IT and Well-Being in Travel and Tourism

Multilevel Inverter for Hybrid Fuel Cell/PV Energy Conversion System

An analysis of social marketing practice: factors associated with success

Self-disgust as a potential mechanism underlying the association between body image disturbance and suicidal thoughts and behaviours

The African continental divide: Indian versus Atlantic Ocean spreading during Gondwana dispersal

Social media and tourists’ behaviors: post-COVID-19

Discourse analysis and emotions

What is the role of community engagement in developing women’s recovery capital?

Compassion Focused Group Therapy for people with a diagnosis of Bipolar Affective Disorder: A feasibility study

Nurturing Compassionate Schools: A randomized controlled study of the efficacy of a Compassionate Mind Training program for teachers

The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence, Transformational Leadership, and Performance: A Test of the Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction

An exploration of undergraduates’ vocabulary size, academic word usage and academic achievement

Decapitation and paramilitary feuds in Northern Ireland, 1969-1992

Disentangling the relationship between employees’ dynamic capabilities, innovative work behavior and job performance in public hospitals

Doxorubicin resistant choriocarcinoma cell line derived spheroidal cells exhibit stem cell markers but reduced invasion

Photovoltaic/Thermal Module Integrated with Nano-Enhanced Phase Change Material: A Numerical Analysis

The place of culture in the training of career guidance educators

Appendicitis: a clinical review

The Thursday Murder Club: Launching a megabrand author - a publishing case study

Green Growth Trends in the East Midlands 2022

The role of simulation and moulage on emotional labour in first-year diagnostic radiography students when seeing open wounds in a clinical setting

Turning dissertations into papers for publication: A process of co-construction

Social justice equity in healthy living medicine - An international perspective

Nutritional intakes of highly trained adolescent swimmers before, during, and after a national lockdown in the COVID-19 pandemic

Exploring the mutually reinforcing relationship between theory of mind and reading in adult readers


Factors Influencing Successful Coping among Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Personnel: Recruiting for Resilience – A Mixed Methods Study

The role of youth work in supporting young refugees and their political participation: education, social capital and agency

A narrative synthesis using the ecological systems theory for understanding a woman’s ability to continue breastfeeding

Young peoples’ lived experiences of shifts between face-to-face and smartphone interactions: An interpretative phenomenological analysis

Practical approaches to delivering pandemic impacted laboratory teaching

The implementation of apprenticeship policy in the national health service in England: a grounded theory study

A prospective study of teammate factors on athletes’ well-being, disordered eating, and compulsive exercise.

The potential of high-resolution stable isotope records in the bivalve Angulus benedeni benedeni's shells to investigate Pliocene seasonality

Sclerochronological evidence of pronounced seasonality from the late Pliocene of the southern North Sea basin and its implications

A Novel Travel Time Estimation Model for Modeling Green Time-Dependent Vehicle Routing Problem in Food Supply Chain

Eliciting Looked After Children’s Views and Relationships Through Card-based Participatory Research Methods

The Post-colonial Storyteller: George Bwanika Seremba’s Come Good Rain

A Qualitative Exploration of Choking Under Pressure in Commercial Airline Pilots

The role of education in filling the gender gap in financial inclusion in low-income economies

Nature connectedness, nonattachment and engagement with nature’s beauty predict pro-nature conservation behaviour

The effect of alcohol marketing on people with, or at risk of, an alcohol problem: A rapid literature review

REALISING OUR RIGHTS: How to protect people from alcohol marketing

Understanding the impact of newborn touch upon mothers of hospitalized preterm neonates.

Exploring Pattern Recognition: What is the relationship between the recognition of words, faces and other objects?

