Unique Role of ChatGPT in Closing the Awarding Gap

Stories Matter: A Novel Approach to Exploring Perceptions, Discourses, and the Symbolic Social Order in Pastoral Psychology

Numerical analysis of a flywheel energy storage system for low carbon powertrain applications

Proprioceptiveness, and Being Creatively with the Animal as Animal

'Can you show me what it is not? Representations of ‘non-examples’ as a tool for developing pre-service primary mathematics teachers pedagogical content knowledge and intra-mathematical connections

Inside a sediment‐stressed Middle Devonian carpet reef: Cave exposes details of three‐dimensional facies architecture and palaeoecology

“Prayer Is Fine, but Don’t Then Quickly Move on, as If You’re Done and Dusted”: How Can the Evangelical Church Better Support Those with Mental Illness?

Indian Cannabis Farming Policies and Use of FinTech to Improve Related Legalities

The Change in Test Cricket Performance Following the Introduction of T20 Cricket

Experiences of higher education student mothers

The Future Isn’t What It Used to Be! Revisiting the Changing World of Work After Covid- 19

Birth Shock! Arts In the Perinatal Period

Implementing counter hegemonic research approaches to evaluating high-profile, national policies in Early Childhood Education and Care

Response to Ofcom Letter (1) – 15/07/2022 & Response to Ofcom Letter (2) – 27/02/2023

The Joy of birds: the effect of rating for joy or counting garden bird species on wellbeing, anxiety, and nature connection

Carers’ experiences of caring for a friend or family member with dementia during the Covid-19 pandemic

Logistics service providers and Industry 4.0: A systematic literature review

Dual frequency ultrasonic cavitation in various liquids: High-speed imaging and acoustic pressure measurements

An eco-friendly solution for liquid phase exfoliation of graphite

Exploring the lived experiences of mothers of extremely preterm infants within the UK: An interpretative phenomenological analysis

Organizational digital literacy and enterprise digital transformation: Evidence from Chinese listed companies

Femininity, Class and Status: The societal devaluation of the female early years workforce.

Introduction: Censorship and Freedom of Expression in Turbulent Times

Free speech, 'Cancel Culture' and the 'War on Woke'

Getting to Chartered Status: An update

Improvements in Compassion and Fears of Compassion throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Multinational Study

What are the Affordances of Arts-Based Workshops with Refugee Women and Girls?

Mothers’ accounts of the impact of being in nature on postnatal wellbeing: a focus group study

University mental health and wellbeing: creating an evidence informed, holistic model of action.

Blockchain-based DDoS attack mitigation protocol for device-to-device interaction in smart homes

The impact of the media on tourism development and income inequality

Assessment of Sustainable Development Goals through Industry 4.0 and reconfigurable manufacturing system practices

Getting to Chartered Status: Understanding the views of stakeholders: Final report

Getting to Chartered Status: Understanding the views of stakeholders: Executive summary

Standardised colour-coded compartmentalised syringe trays improve anaesthetic medication visual search and mitigate cognitive load

Building resilience and understanding complexities of event project stakeholder management

The Experience of Self-Compassion in Mothers of Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder: An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis

The Divergent Effects of Resilience Qualities and Resilience Support in Predicting Pre-Competition Anxiety and Championship Performance

Self-Compassion and Physical Activity: The Underpinning Role of Psychological Distress and Barrier Self-Efficacy

Exploring the predictors of physical inactivity in a university setting

Thinking about the future: the fourth industrial revolution, capitalism, waged labour and anti-work

Subgrade reaction for closely spaced raft and isolated foundations on sand: case study

Natural Volatile Organic Compounds (NVOCs) Are Greater and More Diverse in UK Forests Compared with a Public Garden. Forests.

Blockchain Technology and Circular Economy in the environment of Total Productive Maintenance: A Natural Resource-Based View Perspective

In need of a makeover? Image repair and brand apology: A South African brand reality

Engaging employees through employee and employer brand

UnCommon Worlds III Conference – Navigating and Inhabiting Biodiverse Anthropocenes

Epitaphic Readings: Diagrams as (re)incarnations

Working in high performance sport: what it takes

Professional ethics; navigating the challenging moments

Making Reflective Practice More Meaningful: Saying the "unsayable"

The impact of digitalisation on the right to education

Fragile Cartographies of Border Fictioning

A common language and shared understanding of family violence? Corpus-based approaches in support of system

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Jingo Jango (II)

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