Factors Influencing Successful Coping among Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Personnel: Recruiting for Resilience - A Mixed Methods Study

Careers Hubs: pilot of a place-based school improvement network in England

Long Covid at the crossroads: Comparisons and lessons from the treatment of patients with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)

Beyond ‘Migration’ and ‘Inclusion’ in Work-Life: racialisation and VET

Exploring students’ and graduates’ attitudes to the process of transition to the labour market

Towards Explainable and Privacy-Preserving Artificial Intelligence for Personalisation in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding: a clinical review

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on manufacturing operations and supply chain resilience: effects and response strategies

The Impact of Attitudes, Beliefs, and Cognitive Reflection on the Development of Critical Thinking Skills in Online Students

The high frequency of alcohol advertising during televised English Premier League football games shown in Ethiopia

Population exposure to alcohol and junk food advertising during the 2018 FIFA world cup: implications for public health

Impact of Smoking and Vaping in Films on Smoking and Vaping Uptake in Adolescents: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Exposure to tobacco, alcohol and ‘Junk food’ content in reality TV programmes broadcast in the UK between August 2019 - 2020.

Reducing the harm from alcohol by regulating cross-border alcohol marketing, advertising and promotion: a technical report

A content analysis of 'junk food' content in children's TV programmes: a comparison of UK broadcast TV and video-on-demand services.

The development and validation of the ontological addiction scale

Teacher Educators in Vocational and Further Education

Achieving Higher-Rate Full-Diversity in Cooperative Relay Networks using Extended Orthogonal Space Time Block Codes (EO-STBC)

Analyzing the key performance indicators of Circular Supply Chains by Hybrid Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping and Fuzzy DEMATEL: Evidence from Healthcare Sector

Exploring Blockchain technology and sustainability in supply chain

Uncovering barriers in forecasting uncertain product demand in the supply chain

Wound Traces: American Crime Narrative Treatments of 9/11 Trauma and the War on Terror

Differences in addiction and recovery gains according to gender – gender barriers and specific differences in overall strengths growth

Navigating Supply Chain Multiverses: The colliding worlds of ESG and Product Compliance Reporting, implications for reporting across global supply chains

“I didn’t have any option”: Experiences of people receiving in-centre haemodialysis during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Effect of Chemical Regulations on the Aerospace and Defence Industries

Peer Assisted Learning Online: Peer Leader motivations and experience

Operating room waste management: A case study of primary hip operations at a leading national health service hospital in the United Kingdom

Teaching Sustainability to Online Healthcare Students: A Viewpoint

An Internet of Things based framework for measuring and improving food supply chain resilience to reduce food spoilage: case study applications in SMEs

Measuring the financial impact of equipment performance improvement: ISB and IEB metrics

Towards optimising children's capability and tackling relative child poverty in high-income countries: the cases of Japan, Sweden and the UK since 2000

Fundamental Movement Skills and Physical Fitness Are Key Correlates of Tactical Soccer Skill in Grassroots Soccer Players Aged 8–14 Years

The past, present and future of advanced nursing practice

Assessing the Validity of a Kinematic Knee Sleeve in a Resistance-Trained Population

Addressing in/equalities: a re-imagined curriculum for low-attaining youth

Towards a conceptual framework of enterprise support for pro-environmental small and medium-sized enterprises: A contextualised review of diverse knowledge domains

Creating diversification through hybrid identities and educational encounter: the power of a third space

Delivering career education in the post pandemic world

Children's and young People's diabetes services: What works well and what doesn't?


Role-play Games (RPGs) for Mental Health (Why Not?): Roll for Initiative

Blockchain Technology: How to Unblock the chain!

Role of Information and Communication Technology in Mitigating Risks in Indian Agricultural Supply Chains

Fragile Cartographies of Border Fictioning

The Need for Robust Critique of Arts and Health Research: Young People, Art Therapy and Mental Health

Artist wellbeing: exploring the experiences of dance artists delivering community health and wellbeing initiatives

Treating and managing stalking offenders: findings from a multi-agency clinical intervention

Global polarization of Λ and Λ hyperons in Pb-Pb collisions at √ s N N = 2.76 and 5.02 TeV

Analyzing the alignment between the Green Lean and Circular strategies: Towards a Circular Lean approach

About University Career Services’ Interaction with EdTech

The impact of Covid-19 on career

Conformity Through Fear: A Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis of COVID-19 Information Adverts

Building a radical career imaginary: using Laclau and Mouffe and Hardt and Negri to reflexively re-read Ali and Graham’s counselling approach to career guidance

The Transition and Transformation process to become an Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Therapist. A study using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

First year student radiographers’ perceptions of a one-week simulation-based education package designed to increase clinical placement capacity

Environmental capability development in a multi-stakeholder network setting: dynamic learning through multi-stakeholder interactions

Barriers in forecasting uncertain product demand in the supply chain

Blockchain and sustainability: Can blockchain technology improve supply chain sustainability?

Renal and ureteric stones: a clinical review

Constipation in Older People

Genetic Haemochromatosis Is Not Rare: A Clinical Update

Decision-making through Fuzzy TOPSIS and COPRAS approaches for lean tools selection: A case study of automotive accessories manufacturing industry

Educational Provision for Newly Arrived Unaccompanied Sanctuary Seekers aged 15-16

COVID-19 patients require multi-disciplinary rehabilitation approaches to address persisting symptom profiles and restore pre-COVID quality of life

Doing Online Collaborative Autoethnography During the Pandemic to Research Academic Precarity.

Blade thickness effects on viscous flutter in a radial turbocharger turbine

Trust and ethics in local journalism: a distinctive orientation towards responsible journalism and ethical practices

An Investigation into the Physical Activity Experiences of People Living with and beyond Cancer during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Wasta as an Example of Informal Social Networks in Emerging Markets: Research Status and Suggestions for Future Directions

‘The industrious muse?’ Commodification and craft in further and higher education

A toolset for complex decision making in analyze phase of Lean Six Sigma Project: A case validation

The Role of Physical Activity in Cancer Recovery: An Exercise Practitioner’s Perspective

Parenting about challenges and adolescents' social anxiety, disrupted classroom concentration and resilience knowledge: the mediating role of authentic self-esteem

Using digital interventions to encourage healthy eating

‘Mad, bad, or possessed’? Perceptions of Self-Harm and Mental Illness in Evangelical Christian Communities

Book Review: American business bankruptcy: A primer - Stephen Lubben

Optimising fairness in insolvency and restructuring: A spotlight on vulnerable stakeholders

Constructing contextualised theories in career guidance and counselling – A North-South intercultural dialogue

A sustainable circular 3D printing model for recycling metal scrap in the automotive industry

Adjustment and wellbeing among people with end-stage chronic kidney disease receiving in-centre haemodialysis during the COVID-19 pandemic

Development and in vitro assessment of a bi-layered chitosan-nano-hydroxyapatite osteochondral scaffold

SCiP Alliance Thriving Lives Toolkit Enhancement Project

Creating communities of care: Sex estimation and mobility histories of adolescents buried in the cemetery of St. Mary Magdalen leprosarium (Winchester, England)

SCiP Alliance Thriving Lives Toolkit: Implementation and Impact Evaluation

A Bibliometric Exploration of Events Literature In and Outside the Core Journals

Paintingphotogdigital: From Hybridity to Synthesis in the Age of Medium Equivalence

Learning Disease Causality Knowledge from Web of Health Data

Interpretation Biases in Pain: Validation of Two New Stimulus Sets

Public Hospitals performance measurement through a Three Staged Data Envelopment Analysis approach: Evidence from an emerging economy

Green Lean Six Sigma Sustainability Oriented Project Selection and Implementation Framework for Manufacturing Industry

A new way of environmentally sustainable manufacturing with assessing transformation through the green deployment of Lean Six Sigma projects

Overcoming the pains of recovery: the management of negative recovery capital during addiction recovery pathways

COVID-19 and the long-term cardio-respiratory and metabolic health complications

Do Remittances Promote Economic Growth? New Evidence from India

An Evolving Approach to Assessing Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Muscle Function and Bone and Joint Health in the COVID-19 Era

A review of lean and agile management in humanitarian supply chains: analysing the pre-disaster and post-disaster phases, and future directions

Development of a scale to measure shared problem-solving and decision-making in mental healthcare

Constipation in older people: a clinical review for advanced nurse practitioners

Motor Competence Among Children in the United Kingdom and Ireland: An Expert Statement on Behalf of the International Motor Development Research Consortium

Explicating the microfoundation of SME pro-environmental operations: The role of top-managers

RemoteForensicCSI: Enriching teaching, training and learning through networking and timely CPD

Attachment relationships and psychological distress in young adults: The mediating role of self-esteem

Green Lean Six Sigma for improving manufacturing sustainability: Framework development and validation

One-year changes in the prevalence and positive psychological correlates of depressive symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic among medical science students in northeast of Iran

A qualitative meta-synthesis of pregnant women's experiences of accessing and receiving treatment for opioid use disorder

A framework for the systematic implementation of Green-Lean and sustainability in SMEs

COVID-19 pandemic, stock returns, and volatility: the role of the vaccination program in Canada

Bystander responses to cyberbullying: the role of perceived severity, publicity, anonymity, type of cyberbullying, and victim response

Access to medicine in developing countries: instituting state obligation over corporate profit

Sustainability-driven co-opetition in supply chains as strategic capabilities: Drivers, facilitators, and barriers

Barriers to Sustainable Sourcing in the Apparel and Fashion-Luxury Industry

Redesigning Traditional Linear Supply Chains into Circular Supply Chains – A Study into its Challenges

A Longitudinal Study of Theory of Mind and Listening Comprehension: Is preschool Theory of Mind Important?

Predicting future default on the Covid-19 bounce back loan scheme: The 46.5 billion question

Principles and Practice of Nurse Prescribing

Perceived Visitor Impacts of Cultural Heritage Tourism: The Role of Place Attachment in Memorable Visitor Experiences.

Sustainable-business waste management a case the Emirate of Ajman – UAE

Cultural tourism impacts and place meanings: Focusing on the value of domestic tourism

A Framework for Assessing Trust in E-government Services under Uncertain Environment

Let's All Play Together: Motivations of Different Gamification User Types

Cure mechanism and kinetic prediction of biobased glass/polyfurfuryl alcohol prepreg by model-free kinetics

Compassion Protects Mental Health and Social Safeness During the COVID‑19 Pandemic Across 21 Countries

Empowering digital supply chain transformation by utilizing Industry 4.0, Smart Factories, Standards, Smart Contracts and Blockchains

Sound Level Monitoring at Live Events, Part 3 - Improved Tools and Procedures

Sound Level Monitoring at Live Events, Part 2 - Regulations, Practices, and Preferences

Onset of Weight Gain and Health Concerns for Men: Findings from the TAP Programme

Experiencing the Story: The Role of Destination Image in Film-Induced Tourism

Using lessons from a comparative study of chemistry & bioscience pre-lab activities to design effective pre-lab interventions : a case study

Evolving effects of COVID-19 safety precaution expectations, risk avoidance, and socio-demographics factors on customer hesitation toward patronizing restaurants and hotels

Relations Between Entropy and Accuracy Trends in Complex Artificial Neural Networks

An Exploration of an Out-of-School Therapeutic Education Programme through the Perspectives of its Students, Parents, and Carers

Exploring the role of compassion, self-criticism and the dark triad on obesity and emotion regulation

Face consciousness, personal norms, and environmentally responsible behavior of Chinese tourists: Evidence from a lake tourism site

Yoga travellers’ experiences in guided tours: A multiple case study approach

Exploring Entrepreneurial Diversity: A Fascination or Frustration?

“This town is as full of enchantments as the White Cat’s Palace”: Whitby as a Locus for Writers’ Inspiration

The intellectual and institutional challenges for International Political Economy in the UK: Findings from Practitioner Survey Data

Acute onset low back pain leading to a diagnosis of cauda equina syndrome: a case study

Science of Psychology as a Tool for Islamic Revival

Cheating behaviour among OPEC member-states and oil price fairness and stability: an empirical analysis

Lauterborn's 4Cs

An environmental‐friendly green energy system with a real wind speed prediction based on innovative hierarchical forecast error correction model

Causal systems mapping to promote healthy living for pandemic preparedness: a call to action for global public health.

Routledge International Handbook of Therapeutic Stories and Storytelling

I’m going on a Bear Hunt’, Neuro-dramatic Play, Multi-Sensory Informed, Storytelling Approaches to Working with Children Under Five.

A Review of Drama Education (UK) and Integral Drama Based Pedagogy (China), Western and Eastern Perspectives and Influences

Making a story out of a crisis – a response to Covid-19

Defining the importance of stress reduction in managing cardiovascular disease - the role of exercise.

Dense melt residues drive mid-ocean-ridge “hotspots”

Florence Nightingale, the Colossus: Was She a Feminist?

Towards optimal strength design of cold roll formed steel structural members considering manufacturing process effects

Plas Newydd’s Poetics of Exchange: Portraiture, Poetry and the Intermediality of Eighteenth-Century Gift Culture

Science fiction theatre: The theatre of the future

Disciplinary Neo-liberalisation and the New Politics of Inequality

The long arm of welfare retrenchment: how New Right socio-economic policies in the 1980s affected contact with the criminal justice system in adulthood.

A Systematic and Critical Review of Leadership Styles in Contemporary Hospitality: A Roadmap and a Call for Future Research

Innovation, wine tourism, and sustainable winegrowing in cool climate regions: a longitudinal international comparative analysis

Governing Against the Tide: Populism, Power and the Party Conference

Creating a Sport and Exercise Medicine Masters syllabus for doctors: a Delphi Study

Diverticular Disease

A 150-mile ultra-endurance cycling event for people with type 1 diabetes: A qualitative analysis of knowledge, preparation and management strategies

Comparative Analysis of Three Structures of Second-Order Generalized Integrator and Its Application to Phase-Locked Loop of Linear Kalman Filter

Definitions of Self-Esteem across CBT and REBT Literature

Education, Skills and Social Justice in a Polarising World

Sharing is Caring: A Realist Evaluation of a Social Support Group for Individuals Who Have Been Bereaved by Suicide

It pays to quit: a review of evidence about how financial incentives may improve smoking cessation during pregnancy

“It's easy to dismiss it as simply a spiritual problem.” Experiences of mental distress within evangelical Christian communities: A qualitative survey

Hydrogeophysical Characterization of Fractured Aquifers for Groundwater Exploration in the Federal District of Brazil

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Manufacturing Operations and Supply Chain Resilience: Effects and Response Strategies

Techno-Economic and Environmental Impact Analysis of Large-Scale Wind Farms Integration in Weak Transmission Grid from Mid-Career Repowering Perspective

Hierarchical Energy Management System With a Local Competitive Power Market for Inter-Connected Multi-Smart Buildings

“I must do this!”: A latent profile analysis approach to understanding the role of irrational beliefs and motivation regulation in mental and physical health

Interventions for hyperhidrosis

Power Management and Control of a Hybrid Electric Vehicle Based on Photovoltaic, Fuel Cells, and Battery Energy Sources

Numerical analysis of shock interaction with a spherical bubble

Acute hazard assessment of silver nanoparticles following intratracheal instillation, oral and intravenous injection exposures.

How to design hotel gamified applications effectively: Understanding the motives of users as hotel visitors

Analysing the discursive psychology used within digital media to influence public opinions concerning female child-killers

On Penny Jordan with Dr Val Derbyshire

Employability Blog Series: The Big College Challenge – A Case Study Presenting Interdisciplinary Development of Employability Skills

A Students Guide to Placements in Health and Social Care Settings: From Theory to Practice